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Taking notes used to be a complicated (and painful) process. You had to find a blank sheet, a pen, and then scribble down the notes furiously. That’s a lot of work!

Thanks to technology, we now have a quicker and more convenient way of taking notes. We are talking about the array of free notepads available on the internet.

If you use an online notepad, you can take down notes, copy, or edit them from any device. You won’t have to carry a pen and paper at all times. Awesome, right?

Moreover, with online notepads, you can actually search all your notes by just typing out the keyphrase. You won’t have to go through bundles of papers to look up a piece of information. How cool is that!

The bottom line is, online notepads really simplify everything! Luckily, we have done the research and put together a list of the best FREE online notepads. Are you ready? Let’s go.


Bit.ai is a new-agecloud-based documentcollaboration and note-taking app. The core of Bit’s note-taking awesomeness starts around workspaces. Bit allows users to create smart workspaces around projects, teams, departments, and clients to keep everything organized.

These workspaces are fluid so your notes and documents can move through yourorganization’s workflow. The best part? Bit documents are fully responsive, so you can access your notes on any device.

With Bit’s collaboration feature, you can brainstorm and collaborate in real-time on the notes that you create via chat, in-line comments, @mentions, and more. It even allows you to share your notes in a live state with anyone you want and updates all the changes in real-time. What’s more?

Bit’s clean and minimal editor provides a rich note-taking experience. You can use Markdown to quickly format your notes by adding headers, checklists, numbered lists, and more withkeyboard shortcuts.

Moreover, you canadd YouTube videos, Spotify, Google Spreadsheets, One Drive Word documents, Dropbox files, GIFs, PDFs,and more to visually enhance your notes. Bit also has a smart search feature that allows you to search and find any note that you’ve created across all of your workspaces quickly.

Furthermore, Bit provides options like link tracking, password protection, expiration dates, and lots more, making this note-taking app a hit. Bit will definitely give you a one-of-a-kind documenting and note-taking experience.

Key Features:

  • Real-time collaboration.
  • Clean and minimal editor.
  • Smart workspaces.
  • Media-rich documents and notes.
  • Robust search.
  • Fully responsive documents.

2. Evernote

One of the best free online notepads on our list, Evernote provides a great user experience and offers some really amazing features. Once you’ve created an account, all you have to do is click on the ‘new note’ tab.

15 Free Online Notepads You Need To Check Out This Year! - Bit Blog (1)

A page will open up, with a variety of options including search, chat, and more. Just add a title to your new note and start writing! You can save your notes directly on Evernote, or export them however you want. Other features offered by Evernote are adding tags to your notes, creating shortcuts for your favorite notes, etc.

Key Features:

  • Create and organize tasks within notes.
  • 10 GB monthly note uploads.
  • Connect your primary Google Calendar.
  • View your notes offline – anywhere and anytime.

3. Primapad

Another notepad on our list is Primapad, which allows you to view and edit your notes from anywhere and at any time. To get started with Primapad, all you have to do is create a document, name it and start typing.

You can even share your notes with collaborators. Simply click on the ‘share’ button and pick one of the many sharing options available. Your collaborators can give their feedback on your notes, and you can even give them permission to edit the notes.

Key Features:

  • Quick note-sharing, making it easier to share notes with your team.
  • Cloud storage (Create and edit your notes anywhere and anytime)

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4. Hypernotes

Whether you want to create an office document or just a personal writing project, Hypernotes is perfect for you. The tool has the power to automatically connect similar concepts together. So, every note that you create on this free online notepad would have great potential.

Apart from that, this notepad offers features like automated connection suggestions, semantic knowledge graphs, bi-directional linking, and a lot more. Moreover, you can even access Hypernotes offline.

Key Features:

  • Offline access on mobile devices.
  • Embeds text blocks to reduce duplicate content.
  • Break major topics into smaller sub-topics (Outline feature).
  • Knowledge graphs for better discovery of your content.

