Emoji Meaning: 100+ Emojis🙂 Used in WhatsApp Chats, Their Meanings and How to Use Them - MySmartPrice (2024)

Emoji Meaning: 100+ Emojis🙂 Used in WhatsApp Chats, Their Meanings and How to Use Them - MySmartPrice (1)

Emojis have become vital to our virtual communication in today’s digital era. They allow us to easily express emotions, thoughts, and ideas, making them indispensable tools for online communication. One of the world’s most widely used messaging applications, WhatsApp, boasts a plethora of emoticons that users can incorporate into their messages. However, given the sheer number of emoticons available, decoding the precise meaning behind each one can be challenging. This article offers an extensive analysis of WhatsApp emoticons, shedding light on the intended messages of the various symbols.

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What are Emojis?

Emoji Meaning: 100+ Emojis🙂 Used in WhatsApp Chats, Their Meanings and How to Use Them - MySmartPrice (2)

Emojis are graphical icons or symbols that express emotions, ideas, or concepts in digital communication. People use them in texts, social media posts, etc... Emojis can depict a wide range of emotions, such as happiness, sadness, anger, or surprise, as well as everyday objects, animals, and activities. They have become a popular means of communication, allowing people to convey complex emotions and ideas quickly and easily through simple and universally recognized icons.

