VRA Investing Podcast: Market Rotation And What It Means For Investors - Tyler Herriage - June 20, 2024 by Vertical Research Advisory (2024)

VRA Investing Podcast: Rotational Themes Continue for this "Generational Bull Market" - Kip Herriage - June 24, 2024In today's episode, Kip breaks down the VRA's positive outlook on the future of this market, and why this pullback in tech and rotation to value is healthy for this bull market. He also covers the latest in energy stocks and precious metals, including the miners. Tune into today's podcast to learn more!Jun 24, 202431:36VRA Investing Podcast: Market Rotation And What It Means For Investors - Tyler Herriage - June 20, 2024In today's episode, Tyler covers the rotational themes of this market and the VRA's strategy during an overbought market. With exciting catalysts on the horizon, including end-of-quarter fund flows and historically strong July performance, it's a period ripe with opportunities. Tune into today's VRA Investing Podcast to learn more.Jun 20, 202426:09VRA Investing Podcast: GameStop, Bitcoin, Market Insights, And Market reactions to Jay Powell's Recent Comments - Kip Herriage - June 14, 2024In today's episode, Kip dives into the latest market trends and speculation surrounding some of the big names in the investing world. We'll dissect GameStop's financial health and explore Kip's bold strategy moving forward. Kip also touches on the booming performance of semiconductors and discuss the market's internals, insights on energy stocks, and crude oil.Jun 14, 202430:35VRA Investing Podcast: Inflation Cools, More All-Time Highs from Tech And Semiconductors - Tyler Herriage - June 13, 2024Today's episode is packed with insights that will help you navigate the current investment landscape. We'll dive into the latest disinflationary data from the Producer Price Index, analyze the market's reaction, and discuss the implications of falling yields. We will also cover the intriguing possibility of GameStop adding Bitcoin to its balance sheet, PLUS, we'll touch on the latest developments from Tesla.Jun 13, 202427:22VRA Investing Podcast: May's CPI Data, FOMC Reaction, And All-Time Highs - Tyler Herriage - June 12, 2024In today's episode, we're breaking down an action-packed Wednesday in the markets, driven by May's CPI data release and key comments from Fed Chairman Jay Powell following the June FOMC meeting. We'll dive into the exciting market reactions, discuss new highs across major indexes, and analyze the impact of lower-than-expected inflation numbers.Jun 12, 202425:50VRA Investing Podcast: Market Momentum, GameStop's Potential, and the Bull Market's Next Moves - Kip Herriage - June 11, 2024In today's episode, Kip dives in to the latest market trends and investment opportunities, including an in-depth analysis of GameStop's potential for a short squeeze and its shift from retail to gaming.Kip breaks down market updates on commodities like gold, silver, copper, and crude oil, along with his thoughts on natural gas investments.As we navigate through these exciting financial opportunities, Kip emphasizes staying measured and prepared for market downturns, allocating gains to safeguards like gold and Bitcoin, and maintaining a positive outlook on the innovation revolution and the roaring 2020sJun 11, 202449:08VRA Investing Podcast: Fed Watch: Key Market Events and Economic Data To Watch This Week - Tyler Herriage - June 10, 2024In today's episode, Tyler dives into what will be an action-packed week for stock market and economic news. Importantly, our markets showed resilience again to start the week. After a shaky start to the day, our major indexes finished higher across the board and even hit a couple of all-time highs. Tune into today's podcast to learn more!Jun 10, 202422:35VRA Investing Podcast: Jobs Report, Economic Indicators, and Nvidia’s Role in Future Markets - Kip Herriage - June 07, 2024In today's episode, Kip dives into the latestmarket developments starting with the stronger than expected jobs report and its unexpected implications, including reactions from gold, silver, and other commodities.He concludes with thoughts on maintaining an optimistic outlook and understanding the impact of a strong economy on corporate earnings.Jun 07, 202434:15VRA Investing Podcast: Economic Data And What Tomorrow's Jobs Report Means For Our Markets - Tyler Herriage - June 06, 2024In today's episode, Tyler dives deep into the