Yahoo! Inc. (MM) Stock Price - YHOO | ADVFN (2024)

staynafloat 2 minutes ago Yeah I agree. Thought this would at least help a little.


Peace1965 2 minutes ago Wow, come back after a long weekend vacation, them D A$$ pumpers 🤠 🤠 + “ D est of the D “ Inspector “ and other D A$$ pumpers are still posting chit nonsense here.. Look at this garbage SCAM pos what do you see D A$$ pumpers? Nothing but RED as usual, Why always RED ? Because it will


Dr PennyStock 2 minutes ago $NVOS run to $5 - $5.38 is imminent. Buy right now at the bottom, .78. Look at the charts: Weekly: Daily:



Mo Money Mo Money Mo 2 minutes ago It's "Below Average Joe". jealmc79 3 minutes ago “you've switched your tune about KBLB. To fully negative.” So you can’t point out where KBLB has ever fulfilled a contract that they have signed and that is due to me having a negative tune? Trying to discredit a poster by saying they aren’t invested when you don’t have a clue whethe


newman2021 3 minutes ago That is the Mfrs new code word to their co Mfrs to hold the sp at that price until one of them has met their goal. The 14 MM signals are known to lot of us and so the Mfrs now came up with the 2500 signal.


Golden Cross 3 minutes ago $GTVH HUGE Upside for Golden Triangle Ventures


Tony53711 3 minutes ago No reason ZIVO is not making deals with other partners to pay for testing for other verticals such as canine while the 1,789 chicken test is completed. Should be plenty of supply for testing and hopefully highly paid scientists on payroll developed SOPs. Time to walk and chew gum.


imafan 4 minutes ago The NAKED Shorts couldn't break the Longs, now they're butts are about to be handed to them! BOOM! Eric Delivers!!!


cdnboy 4 minutes ago Well said ! Golden Cross 4 minutes ago $GTVH HUGE Upside for Golden Triangle Ventures


Milesblue42 4 minutes ago Maybe waiting on this.....maybe?? IMO, investors aren’t recognizing this, because there is just no communication from company to investors. In theory you would think numbers matter. Unfortunately sometimes perception is more important than reality. https://www.sos.ok.g


shoondale 4 minutes ago I have too angels. Although the last time I broached that subject was this past winter; he told me (and I am paraphrasing) that MWWC has done everything they said they were going to do and the relationship was very good. Again, that was last winter so take that FWIW. At the same time, my offer of p


HGilS 4 minutes ago Just put all your shares on sale at $12 GTC



Tahoe2468 5 minutes ago SHPW SHPW SHPW


Techroemancer 5 minutes ago Huh, up 17% big milestone for you? We are up 400% in a few days. in the last month, you're up 4 cents.


prussian4profit 5 minutes ago "I did exaggerate your correct its..." Yes my correct is correct, yours isn't. Go take an online remedial English class to start. Then consider "exaggerate" relative to 25 Billion and a trillion. Then consider that you stated the trillion wasn't reported. Just anoth


TJG 5 minutes ago I tried it and it gave me just an ignore...then I had to come to the IHUB site on my computer to restore him... but it did not at any time take my IHUB app away because I ignored Peter... I have a few people on ignore but none from this board... so all is good with my iPhone and my lap top



TrueTech 5 minutes ago Thanks! I just want to sell a few shares so that when we are able to do so, I am familiar with the process.


ErnieBilco 5 minutes ago Probably because it is a worthless company that is heavily in debt and by all rights it should be kicked off the Nasdaq but Nasdaq urges these worthless companies to screw their shareholders to artificially get their stock price to $1 - I expect a landslide decline back to a quarter in short order.


zab 5 minutes ago President Biden sure has had a first term that has had more accomplishments than almost every president of the past 50 years. Let's discuss Raegen's first term, he took unemployment from 7.5 % to almost 12 % in his first term, and interest rates that were under 9 %, peaked at 23 % in
Yahoo! Inc. (MM) Stock Price - YHOO | ADVFN (2024)
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