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Different Types of Emojis


Emoji Name


Also Called As

Emoji Meaning: 100+ Emojis🙂 Used in WhatsApp Chats, Their Meanings and How to Use Them - MySmartPrice (3)Frowning faceThis emoji denotes a deep state of sadnessMegafrown, disappointment
👿Angry face with hornsWhen the sender of this emoji is so angry that they turn into a devil with hornsDevil, devil horns, ultra angry
🤐Zipper mouth faceThis emoji is used when secrets or promises are to be kept exclusively among a select group of people.Lips sealed, zit it
🤑Money mouth faceThe use of this emoji expresses the sensation of receiving or having a good amount of money.Dollar sign eyes, money face
🤒Face with thermometerThis emoji represents someone who is feeling unwell or sick.Sick, ill
🤓Nerd faceThis emoji depicts a mind filled with theoretical knowledgeClass topper, Nerdy
🤔Thinking faceThis emoji portrays entering into a state of deep contemplation or thinking.Thinker
🤕Face with head bandageThis emoji represents a severe head injury.Clumsy, bandaged head, injured
🤗Hugging faceThis emoji depicts a sense of affection for someoneHugging, Aww come here!
🤠Cowboy hat faceThis is a simple smiley emoji wearing a cowboy hatCowboy, brown hat face
🤢Nauseated FaceThis emoji represents the feeling of nausea or vomiting.Disgusting, vomit face, yuck!
🤣Rolling on the floor laughingThis emoji is commonly utilized to indicate amusement or laughter when someone makes a humorous joke.Titled laughter
🤤Drooling faceThis emoji signifies the irresistible temptation of delicious food.Drool, water-dropping
🤥Lying faceThis emoji, inspired by the fictional character Pinocchio, represents the act of lying.Liar, long nose, Pinocchio
🤧Sneezing faceThis emoji is typically used to express that someone is feeling sick or has caught a cold.Gesundheit, sneeze
🤫Shushing faceThis emoji is used when there are too many messages in a chat, and you want to make everyone stop talking.Shh, quiet emoji, hush
🤬Face with symbols on the mouthThis emoji represents vulgar behavior due to extreme anger or frustrationCursing, swearing
🤮Face vomitingThis emoji represents a feeling of disgust towards something or someone, or can be used to depict a food illness.Spew, throwing up, vomit
🤯Exploding headThis emoji is used when someone has read, heard, or seen something incredibly shocking or amusing.Mind blow, what the…
🥱Yawning faceUsed when someone feels sleepy or tiredFeeling sleepy
🥳Partying faceThis emoji is used to indicate that it’s time to party!Let’s party!
🥴Woozy faceThis emoji is used to describe being drunk or tipsy after consuming alcohol excessively.Drunk face
🥵Hot faceThis emoji is used to represent a rise in temperature or a feeling of heatOverheated face, so damn hot!
🥶Cold faceWhen temperature touches rock bottom. Extremely coldFreezing face, Coldness, do damn cold!
🥸Disguised faceThis emoji is used when someone is sneaking around to solve a particular case or matter.Detective
🥺Pleading faceDepicts wanting something so badly that the eyes become full of tearsBegging, glossy eyes, simp
🧐Face with MonocleThe magnifying glass emoji is used to indicate taking a closer look at somethingDetective mode ON, something fishy
😀GrinningIt expresses a sense of happiness and delight towards something optimistic.Grinning face
😁GrinThe grinning emoji signifies mischievousness, but it can also be utilized to convey enthusiasm and delight.Beaming face with smiley eyes, cheesy face
😂JoyShedding tears due to extreme laughter.Face with tears of joy, haha emoji
😃SmileyThe smiley emoji represents feelings of joy and positivity.Grinning face with big eyes
😄SmileThe smile emoji portrays a person’s happiness while sending a greeting text or simply used to compliment something or someone.Grinning face with smiling eyes, happy face, smiley face
😅Sweat smileIt is utilized to portray a near miss, but it is also frequently employed in awkward situations during a chat.Phew emoji, grinning face with sweat, relief emoji
😆LaughingThe emoji illustrates laughter, frequently employed to respond to something amusing.Grinning squinting face emoji
😇InnocentThe use of this emoji signifies innocence and purity similar to that of an angel.Angel
😈Smiling face with hornsUsed when the sender is up to something mischievous or wickedHappy devil
😉WinkThis emoji signifies a joke or a concealed meaning that may not be comprehended by many when utilized.Winky face
😊BlushThe use of this emoji conveys intense happiness and positive emotions.Happy, blush face
😋YumThis emoji is used when one is about to enjoy a delicious meal or has already relished it.Tasty, deliciuos
😌Relieved faceThe use of this emoji conveys a sense of calmness, peace, or satisfaction.Content, pleased
😍Heart eyesDerived from cartoons, the heart-eyed emoji is employed to express feelings of love and attraction.Heart face
😎Smiling face with sunglassesThis emoji is used when someone is feeling accomplished and cool.Sunglasses, cool, Oh yeah!
😏SmirkThis emoji is ideal for use when you have accomplished something significant and can’t wait to brag or show off about it.Flirting face, smug face, suggestive face
😐️Neutral faceThis emoji can indicate that the other person did not understand the joke, but it can also be used to express concern for someone in a particular context.Straight face emoji