latest economic data and how it impacts the stock market. In honor of D-Day, he alsorevisits a story that epitomizes US ingenuity and heroism. Tune in as we cover the latest in our top VRA recommendations and tell you what the VRA Investing System is seeing going forward.Jun 06, 202424:06VRA Investing Podcast: The Roaring 2020's, Bitcoin Inflow, and All-Time Highs - Kip Herriage - June 05, 2024In today's episode, Kip dives into the current economic landscape with optimism and strategic insights. He explores the flourishing entertainment and sports sectors, focusing on the NBA's massive $76 billion media contract, and highlights a major tech upgrade cycle driving investment in AI and space exploration. Lastly, he covers the continued all time highs from tech and the semiconductors.Jun 05, 202439:18VRA Investing Podcast: Resilience is Key. Rate Cuts Are Nearing - Tyler Herriage - June 04, 2024In today's episode, Tyler breaks down the latest stock market movements and the economic data that is shaping our financial landscape. Despite a shaky start to the day, we got our third strong smart money hour in a row that helped the big 3 major indexes finish higher on the day. Tune in to hear the latest updates on market internals, sectors, and to see what the VRA Investing System is telling us looking forward.Jun 04, 202427:40VRA Investing Podcast: Navigating Federal Reserve Decisions. Why Bitcoin and Gold Shine Amid Slowdown - Kip Herriage - June 03, 2024In today's episode, Kip analyzes the interesting stock market action to kick off an eventful week.We'll review the Federal Reserve's policy missteps, and explore potential rate cuts before September. Lastly, Kip covers what the future will look like for gold and bitcoin. Tune into today's podcast to see what the VRA Investing System is telling us based on today's market action.Jun 03, 202434:32VRA Investing Podcast: PCE Data Signals Continued Disinflation. Market Closes on a High Note - Tyler Herriage - May 31,2024In today's episode, Tyler covers the market's strong month of May, and despite the weakness we saw this week, the markets finished on a strong note this Friday. Tyler will dive into this week's key data releases and the latest on this rotation to value names. Tune into today's podcast to get a recap of an exciting month of May for our markets.May 31, 202417:31VRA Investing Podcast: Robust Fundamentals Supporting a Long-term Bull Market - Kip Herriage - May 30, 2024In today's episode, Kip breaks down the resilience of today’s market despite downticks, effective contrarian investing strategies, and the robust fundamentals supporting a long-term bull market. Stay tuned for an in-depth analysis of recent market trends, surprising economic indicators, and Kip's latest thoughts on commodities and Bitcoin.May 30, 202420:59VRA Investing Podcast: Bullish Trends and Bearish Sentiment: What’s Really Happening - Tyler Herriage - May 29, 2024In today's episode, Tylerdissects the "Turnaround Tuesday" effect we experienced today in our markets. We'll revisit our stance on the current bull market, which, according to historical trends, still has plenty of room to grow.Tune in as we analyze the key components driving the market, including recent moves in yields, the Federal Reserve's latest stance, and how these factors are impacting investor sentiment.May 29, 202421:30VRA Investing Podcast: All-Time Highs, Semis, Precious Metals, and Political Forecasts - Kip Herriage - May 28, 2024In today's episode, Kip Herriage dives into the current market dynamics includinghis bullish outlook for gold, projecting it to surpass $3,000 per ounce this year, and emphasizes the importance of diversifying your portfolio with both bitcoin and precious metals.In a thought-provoking segment, Kip also shares his theory on the upcoming election. Tune into today's VRA Investing Podcast to learn more.May 28, 202437:40VRA Investing Podcast: Nvidia's Earnings Are Here. Another Record-Breaking Day - Kip Herriage - May 22, 2024In today's episode, Kip dives into the details of the much-anticipated first-quarter earnings report from Nvidia, which has generated significant buzz in the market. He emphasizes the momentum behind the innovation revolution that will continue to drive this generational bull market.Tune in for an in-depth analysis of today's financial landscape and see what the VRA Investing System is telling us today.May 22, 202427:13VRA Investing Podcast: All Eyes