5. Google Keep

Google’s reputation and brand value are enough to make you choose Google Keep as your go-to online notepad. Google Keep comes as a Chrome extension, and it’s also available as an app for Android users.

Just like other online notepads, Google Keep allows you to add several elements to your notes, including sound recordings. What’s more? You can customize the background color, embed labels, add a to-do list, and more.

When you’re done creating the notes, you can share them via email or store them in Google Docs. Also, whenever you want to access and edit your notes, just set a reminder and you’ll get a notification.

Key Features:

  • Type, talk, draw, or capture.
  • Alerts and reminders.
  • Send notes to Google Docs.
  • Access it anywhere, as it’s also available as a mobile app.

6. RapidTables Notepad

Rapid Tables is extremely easy to use and comes with a plethora of note-taking features including copy, cut, paste, redo, undo and select all. There’s also a ‘zoom in’ and ‘zoom out’ feature you can use to get a better view of your notes.

When you will open up this notepad online, you will see a text area where you can jot down your notes. After creating your notes, you can either save them as a text file or print them out straight away.

Key Features:

  • Share your notes on social media platforms and via email.
  • Line count, column count, and character count in the footer.
  • Line graph maker, PDF converter, and many more handy features.

7. ClickUp Notepad

To use the ClickUp notepad, you first need to register an account and download the browser extension. It’s worth the effort because this free online notepad has so many amazing features, including a chat feature that lets you collaborate freely with your team.

It even offers time tracking, goal tracking, and project management tools that can increase your productivity levels! In addition, ClickUp offers several tutorials to help you get the hang of the platform quickly.This notepad also has a mobile app, for both Android and iOS.

Key Features:

  • Also available as a chrome extension.
  • Real-time collaboration with your team through threads.
  • Manage and track time and goals on the go.
  • Create and manage to-do lists and mark them once finished.

8. Editpad.org

One of the most used online notepads, Editpad is super easy to work on and has a minimalistic interface. Apart from the free online notepad, the platform also offers many more features that can help you in your content creation journey.

For example, you can check plagiarism in your writing, paraphrase your content to make it unique, and find out the word/character count.

Key Features:

  • Instantly save your work as a TXT file.
  • Keep track of your word and character count.
  • Check plagiarism in your writing and paraphrase your content.

9. ZippyJot Notepad

What we love about this free online notepad is its sleek and intuitive user interface. There are no unnecessary bells and whistles in this notepad, and you don’t have to go through a steep learning curve to use it.

ZippyJot Notepad has some really cool features as well! You can quickly access, search, edit and save your notes on the platform. The best part is, this notepad offers cloud-based backup, which means that you would never lose your notes – even if your PC crashes or your system suddenly runs out of battery.

Key Features:

  • A backlog of notes is maintained on the server.
  • Save notes on the cloud.
  • Search and sort notes by title and dates.

10. OneNote

A free online notepad by Microsoft, OneNote comes with a wide range of features. On OneNote, you can create multiple notebooks aka folders, under which you can create your notes.

Moreover, you can create separate sections in each notebook, add pages, and import your existing notes into the pages. That’s not it! You can also add links, images, special characters, etc to your notes. You can either import the images from your PC or directly from the internet.

Key Features:

  • Password security for each section.
  • Translate the notes from one language to another.
  • Record audio and videos and add them to your notes.
  • Extract information from a web page to OneNote.

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11. Shrib

Dubbed by its creators as ‘the fastest notepad on the planet’, Shrib runs quite quickly and smoothly. However, there’s a lot more to Shrib than just ‘speed’. It has a minimal design with a plain white text editor that covers your browser screen.

So, you can focus more on your notes and text, and less on the side distractions. All in all, when it comes to speed and simplicity, Shrib is surely one of the best free online notepads.

Key Features:

  • Create a new URL for every note.
  • Save your notes on the cloud for three months, post which they will be deleted.
  • Share your notes on over 180 social media platforms.
  • Print your note directly from the notepad.