😑ExpressionlessThe use of flat eyes and mouth in this emoji expresses a feeling of frustration or disappointment.Straight mouth
😒Unamused faceThis emoji typically relates to negative emotions, as it expresses grumpiness or irritation towards someone or something.Dissatisfied, Meh, Unimpressed
😓Downcast face with sweatThis emoji conveys a certain degree of sadness, pain, or disappointment.Hard work, dejected
😔Pensive faceThis emoji is commonly used to describe a state of pain and sorrow.Sad, sad face, sorrowful
😕Confused faceAn emoji showing a look of uncertaintyPuzzled, nonplussed
😖Confounded faceThe zig-zag mouth and crossed eyes on this emoji convey irritation, sadness, and other negative feelings.Quivering face, scrunched face
😘Kissing heartThis emoji is utilized to express farewell to a dear or close person.Blowing kiss
😙Kissing smiling eyesThis emoji is also used to convey sentiments of love and affection but in a lighter wayKissy
😚Kissing closed eyesThe pink cheeks and puckered lips depicted in this emoji communicate feelings of love and affection.Kissy, kiss
😛Stuck out tongueThe use of this conveys a feeling of excitement, playfulness, and adorableness.Tounge out
😜Stuck out tongue winking eyeThis emoji is typically used when joking around with friends, or during humorous conversations.Crazy
😞Disappointed faceThis emoji conveys an unhappy and sad face due to recent events or circumstances.Sad, sad face
😤Face with steam from noseInspired by manga or anime, this emoji depicts anger and frustrationTriumph, steaming, frustrated
😥Sad but relieved faceIt is a mix of sadness and relief, as things could have gone worse than they did.Eyebrow sweat
😧Anguished faceThis emoji conveys a feeling of both sadness and disappointment simultaneously.Pained face
😨Fearful faceThe intention behind this emoji is to depict fear or being scared of someone or something.Scared, surprised
😪Sleepy faceThis emoji portrays the feeling of exhaustion after a long, tiring day.Side-tear, snot bubble
😫Tired faceWhen you’ve had a rough and tiring day at work, this emoji can be used to express exhaustion or fatigue.Exhausted, fed up
😬Grimacing faceThe use of a wide-open mouth and clenched teeth in this emoji portrays a sense of awkwardness or nervousness.Awkward, eek, nervous
😭Loudly crying faceThis emoji can convey inconsolable grief, but it is also used in fun ways, such as to convey laughter or over-the-top joy.Sobbing, sad tears, crying out loud
😮Face with Open mouthThe wide-eyed mouth emoji describes a shock that makes one go ‘wow!’Open mouth, surprised
😯Hushed faceThe slightly smiling emoji depicts mild amusement or surpriseSurprised face, surprise
😱Face screaming in fearThis emoji depicts a high degree of shock, which can be both positive and negative.Home alone, scream, shocked
😲Astonished faceUsed when one comes across something amusing or shocking in both a positive or negative wayDrunk face, gasping face
😳Flushed faceThe surprised emoji with eyes wide openEmbarrassed, blushing face, shame
😴Sleeping faceThis emoji can be used to say “good night” in a chat.Sleepy, Zzz face
😵Face with crossed-out eyesThis emoji is used to depict shock, surprise, or disbelief, and can sometimes even signify death.Dizzy face
😶No mouthThis emoji signifies a feeling of being lost for words due to experiencing disappointment in either a positive or negative manner.Blank face, mouthless, silence
😷Face with medical maskThis emoji symbolizes wearing a mask for protection against viruses and airborne diseases.Coronavirus, COVID-19, face mask
🙂Slightly smiling faceAn individual emoji has the ability to express different interpretations, including conveying positive emotions like joy or contentment, negative emotions such as condescension, as well as being utilized ironically in certain situations.Ironic smile, pain behind the smile
🙃Upside down faceThe emoji portrays a sense of silliness and sarcasm.Sarcasm, silly
🙄Face with rolling eyesThis emoji is used when the other person says something blatantly obvious or foolish.Eye roll
✍️Writing handsThis emoji represents the act of writing with a pen or pencil.Writing, write
🐱Cat faceA yellow cat face emoji with pointed ears and whiskersSmiley cat, kitty, smiling cat
👀EyesThis emoji features large eyes with the pupils looking towards the left side.Eyeballs, wide-open eyes, what happened!?
👋Waving handThis emoji is commonly used at the beginning or end of a conversation.Goodbye, hello, hand wave
👦Boy faceA simple emoji portraying a boy’s face with short hair, a round face, and two eyes, a nose, and a mouthBoy, child boy
👧Girl faceA simple emoji portraying a girl’s face with long hair, a round face, and two eyes, a nose, and a mouthGirl, child girl
👹Japanese ogreA kind of hideous ogre in Japanese folkloreMask face, Oni, red monster
👺GoblinThe goblin emoji denotes evil, anger, and cruel behavior.Long face mask, red mask, grumpy monster
👻GhostThe ghost emoji can be used to convey a sense of spookiness or hauntingHalloween, disappear, Snapchat
👽AlienAn extraterrestrial face with a classic depiction of big, black almond-shaped eyes and a small mouthOuter space creature
👾Alien monsterAn alien monster face with sharp teeth and a menacing expressionSpace invader, video game monster
💀SkullThis emoji represents death from extreme laughter or frustrationDeath, death skull