On Nvidia Earnings, Markets Close At All-Time Highs - Tyler Herriage - May 21, 2024Today's episode is jam-packed with exciting topics as the market continues to hit all-time highs. The market seems to be waiting and watching for Nvidia's earnings tomorrow, andno one seems to be paying attention to the Fed speakers anymore. Tyler also dives into the latest SEC ruling on the Ethereum ETF and the political implications behind it.May 21, 202419:56VRA Investing Podcast: Nvidia Earnings Preview and Understanding an Overbought Market - Kip Herriage - May 20, 2024In today's episode, Kip kicks off the week with an analysis of recent market strategies, breaking downwhy groupthink often leads to underperformance among money managers and how to avoid this pitfall.We'll also explore the latest movements in Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as Nvidia's highly anticipated earnings report this Wednesday. Tune into today's VRA Investing Podcast to learn more!May 20, 202426:52VRA Investing Podcast: Inflation Eases, Markets Celebrate With New Highs - Tyler Herriage - May 17, 2024In today's episode, Tyler dives into the action-packed week for our markets. From inflation data to all-time highs to a commodity market melt-up, we will cover it all. Plus, we will take a look forward, including upcoming major earnings reports like Nvidia, and some interesting trends as we approach the election season. Tune into today's podcast to learn more!May 17, 202421:57VRA Investing Podcast: Dow Jones 40K, And This Bull Market Is Just Beginning - Kip Herriage - May 16, 2024In today's episode, Kip dives in to an action-packed Thursday in the stock market. Kip breaks down.Kip also breaks down the staggering volume on the Nasdaq, fueled by penny stocks and meme stocks, while also shedding light on the broader picture of the market. He also covers the latest in the cryptocurrency and technology markets. Tune into today's VRA Podcast to learn more!May 16, 202423:57VRA Investing Podcast: Riding the Bullish Wave of Innovation and Tech Investments - Kip Herriage - May 14, 2024In today's episode, Kip dives into today's stellar market action despite sticky inflation in this morning's data. He also covers themarket analytics showing robust performance across major indexes like Nasdaq and the Dow Jones.Tune in to gain valuable insights on how to participate in the ongoing bull market.May 14, 202433:59VRA Investing Podcast: Never Short A Dull Market. All Eyes On Inflation Data. - Tyler Herriage - May 13, 2024In today's episode, Tyler breaks down the market action to start the week and lays out what the VRA expects from this week's inflation and economic data.He also explores the intriguing surge in meme stocks, led by notable movements in AMC and GameStop, which have seen substantial gains. Tune into today's podcast to see what the VRA Investing System is telling us today.May 13, 202416:22VRA Investing Podcast: Dynamic movements of market indexes - Kip Herriage - May 10, 2024In today's episode Kip dives deep into the current financial markets, looking closely at the impressive rally the Dow Jones has been demonstrating with its 8th consecutive winning day, marking this as the best week of 2024 thus far. We'll explore the nuances of market indicators, particularly the overbought readings on stochastics across major indexes and what this means for potential market movements ahead.May 10, 202428:44VRA Investing Podcast: Rate Cuts Are Nearing; Don't Fight the Tape, Don't Fight the Fed - Kip Herriage - May 09, 2024In today's episode, Kip takes a deep dive into the latest from the Federal Reserve an global central banks, and what their actions mean for the stock market going forward. He also covers another strong day of action for our markets as our major indexes look to be on the verge of a big move higher. Tune into today's podcast to see what the VRA Investing System is telling us looking forward.May 09, 202432:36VRA Investing Podcast: Insights From Today's Market, Key Sectors To Watch - Tyler Herriage - May 07, 2024In today's episode, Tyler dissects the market's mixed action on the day, highlighting the key indicators that tell us stocks want to head higher. He also discusses sentiment indicators, Fed Actions, and the historical data suggesting a continuation of the current bull market. Tune into today's podcast to see why the VRA Investing System is saying this is an opportune time for investors.May 07, 202418:08VRA