12. Pote

To get started with Pote, you first need to register for an account and sign in. Once that’s done, just give a title to your notes and start writing – it’s that easy!

Pote gives you the option to change the font size and color of your notes, along with the page background, platform color, and window size! When you’re done working on your notes, you can email them to your collaborators, or print them out.

Key Features:

  • Upload a file from the computer and modify it or create notes from scratch.
  • The notes can be saved online or can also be downloaded.
  • Change thenotepad platform color– black on white, white on black, or yellow on black.

13. ProtectedText

As it’s evident by the name, Protected Text is all about protecting your text. The makers of this free online notepad call it ‘the safest site on the web for storing your text”, and rightly so!

This tool makes sure that the security of your data isn’t compromised, amidst the growing vulnerabilities in the digital world. So, all the notes you create on this platform are safe and encrypted, and no one can access them without your permission.

Key Features:

  • Available on Android as well.
  • Save your notes on the cloud, and view them from anywhere.
  • Can be accessed offline.
  • Create a custom URL for easier accessibility.

14. Memo Notepad

Writing notes on this free online notepad makes you feel like you’re writing on real paper that’s placed on a wooden surface. That’s how beautiful the platform’s interface is! You can add special characters and emojis to your notes too.

Furthermore, you can email your notes to your collaborators, or store them in the cloud. Even though Memo notepad doesn’t require you to sign up to create notes, if you want to save your notes on the cloud, you need to have an account.

Key Features:

  • 3 fonts are available (standard, handwriting, and typeset)
  • Create a backup of your notes using the cloud.
  • Dark mode is available as an in-app purchase.

15. ANotepad

Yes, ANotepad doesn’t have a fancy name, but it gets the job done. This free online notepad is incredibly fast and offers a bunch of amazing features. It has a rich text editor using which you can embed links in your notes, add images, tables, and much more.

You can share your notes directly to social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. You can also save your notes on your PC, as a PDF, word file, or in text format. Anotepad also gives you the ability to password-protect your notes and restrict access to them.

Key Features:

  • Dark mode color theme for better readability.
  • Password-protected notes.
  • HTML tags to make your notes more solid.
  • Auto-saves notes while you’re working.
  • Preview option to glance over multiple notes at once.

Wrapping Up

There you go, folks! These free online notepads will certainly make your note-taking process simple, efficient, and a lot more accessible.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick the one that fits your needs the best, and start writing down your notes. Don’t forget to let us know how it goes by tweeting us @bit_docs.

Happy note-taking! ✨

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15 Free Online Notepads You Need To Check Out This Year! - Bit Blog (2)

15 Free Online Notepads You Need To Check Out This Year! - Bit Blog (3)

15 Free Online Notepads You Need To Check Out This Year! - Bit Blog (2024)


Which is the best online notepad? ›

Let's go.
  • Bit.ai. Bit.ai is a new-age cloud-based document collaboration and note-taking app. ...
  • Evernote. One of the best free online notepads on our list, Evernote provides a great user experience and offers some really amazing features. ...
  • Primapad. ...
  • Hypernotes. ...
  • Google Keep. ...
  • RapidTables Notepad. ...
  • ClickUp Notepad. ...
  • Editpad.org.

Is there a free notepad app? ›

Notepad Free

Notepad Free is one of the highest-rated note-taking apps for Android. If you're looking for the simplest solution without fancy additional features, this is it. The interface has a simple layout, delicate, brownish colors and it's super easy-to-use.

What is best website to take notes? ›

7 Best Websites To Create Notes Online For Free In 2023
  • The 2022 Best Free Websites for Making Notes. Primapad.
  • Prices for Primapads. ClickUp Notepad. Speech notes. SimpleNote.
  • SimpleNote Prices. Google Keep- Websites to Create Notes Online. Notion- Websites to Create Notes Online. ...
  • Conclusion of Websites to Create Notes Online.
Jan 14, 2023

What is the use of online notepad? ›

You can write down ideas, record quotes and thoughts, and create lists. If you're a writer, then using an online notepad will help you keep track of the words and ideas that come to mind. You can use an online notepad for writing things like blog posts or notes to yourself.