💩Pile of pooOne of the most popular emojis, the poo emoji can be used to describe something as silly or funny but in a disgusting waySmiling poop, dog dirt
🤖Robot faceThe head of a classic robot with circular eyes and a rectangular mouthDroid, robot
🤡Clown faceThe circus clown emoji can be used to describe something as creepy or hauntedJoker, what a joke!
🤳SelfieThe emoji depicts a human arm holding a mobile phone to take a selfie.Selfie hand, hand cam
🦾Mechanical armThe emoji portrays a robotic artificial arm.Robotic arm, metal arm, artificial arm
🐀RatA rat emoji with a long pink tail, the cartoon-style rat emojiRodent
🐁MouseA bright mouse emoji with a long pink tail, the cartoon-style mouse emojiRodent, mice
🐂OxAn emoji depicting a brown ox with curved hornsOxen, bull
🐄CowA dairy cow emoji with black spots on its body.Dairy cow
🐅TigerA large orange cat with black stripes across its body, known as a tigerBengal tiger
🐆LeopardA large yellow cat with black spots, known as a leopardJaguar
🐇RabbitA mammal that loves to eat and has long ears, the rabbit emojiBunny
🐈CatA cat emoji that is typically kept as a petFeline, house cat
🐎HorseA horse emoji depicted as galloping towards the leftRacehorse, galloping horse
🐒MonkeyA small primate with long limbsCheeky monkey
🐕DogA dog emoji commonly known as “man’s best friend”Doggo
🐘ElephantAn emoji of the largest animal on the planet known as an elephant, with big floppy ears and a long trunk
🐪CamelAn emoji portrayal of a desert animal, the dromedary camel with one humpDesert camel, Arabian camel
🐵MonkeyfaceA monkey face emoji with wide-open eyesMonkey head
🐶DogfaceAn emoji portraying the face of a dogPuppy, doggy
🐹HamsterA small cute rodent often kept as a pet, the hamster emojiHamster face
🐺WolfAn emoji portraying the face of a wolfWolf face
🐻BearAn emoji portrayal of a panda, a black and white bear with a round faceTeddy bear
🐻‍❄️Polar bearThis emoji depicts an animal that is commonly found in cold, snowy areas such as the Arctic.Bear face
🐼PandaThe panda emoji portrays the well-known black and white bear from China.Panda face
🐿️SquirrelA rodent with big and puffy cheeks, the cartoon-style chipmunk emojiChipmunk
🦁Lion faceA simple emoji with a face of a lionLion
🦄UnicornA mythical and fantasy animal, such as a dragon or unicorn
🦇BatA bat emoji that can also be used to describe the superhero Batman, with wings and pointy earsBatman
🦊FoxAn emoji portraying the face of a foxFox face
🦍GorillaAn emoji of a gray-haired gorilla
🦏RhinoA large mammal with massive horns, the bison emojiRhinoceros
🦒GiraffeA face emoji of the tallest animals around called giraffe, with a long neck and spots
🦓ZebraAn emoji of the popular black and white striped animal called a zebra
🦔HedgehogAn emoji of a small spiny mammal called hedgehog, with quills on its backSpike
🦘KangarooThis emoji shows a kangaroo, a marsupial that is native to Australia.Roo
🦙LlamaA rare camel-like animal found in South America, the llama emojiAlpaca
🦛HippoAn emoji of a huge water mammal with big jaws, the whale emojiHippopotamus
🦝RaccoonA gray raccoon emoji
🦣MammothA woolly extinct creature with long curvy tusks, the mammoth emoji
🦧OrangutanThe orange-haired orangutan emoji with long arms
🦬BisonA brown bison shown in full profile with horns, a beard, and a woolly maneBuffalo
🙈See no evil monkeyA monkey covering its eyes with its hands to depict shyness, embarrassment or disbeliefMonkey covering eyes
🙉Hear no evil monkeyA monkey covering its ears with its hands to depict the desire to avoid hearing somethingMonkey covering eyes
🙊Speak no evil monkeyA monkey covering its mouth with its hands to depict a secret or a sense of shockMonkey covering mouth
🕊️DoveThis emoji depicts a dove, which is often associated with peace.Dove of peace
🦅EagleThe eagle emoji portrays the powerful bird of prey known for its sharp talons and keen eyesight.Bald eagle
🦉OwlThis emoji shows an owl, a bird known for its large, expressive eyes and nocturnal habits.
🌲Evergreen treeThe evergreen tree emoji represents a type of tree that keeps its leaves all year round.Fir tree, Pine tree
🌴Palm treeThe coconut tree emoji portrays a tall tree that is commonly found in tropical regions and produces coconuts.Coconut tree
🌵CactusThis emoji depicts a cactus plant, which is known for its ability to thrive in dry, desert environments.Desert
🌶️Hot pepperAn emoji of a bright red chili pepperChilli, spicy
🌹RoseThis emoji portrays a vibrant red rose with a stem, which is often used to represent love or romance.Red rose, red flower
🌽CornAn emoji of a partially husked golden corn earEar of corn, maize
🌿HerbThis emoji shows a green herb, which can be used in cooking or for medicinal purposes.Crop
🍁Maple leafThe maple leaf emoji depicts the leaf of a maple tree, which is a symbol of Canada.Canada
🍅TomatoAn emoji of a whole red tomato with a green stemTomato plant
🍆EggplantAn emoji of an eggplant with a green stemBrinjal
🍇GrapesAn emoji depicting a bunch of grapesGrape
🍈MelonAn emoji of a light green melonCantaloupe, Honeydew
🍉WatermelonAn emoji showing a slice of watermelon with juicy red flesh and black seeds
🍊OrangeAn emoji of an orange fruit with a pulpy interiorTangerine, Mandarin
🍋LemonAn emoji of a yellow, sour citrus fruit called a lemonLemonade
🍌BananaAn emoji of a peeled bananaMonkey snack
🍍PineappleAn emoji of a tropical fruit, the pineapple, with a tuft of leaves at the top
🍎AppleAn emoji of a vibrant red appleRed apple