Investing Podcast: Rising Wages, Falling Rates, and Future of The US Economy - Kip Herriage - May 06, 2024In today's episode, Kip covers the VRA base case for a generational bull market which remains fully intact. Kip also takes a deep dive into the bustling activity in the mergers and acquisitions market, and what financial engineering really looks like. Get ready to challenge the gloom and doom propagated by the permabears.May 06, 202435:10VRA Investing Podcast: Goldilocks April Jobs Report, Market Gains, and Financial Engineering - Tyler Herriage - May 03, 2024In today's episode, Tyler recaps an exciting week of market action. Whether it was earnings, the FOMC meeting, or today's jobs report, nothing seemed to be able to stop our major indices from going higher. Join us as we break down what we saw this week from our markets and, more importantly, what the VRA Investing System is telling us going forward.May 03, 202422:13VRA Investing Podcast: Our Bullish Case is Unchanged. Pounding the Table On The Innovation Revolution - Kip Herriage - May 02, 2024In today's episode, Kip dives into the current innovation revolution, the seismic shifts happening in the tech industry, and their impact on the economy. He also covers the implications of J Powell's FOMC press conference yesterday, alongside a look at Apple's earnings today and their massive $110 billion share buyback program.May 02, 202433:32VRA Investing Podcast: Understanding Today's Fed Meeting, Growth, Inflation, and the Fed's Policies - Kip Herriage - May 01, 2024In today's episode, Kip dives into the aftermath of today's Federal Reserve meeting, critically analyzing Fed Chair Jerome Powell's performance and the central bank's ongoing policy decisions. He also explains why the soundness of the U.S. economy and the pioneering forces of the fourth industrial revolution suggest optimistic prospects for growth and investment opportunities.May 01, 202421:21VRA Investing Podcast: Breaking Down The Dip On A "Turnaround Tuesday" - Tyler Herriage - April 30, 2024In today's episode, Tyler unpacks a tough "Turnaround Tuesday" for our major indexes, as our markets seemed to hesitate ahead of tomorrow's FOMC press conference. He also covers the latest earnings reports from companies like Amazon, 3M, and AMD. Tune into today's podcast to see what the VRA Investing System is telling us from today's marketaction.Apr 30, 202422:12VRA Investing Podcast: Stellar Market Rally to Kick Off an Eventful Week - Tyler Herriage - April 29, 2024In today's episode, Tyler recaps exactly why today's stock market rally is important, and gives a preview of upcoming events this week, including earnings reports from the tech giants (Amazon, Apple, and AMD), J Powell's FOMC Press Conference Wednesday, and April's jobs report on Friday. Tune into today's podcast to see what the VRA Investing System is telling us to start the week.Apr 29, 202420:13VRA Investing Podcast: The Roaring 2020's Meets The 4th Industrial Revolution - Kip Herriage - April 26, 2024In today's episode, Kip covers the market's strong finish to the week, once again, led by the semiconductors.He also zeros in on the anticipated trading of Bitcoin ETFs in Hong Kong, which could attract significant investor attention from mainland China. As we see it, the stage has been set for the next great economic boom.Apr 26, 202429:46VRA Investing Podcast: Market Resilience in the Face of Economic Headwinds - Tyler Herriage - April 25, 2024In today's episode, Tyler dives into the rollercoaster ride of today's stock market action as we got back weaker-than-expected economic data this morning. Despite the initialreaction our major indexes fought back to finish off of their lows of the day with notable outperformance from the semiconductor sector. Tune into today's podcastto learn more!Apr 25, 202424:30VRA Investing Podcast: The Innovation Revolution and Its Extraordinary Economic Implications - Kip Herriage - April 24, 2024In today's episode, Kip breaks down the latest Q1 earnings reports, highlighting Tesla's monumental strides in the auto and tech industry. He also covers an exciting new development in cryptocurrency, including the tokenization of real estate assets. Tune into another excitingepisode of the VRA Investing PodcastApr 24, 202432:39VRA Investing Podcast: Navigating Market Pullbacks with Optimism, Why Dips Are Buying Opportunities - Tyler Herriage - April 19, 2024In today's episode, Tyler