Is there a Google notepad? ›

Google Keep was launched in 2013 as Google's dedicated note-taking app that is integrated with other Google apps and services like Docs and Drive.

What is the difference between a notepad and a notebook? ›

Notebook. What is the difference between a notepad and a notebook? A notepad is bound at the top, has easily removable paper, is inexpensive, may or may not have a cover, and is often smaller than a notebook. A notebook is bound securely at the side with a metal spiral and usually has a cover.

Is Notepad ++ free and safe? ›

Notepad++ is a free open-source text and source code editor. It supports approximately 80 programming languages, and it includes syntax highlighting, code folding, and a tabbed editing interface to work with multiple files for ease of use.

Is Notepad ++ completely free? ›

Notepad++ is a free and open-source text and source code editor for use with Microsoft Windows.

Is there a free Notepad app for Android? ›

Google Keep

If you're looking for a free and simple way to capture light-bulb-moment ideas or create lists, then you'll love Google Keep. Although it's light on features, it has everything you'd expect from a personal note-taking app: checklists, voice notes, the ability to add images, and labels for easy sorting.

Is there a free version of good notes? ›

Yes! If yours is a school or educational institution (K-12 or higher education) managing devices through Apple School Manager, you can get the full version of Goodnotes for free.

What is the simplest note-taking app? ›

Simplenote is one of our favorite note-taking apps for those who want something straightforward and simple, as the name suggests. Simplenote allows you to sync all notes across devices, and you can view past changes in markdown mode.

What is the safest note-taking app? ›

Joplin is open-source, maintains Linux, Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows apps, and also offers built in cloud-sync functionality called “Joplin cloud.” Finally, Joplin scores highly on their use of end-to-end encrypted to keep all user notes private.

What is Notepad ++ used for? ›

Notepad++ is a text editor and source code editor for use under Microsoft Windows. It supports around 80 programming languages with syntax highlighting and code folding. It allows working with multiple open files in a single window, thanks to its tabbed editing interface.

What is the difference between notepad and WordPad? ›

Notepad is a basic text editor that does not include rich text formatting, while WordPad includes more features such as font formatting and the ability to save documents in Rich Text Format (RTF). Additionally, WordPad can't open Microsoft Word documents, while Notepad cannot.

Is it safe to use notepad? ›

Excel and notepad are not protected enough to keep your passwords safe from dangerous hackers. Another reason why it is dangerous to keep your passwords in Excel and notepad is that they will be displayed for anyone to read.

Which version of notepad is best? ›

The 64-bit version of Notepad++ is faster and more efficient than the 32-bit version, but it may not be compatible with some plugins. Notepad++ comes in two flavors: Standard and Minimalist.

Is there an online version of notepad? ›

JustNotepad.com is a free online notepad in your web browser. With JustNotepad.com you can create notes (ideas, to-do list, links, or any other plain text) that you would like to write just in a web browser online.

Is Notepad++ still the best? ›

Notepad++ is a must-have text editing tool

Overall, Notepad++ is an extremely reliable tool that is perfect for anyone who needs a powerful text editor. Its intuitive interface, extensive feature set, and support for multiple programming languages make it a wonderfl choice among program developers.

Which notepad is best for writing? ›

Best Digital Notebooks Compared
Digital NotepadBest ForCheck Price
Moleskine Pen+ Smart Writing SetAll-RoundClick to Buy
Newyes Robot PadNotesClick to Buy
Rocketbook Wave Smart NotebookNotesClick to Buy
BOOX Note Air 2 10.3Work / SchoolClick to Buy
6 more rows

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