🍏Green appleAn emoji of a green appleGranny apple
🍐PearAn emoji of a green pear
🍑PeachAn emoji of a peach fruitBottom
🍒CherriesAn emoji of two cherries with a stemCherry
🍓StrawberryAn emoji of a red fruit called a strawberry, topped with green leaves
🥑AvocadoAn emoji of an avocado, sliced in half to expose the brown pit in the center
🥔PotatoAn emoji of a potatoBaked potato
🥕CarrotAn emoji of a long, bright orange carrot with green leaves on top
🥝KiwiAn emoji of a sliced kiwi fruit showing the fruit and black seedsChinese gooseberry
🥥CoconutAn emoji of a coconut, sliced in half to show its white meat
🥦BroccoliAn emoji depicting a broccoli headGreen veggie
🥭MangoAn emoji of a tropical fruit, the mangoMangifera
Hot beverageAn emoji related to hot beverages such as coffee, tea, and othersTea, Espresso, hot chocolate
🌭HotdogAn emoji of a popular Western food featuring a sausage inside a bunSausage
🌯BurritoAn emoji of a wrapped dish filled with rice, beans, beef, and cheeseWrap, roll
🍔BurgerAn emoji of a burger with patty and vegetablesHamburger, cheeseburger
🍕PizzaAn emoji of a slice of pepperoni pizzaSlice of pizza, cheese pizza
🍗Poultry legAn emoji of a crispy chicken leg in brown colorChicken, chicken leg piece, drumstick
🍙Rice ballAn emoji indicating a rice ball wrapped in seaweedOnigiri, seaweed
🍛Curry and riceAn emoji of curry with riceCurry, Indian food
🍜Steaming bowlAn emoji of a steaming bowl of rice or noodlesRamen, noodles
🍞BreadAn emoji of a loaf of breadLoaf of bread
🍟FriesAn emoji of brown French fries in a red cartonFrench fries, chips
🍡DangoAn emoji of a Japanese sweet dumpling made from rice flour and served on a skewerDessert stick
🍥Fish cakeAn emoji of a Japanese delicacy of processed whitefish served with ramenFish cake with swirl, pink swirl
🍧Shaved iceAn emoji of a long bright orange carrot with green leaves on the topSnowcone, ice-cream
🍩DoughnutAn emoji of a chocolate doughnutDonut
🍫ChocolateAn emoji of a bar of chocolate in a red wrapperChocolate bar, candy bar
🍰CakeAn emoji of a piece of cake or pastryPastry, shortcake, strawberry cake
🍵Teacup without handleAn emoji of a beverage cup without a handle, generally associated with green tea.Green tea, Matcha
🍺BeerAn emoji of a mug filled with beer, with a frothy headBeer mug, beer stein
🍻BeersAn emoji of two beer mugs clinking together, symbolizing a toast or “cheers”Clinking beer mugs
🍽️Fork & knife with plateAn emoji of a set of cutlery, often used in relation to mealsDinner, cutlery
🥃Tumbler glassAn emoji of a short, wide glass commonly used for serving whiskeyLiquor, rum, whiskey
🥄SpoonA simple silver spoon emojiTeaspoon
🥓BaconAn emoji of bacon stripsBashers
🥘Shallow pan of foodAn emoji denoting a dish that contains rice, vegetables, and curryMix veg, pan
🥟DumplingAn emoji of a popular Asian food filled with vegetables and non-vegetarian itemsMomos, Empanada
🥮MooncakeAn emoji of a traditional sweet Chinese delicacyChinese mooncake
🧁CupcakeAn emoji of a cupcake with pink cream toppingMuffin, fairy cake
🧆FalafelAn emoji of a popular dish in the Middle East and North AfricaFlatbread, pita
🧊IceAn emoji of an ice cube, often used to cool down drinksIce cube
🌍Earth AfricaAn emoji of the Earth globe, with the continent of Africa visibleGlobe showing Africa
🌎Earth AmericasAn emoji of the Earth globe, with the continents of North and South America visibleGlobe showing Americas
🌏Earth AsiaAn emoji of the Earth globe, with the continent of Asia visibleGlobe showing Asia
🌐Globe with meridiansThis emoji is generally associated with the internet, technology, or computersWWW, Internet
🗺️World mapAn emoji of a world map, depicting the different continentsMap, Earth
🗾JapanAn emoji of a map of Japan, highlighting its geography and regionsIsland
🧭CompassAn emoji of a compass, used to show direction or navigationDirection
⛰️MountainAn emoji of a mountain with sharp peaks at the topHill
🏔️Snow-capped mountainAn emoji of a mountain with sharp, snowy peaks at the topSnow mountains
🏕️CampingAn emoji of a tent, often used in relation to camping or outdoor activitiesCampsite
🌋VolcanoAn emoji of a volcano erupting, with lava and smoke coming outEruption
🗻Mount FujiAn emoji of Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan and a popular tourist destinationFuji-san
🏝️Desert islandAn emoji of a desert island, depicting a sandy terrain surrounded by waterIsland
🏖️Beach with umbrellaAn emoji of a beach, showing water, sand, and an umbrella for shadeUmbrella
🏜️DesertAn emoji of a desert landscape, with cacti and a blazing sun overheadSand
🏟️StadiumAn emoji of a stadium, often used in relation to sports events like football or cricket matchesGrandstand, Sports stadium
🏞️National parkAn emoji of a park, with river streams, mountains, and greeneryPark
🏛️Classical buildingAn emoji of a classical building, often associated with town halls, stock exchanges, or other important public institutionsBuilding
🧱BricksAn emoji of bricks, used in the construction of homes, schools, and other structures for individuals or the publicRed stone
🏗️Building constructionAn emoji of a construction site, typically depicted as a tower crane lifting steel or other building materialsCrane
🏠House buildingAn emoji of a simple house, with a red door.House
🏚️Derelict houseAn emoji that signifies an abandoned or spooky houseAbandoned house, broken house, haunted house