covers the tech sell-off that took drove our major indexes to finish lower for the week. Despite the recent weakness, the VRA remains bullish over the medium/long-term, and now that bullish sentimenthas been sucked out of the room we will be looking for buying opportunities. He also highlights the Bitcoin halving event this weekend, and what it will mean for crypto going forward.Apr 19, 202420:22VRA Investing Podcast: Looking For The Turn, Insights for Bullish Investors - Kip Herriage - April 18, 2024In today's episode, Kip covers the recent market pullback and the signs to look for to mark the end of the pullback. As we see it, we are on the edge of a significant market opportunity. He also discusses the latest in the commodity landscape including copper's crucial role in the innovation revolution.Apr 18, 202431:56VRA Investing Podcast: Market Volatility, Visionary Technologies, and Contrarian Views - Tyler Herriage - April 17, 2024In today's episode, Tyler covers various topics, from the innovation revolution to the recent moves in the bond market. Despite our major indexes finishing lower across the board we continue to look for buying opportunities in this market pullback. Tyler wraps the podcast with the latest commodities market action, highlighting gold mining stocks' outperformance today.Apr 17, 202423:44VRA Investing Podcast: Interest Rates, Inflation, and Investing in an Uncertain Climate - Kip Herriage - April 16, 2024In today's episode,Kip dives into a wide range of topics, from the current market's health to upcoming tech giant earnings like Tesla, Meta, and Google. Despite global tensions, Kip brings to light the underlying economic strength and financial stability of major companies. Tune into today's podcast to see what the VRA Investing System is telling us looking forward.Apr 16, 202434:06VRA Investing Podcast: Analyzing The Pullback, Bullish Trends, and Q1 Earnings Preview - Tyler Herriage - April 15, 2024In today's episode, Tyler breaks down the market's poor performance to start the week. Pointing out that despite today's setback our major indexes remain just a few percentage points away from their ATHs, and we continue to see bullish signals underneath the hood of this market.Apr 15, 202419:33VRA Investing Podcast: Market Reacts to Iran-Israel Tensions. Analyzing The Market Action On The Week - Kip Herriage - April 12, 2024In today’s episode, we’re unpacking a turbulent end to the week with the markets feeling the heat from geopolitical tensions, as an anticipated attack from Iran on Israel stirred uncertainty. Despite earnings kicks from JP Morgan and Citi, with the former banking giant unexpectedly sliding by 6.5%, the market struggled across the board. The tech-heavy Nasdaq and other indexes flinched as well, but we look forward to Q1 Earnings season.Apr 12, 202411:19VRA Investing Podcast: Dissecting Market Triumphs Amid Inflation Reports - Kip Herriage - April 11, 2024In today's episode, Kip Herriage is back from his trip to Las Vegas, kicking off the show with insights into the buzz about Las Vegas's booming economy. Kip also sets the stage for a discussion on the Federal Reserve's monetary policy and the tricky issue of interest rates – do they need a cut rates, or is the 'higher for longer' reality setting in?Apr 11, 202414:29VRA Investing Podcast: Navigating Inflation's Rough Waters and Looking Beyond Day-to-Day Action - Tyler Herriage - April 10, 2024In today's episode, we will unpack the market's reaction to the latest look at inflation data and what it indicates about the resilience of the markets. Tyler dives into the rise in Consumer Price Index (CPI) figures, ‘bidenomics’, and some surprising commentary from the President on interest rates. Finally, learn how to protectyourself in case inflation remains "higher for longer".Apr 10, 202422:07VRA Investing Podcast: Market Internals Remain Strong Despite Inflation Uncertainty - Tyler Herriage - April 9, 2024In today's episode, we dive into the market's cautious stance ahead of the latest look at inflation with tomorrow's CPI data.Tyler highlights the positive internal market metrics juxtaposed against mixed external signs and notes the standout performance of small caps and tech sectors.Apr 09, 202415:59
VRA Investing Podcast: Market Rotation And What It Means For Investors - Tyler Herriage - June 20, 2024 by Vertical Research Advisory (2024)
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