🏡House with treeA house emoji with a tall tree behind itHouse with garden
🏢OfficeA workplace emoji typically used for business purposesOffice building
🏤Post officeAn emoji indicating a post office for sending and receiving packagesParcel office
🏥HospitalAn emoji denoting a medical facility where people receive treatmentMedical, Red cross
🏦BankA bank emoji symbolizing financial tasks like deposits, withdrawals, and opening accountsMoney
🏨HotelAn emoji representing an accommodation facility for travelersMotel, rent home
🏩Love hotelAn emoji representing a romantic accommodation for couplesCouple hotel
🏬Departmental storeAn emoji depicting a department store where various types of items are available for purchaseShopping center, mall
🏫SchoolAn emoji representing a school building where children receive their educationHigh school, clock tower
🏭FactoryAn emoji depicting an industrial factory, often associated with air pollutionIndustry, pollution
🏯Japanese castleThis emoji signifies a traditional Japanese castle made of stone and woodFortress
🗼TowerAn emoji representing a red tower, often associated with Tokyo Tower or the Eiffel TowerEiffel tower, red tower
🗽Statue of LibertyAn emoji indicating a skyscraper or tall buildingNew York
ChurchAn emoji often used to depict New York CityCross
FountainAn emoji representing a church building used for prayer, weddings, and funeralsPark
TentAn emoji of a fountain typically found in parks and gardens for decorative purposesCamping
🌁FoggyAn emoji representing a temporary shelter made from cloth or other materialsFoggy city, fog
🌃Night with starsAn emoji depicting a landscape covered in fogNighttime, Night city
🌄Sunrise over mountainsAn emoji representing buildings with visible stars in the night skyMorning, Sunrise
♨️HotspringsAn emoji representing the sunrise over a mountain range in the morningSteam
🎠Carousel HorseAn emoji representing hot springsCarnival
🎡Ferris wheelAn emoji of a horse ride for children found at carnivals and adventure parksCarnival
💈BarberAn emoji representing a large rotating wheel with cabins for people to sit and observe the cityscape from great heightsBarbershop
🎪CircusAn emoji representing a red and white striped pole often associated with barbershopsStunts
🚃Railway carAn emoji representing a circus tent where various stunts are performed by professionalsRailroad, Railroad carriage
🚅Bullet trainAn emoji representing a train carriage pulled along a railway line in citiesMetro train
🚞Mountain railwayAn emoji representing a fast-paced electric train commonly used in rural areas or citiesTrain and mountain
🚌BusAn emoji representing a passenger transport system commonly used in hilly areasSchool bus
🏍️MotorcycleAn emoji of a motorbike used in racing or other motorsports eventsBike, motorbike
🚗CarA red car emoji representing an automobile or a carRed car
🛵Motor scooterAn emoji of a light-weighted two-wheeler vehicle, such as a scooter or a mopedScooty
🛺Auto RickshawAn emoji of a three-wheeled vehicle commonly used in several Asian countries to transport passengers from one place to anotherTuk Tuk
🛹SkateboardA classic emoji of a skateboard used to represent skateboarding or skateboard cultureSkating
🔥FireThe fire emoji is used to depict hotness, warmth, flames, or coolness (as in “lit”)Hot, lit, flame
💧DropletUsed to depict various types of liquid, such as water, tears, sweat, or even crying or sadness in some contextsWater, waterdrop
🕛Twelve O’ClockAn emoji depicting the time of 12 o’clock either in the afternoon or midnight12AM, 12PM, time
AlarmAn emoji depicting an alarm clock set to around 10:40Alarm clock, time
🌑New moonAn emoji depicting a fully dark new moonDark moon, Solar Eclipse
🌚New moon faceAn emoji used to express ironic sentimentsCreepy moon, smiling moon
🌝Full moon faceUsed in situations of sarcasm to depict opposite meaningsMoonface, happy moon
🪐Ringed planetAn emoji designed to look like the planet SaturnSaturn
StarA simple and concise star emojiBig star
🌧️Cloud with rainUse this emoji to express disappointment or frustration when plans are ruined by rainCloudy, rainy
🌤️Mostly sunnyAn emoji used to represent sunny and beautiful weatherSun behind cloud
🌪️TornadoAn emoji that depicts a tornado, which is a destructive weather phenomenonCyclone
🌫️FogAn emoji depicting foggy weatherFoggy
Umbrella with raindropsAn umbrella with drops of water used for rainy weatherRaining
🎃Jack-O-LanternThe jack-o-lantern emoji is a classic symbol of HalloweenHalloween, pumpkin
🎄ChristmasThe Christmas tree emoji represents the holiday season or ChristmasXmas tree
🎆FireworksThe fireworks emoji represents the stunning combination of lights in the nighttime when fireworks are litExplosion
🧨FirecrackerAn emoji depicting a firecracker, which is burnt on various occasions across the globe such as Diwali or New Year celebrationsCrackers, dynamite, blast
SparklesAn emoji used to represent positive sentiments such as happiness, gratitude, or excitementGlitter, shiny
🎈BalloonThe red balloon emoji represents birthday celebrations or a generic simple balloon.Party, red balloon
🎉Party popperThe party popper emoji is commonly used to represent celebrations or parties.Tada, celebration
🎊ConfettiThe confetti emoji is often used to depict celebrations or parties.Confetti ball
🎋Tanabata treeThe tree emoji can specifically represent the Tanabata tree in Japanese culture.Wish tree
🎍BambooThe bamboo emoji represents the bamboo plant, often found in a pot or cup.Pine decoration
🎎DollsThe doll emoji is used to indicate toys or dolls.Japanese dolls
🎐WindchimeThe wind chime emoji is often used in contexts related to wind or chimes due to its appearance.Jellyfish, wind bell
🧧Red envelopeThe emoji is commonly used in Asian cultures.Red packet, Ang Pao
🎀RibbonThe cute emoji is used to indicate that something or someone is cute.Bow
🎁GiftThe gift box emoji is used to indicate surprise, gifts, or presents.Gif package, Birthday present
🎗️Reminder ribbonThe awareness ribbon emoji is used to represent support for a particular cause.ribbon
🎫TicketThe ticket emoji is used when going to a place that requires a paid entry, such as a cinema or sports event.Movie ticket, admission ticket
🎖️MedalThe medal emoji represents recognition for an achievement.Military medal
🏆TrophyThe trophy emoji represents recognition for an achievement.Championship trophy
🥇First place medalThe gold medal emoji is often used in chats to convey first place ranking in sports or events.First position, gold medal
SoccerThe soccer ball emoji depicts the football or soccer sport.Football
BaseballThe baseball emoji depicts the baseball sport.Softball
🏀BasketballThe basketball emoji shows the orange striped ball used in basketball.Orange ball
🏐VolleyballThe volleyball emoji depicts the round ball used in the sport.Volley
🏉Rugby footballThe rugby ball emoji depicts the famous western sport called rugby.Football, league
🎾TennisThe tennis emoji depicts a racket and ball used in the sport of tennis.Tennis racket, lawn tennis, tennis ball
🏓Ping PongThe table tennis emoji depicts a paddle and ping pong ball used in the sport of table tennis.Table tennis
🥏Flying discThe frisbee emoji depicts a disc-like object used in the sport of frisbee.Frisbee
🏏Cricket gameThe cricket emoji depicts a bat and ball used in the game of cricket.Bat & ball
🎳BowlingThe bowling emoji depicts a ball and pins used in the indoor game called bowling.Pins, bowling ball
🏑Field hockeyThe field hockey emoji depicts a hockey stick and ball used in the sport of field hockey.Hockey
🥍LacrosseThe squash emoji represents a sport in which two players hit a tennis ball against a wall using racquets.Squash
🏸BadmintonThe badminton emoji depicts a racquet and shuttlecock used in the sport of badminton.Badminton racquet and shuttlecock
🥊Boxing gloveThe boxing glove emoji depicts a red boxing glove used in the sport of boxing.Punch, punching
🥋Martial ArtsThe traditional martial arts uniform emoji represents sports such as judo or karateMartial Arts uniform
🥅Goal netThe goal net emoji depicts outdoor sports such as soccerSoccer
GolfThe flag in hole emoji depicts a red flag in a hole representing the sport of golfFlag in hole
⛸️Ice skatesIce skates are used for skating on iceIce skating
🎣FishingThis emoji represents a fishing rod with a hooked fish on itFishing pole, fishing rod
🤿Diving maskThe snorkel emoji represents a crucial diving equipment used for staying underwater for longer durationsDiving, swimming
🎿SkiThe emoji represents an outdoor winter sport in which a person slides down a snowy mountain or hillSkiing, Skis
🎯DartsThe dart board emoji specifically depicts the bullseyeBullseye
🪀Yo-YoThe fidget spinner emoji represents a small spinning gadget used during leisure timeSpinning
🪁KiteThe diamond-shaped kite with a long tail emoji represents a red kiteRed kite
🎱8 BallThe classic 8 ball emoji represents games such as snooker and billiardsSnooker, 8 Ball pool, billiards
🔮Crystal ballThe crystal ball emoji can be used in texts related to magic and future predictionFortune teller, purple crystal
🧿Nazar AmuletThe interesting looking emoji represents eyes and various senses of charm, envy, and jealousy in Turkish cultureEvil Eye Talisman
🕹️JoystickThe video game controller emoji generally conveys playing video games, specifically classic or aviation genre gamesGaming
🎮Video gameThe video game console emoji can be used to call up friends for a video game sessionController, gamepad, Xbox, Play Station
🎰Slot machineThe slot machine emoji can be used to make casino or gambling plansCasino, gambling
🎲DiceThe die emoji with six sides represents dice used in board games such as ludo, monopoly, etc.Game die
🧸Teddy bearThe teddy bear emoji can be used to represent something or someone cuteBear, soft toy
♠️SpadesThe playing card emoji represents a type of card used in playing cardsSpades suit
♥️HeartsThe heart-shaped playing card emoji represents a type of card shaped like a heart used in playing cardsHearts suit
♦️DiamondsThe diamond-shaped playing card emoji represents a type of card shaped like a diamond used in playing cardsDiamonds suit
♣️ClubsThe spade-shaped playing card emoji represents a type of card used in playing cardsClubs suit
♟️ChessThe pawn chess piece emoji represents a chess piece called a pawnChess pawn
🃏JokerThe joker playing card emoji represents a card in a deck of playing cardsJoker card
🀄MahjongThe red and white tile emoji represents a tile from the Japanese game called MahjongMahjong Red Dragon
🎭Performing ArtsThe theatre mask emoji is used to indicate theatre or dramaDrama, Theatre
🧶YarnThe ball of yarn emoji represents a ball of yarn used for knitting or sewing woolen clothesBall of yarn
🎨ArtThe artist palette emoji depicts a color palette.Artist palette, painting

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There are numerous variations of emojis, each representing a distinct sentiment or mood. Emojis can be classified into diverse types based on their depictions, such as face-based emojis, vegetables, alcoholic drinks, vehicles, symbols, hand gestures, etc. Emojis can be sorted into various categories based on their types. Here are all of them –

Facial emojis – 😀😅🥲😇🙃 – If you are acquainted with these symbols, then you must be familiar with facial emojis, which are vital for depicting a wide range of emotions. There are numerous faces representing various happy moods, sad moods, and faces for confusion, shock, love, sickness, sleepiness, hugs, crying, and more. Facial emojis are the most frequently used among all other types of emojis.

Masks – 😈👿👹👺🤡💩 – These are the emojis that we are considering here. Each one conveys a different meaning, from the clown face to the crying cat. The devil’s face with the wicked smile is one of the most-used smileys and conveys a naughty mood.

Hand signals – Featuring the peace sign, the fist bump, and more, these emojis are all hand signals that we commonly use. From the hand heart to the applause, facepalm to the flexed bicep, all convey different meanings and hence are used widely and are very popular among texters.

Faces – 👶👧🧒👦👩🧑👨👩‍🦱🧑‍🦳🧑‍🦲👨‍🦲👳‍♀️💂‍♀️ – These are faces/characters/people that have been depicted. You have the turbaned Sikh, a cop, a cop, a pregnant woman, a king, a graduate, and more. These emojis form the bulk of emojis that are used in WhatsApp.

Couple emojis- 👯‍♀️👩‍🦽👨‍❤️‍👨👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👩‍👩‍👧👩‍👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👩‍👦‍👦👩‍👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👨‍👧‍👧 – Theseare examples of couple/family emojis that exist on WhatsApp, that can denote a couple or a family. There’s also the highly popular wheelchair-bound emoji used by the differently abled and a shrug emoji.

Clothes – 🪢🧶🧵🪡🧥🥼🦺👚 – These emojis denote clothes/uniforms that are worn by different segments of society.

Animals and nature – 🐶🐱🐭🐹🐰🦊🐻 – These are the emojis that come under animals and nature. You have different animals like a fox, bear, tiger, koala, and then a host of plants like a cactus tree, fern tree, palm tree, a 4-leaf clover, and a bunch of moons faces. Then come a series of flowers and then planet Earth. The emojis are rounded off by clouds in different stages of a cloudburst.

Activity – ⚽🏀🏈⚾🥎🎾🏐🏉🥏🎱🪀🏓🏸🏒🏑🥍🏏🪃🥅 – These are the emojis that come under activity. You have a series of balls from different sports like football, basketball, rugby, baseball, and American football. Then there’s a series of people in gymnastics poses, followed by a couple of skiing emojis. There are a bunch of people doing different activities and then some medals denoting prizes. The series has musical instruments, an easel, and a dart board.

Travel and Places – 🚗🚕🚙🚌🚎🏎️🚓🚑🚒🚐🛻🚚🚛🚜🦯🦽🦼🩼🛴🚲🛵🏍️🛺🛫✈️🚉🚊🚇 – Theseare a bunch of emojis that show travel and places. You have different kinds of transport, from cars to scooters, autos, bicycles, and even a plane, to different emojis showing different houses, presumably depicting different places. Then you have a bunch of buildings and much more. There are a host of emojis showing different emotions in the bunch of Travel and Places.

Objects – ⌚📱📲💻⌨️🖥️🖨️🖱️🖲️🕹️🗜️💽💾💿📀 –From paper clips to toilets, scissors to keys, alarm clocks, telephones, fire extinguisher, thermometer, soft toy, hourglass, lightbulb, hammer, microwave, joystick, books, pens, pencils and other stationery, and post boxes, to round almost everything up. This is a huge bucket of emojis and there’s one for almost every emotion.

Symbols – ❤️♒🆑🅾️🆘❌⭕🛑 – What starts off with a series of colored hearts ends with a series of clocks showing the time. The symbols bundle of emojis has zodiac signs, traffic signs, hazard signs, number signs, pause play and rewind signs, coloured circles, coloured boxes, and more. The symbols all depict different things and can be used alone or in conjunction with one another or with other emojis.

Flags –This one is self-explanatory. These emojis contain flags of almost every conceivable country on the planet. You have major democracies like the USA and India and smaller countries like Tunisia and Azerbaijan. Flags can convey limited meaning – a flag denotes a country, and that’s that. It doesn’t have any other meaning or use.

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How to use Emojis?

Emojis have become quite fashionable to augment emotion, levity, and significance in online conversations. Here are a few tips on their effective use for digital communication:

  1. Use them judiciously: Emoticons are not intended to supplant your message but to supplement it. Overuse can make your text impenetrable and seem unprofessional.
  2. Use them appropriately: Ensure that the emoticon you select fits the tenor of your communication. A grinning face emoticon is appropriate for a joke but not for a serious message.
  3. Know your audience: Different emoticons might connote different meanings in different cultures or age groups. Be mindful of the recipients of your message and choose emoticons accordingly.
  4. Avoid them in formal correspondence: While emoticons can be an amusing and casual means of communication with loved ones, they might not be proper for more official situations, such as work emails or business communications.
  5. Don’t depend exclusively on emoticons: They should complement your message, not supplant it altogether. Make certain that your message is comprehensible without emoticons.
  6. Experiment with combinations: There are numerous emoticons to choose from, so have fun experimenting with combinations to discover the ideal one for your message.


In conclusion, emojis are the perfect ways to express yourself if you have run out of words. Want to say something special to someone special? Use an emoji! Want to defuse a tense situation with someone? Use an emoji! There are a hundred different occasions to use emojis and a hundred different emojis that can be used.

Emoji Meaning: 100+ Emojis🙂 Used in WhatsApp Chats, Their Meanings and How to Use Them - MySmartPrice (2024)
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