The Loot Farms In Star Citizen Nobody Talks About (2023)


Lost all your cash? New to the game? Don't buy anything, head to these loot farms first!

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And Star Citizen most game packages only give you a thousand dollars starting money with an extra five thousand bucks.

If you use my referral code when you buy the game code, star p7mnk43k, but with guns costing a few thousand dollars an under suit and some armor costing a few thousand more, you really only can afford one gear set when you start out and if you're still new in learning the game dying and losing that kit is probably inevitable and you can make it a lot harder to advance and make more money in game.

I'm going to teach you a trick on how to loot an infinite amount of rare guns, armor, meds and tools without ever needing to fire a gun yourself guaranteed a trick that every Star, Citizen Pro knows but rarely shares with others and you're going to find out.

Why soon my name's dead leader- and this is how you farm easy loot in Star Citizen.

It's free real estate, [Music] all right! So today, I'm going to show you how to farm loose insta citizen.

Now you don't need to be taking a guide park with you wherever you go, but we will be walking away with a lot of loose.

Let's just say that, so, if you're in something that has you know one or two seus of cargo space, that's not going to do any good.

You need something a little bit more.

No, this big necessarily, but you know bigger than a fighter or something um, and something also that can make it across the verse.

Well, as a cootie, uh drive, that's powerful enough to get you sort of all the way around, because we're going to be going from Crusader, where we are at the moment to to Area 18 and then to Microtech.

Finally, and I like to do it with the character, because the amount of gear and guns you can get is always good stock out the armory on the lower level of this thing, pretty when it's all full of guns, you can see the first stop where we're going to is Bountiful Harvest hydroponics on DeMar.

So essentially, this is a loot Farm, because, literally all this free loot is at farms on different planets, it is 100, unprotected loot.

You don't need a weapon to get any of this uh.

You probably probably need like a uh something, so you can breathe in the atmosphere, but these places don't have any NPCs there's no one to kill, except for the fact that they aren't Armistice Stones.

So if there's another player here or someone that can come up and they could kill you, so no you know I I, don't other really locking the ship or anything when I'm doing this I, usually don't ever come across someone, and if you do, you can see them on your radar.

It's very rare I usually see someone else in there.

It depends how popular this video is in it there's a lot of views on this, then maybe there might be some people there's you want to go to this place here.

These Farms, they always look like this sort of Orange Building and you just want to head inside up here, is going to be four rooms that you can go through to look for red crates and green crates and the like and they'll be in different spots, sometimes but usually it'll, be about if you're lucky you get like five red crates that runs like this, so we've got one here.

Oh look at that.

There's four guns immediately, maybe another one [Music] there's another two guns, not for saying three guns: the memo in an undersuit so like starting money, you get in the game that would probably cost more than the starting money.

You'd already be getting so we're already in profit.

Here you go this one's called the health stuff.

You might need and just go check behind this room here.

There's another one yeah another two guns [Music]: there used to be some wine on top of that um deposit machine but and I think they stopped doing that uh yeah here, there's will be one here, sometimes, but often there's, not anything that goes uh with two guns and I always check behind that I think there used to be one, but now I I always check out of uh Instinct, and in here there's, usually it's usually one down by the door to the left.

When we come in or to the right just the machine, there could be one sometimes, but there's nothing here this time, all right.

So that's the first one on DeMar foreign [Music].

We could just literally move all and it's on the [ __ ] all right.

It's the next one yeah that Family Farms, Sun, seven I, believe let's come down now, and so, when you do this I like to there's about four of these Farms um and when you go around and kind of do these and collect them all up, sometimes by the time you've done it, they could have potentially respawned in again.

So you could do the entire loop again, if sort of take your time or you could always uh- serve a hop and log off and log back on and try on another server and see if they've got um fresh loot in those ones a little bit alone there.

You go tags course sniper rifle sniper rifles, health back in the ship.

A lot of people will tell you that best way to get other guns and stuff in this game is to go to bunkers and do bunkers.

But if you can't do bunkers you're going to need guns and armor and stuff and the starting amount of money you're having this game, usually you'd spend all that money with, like your first kid.

So having like, if you kind of lose all your gear and you're kind of feeling, disheartened, you don't have any money.

If you just do one of these runs, you can always get enough stuff just to go and go back in and get your stuff back or go.

Get more stuff from bunkers like the majority of ways out there to get loot in this game are all about um.

You know just to do that, so this one's right here, uh the Hydroponics place.

This actually is one that says it's a farm but doesn't isn't a farm, it's a different type of one.

It doesn't have any of the guns and loot and stuff.

So you can see that one, it's the wrong one, but it's it's a good opportunity here to to stop off pick up some extra food and stuff in the white crates and also, if you're, flying a Carrick to park, eat Pisces and a Nursery Glen farms and area teens we're gonna head over there.

Now this is actually the first one where I first discovered these weapons in here I was like what.

Why is? Why are they just screwed up weapons and good stuff in these ones? It's over here when I figure them out and I realized that most Pilots have a Farm location on them, and so I looked into it more and realized.

They were all the same building.

They all just had free freaking, looting them.

Thank you Google.

It must attack those bunch of Health, get up on your health, get a bunch of guns.

Shark eating a Carrick at this point, I'm getting cocky I wanted to do the 890 jump, Mission uh to get some of my Stitcher armor, which that's what I like to use the my Dead But Me Is Dead lead it's my favorite stuff, then I realize I'm flying the Carrick solo, so I don't have any final control weapons, but that's not an issue for good old buddy, your pound! Then later you just find a couple players- and you know some Chef, just to kind of get me off.

The radar for a second I'm, just gonna go upstairs and jump on.

The gun scene should be able to take him relatively easily.

[Music] and I've got enough shield on this thing.

The energy weapons thing getting in here, foreign actually, but if you want to see how to do this, one I've got another video on it.

But this there's only six hostels here at the moment, um where there was like 15 I think previously, but check out my video here.

It will show you how to Let's Farm this mission, because I had a little problem here, where [Music].

For some reason, the med gummy trying to pick up things that just crashed the game so um at this point, I'd lost the Carrick filled with all the loot, I got and I was pretty annoyed because that run was pretty uh.

Pretty fruitful for the video, but I decided to keep going on.

I went back to try and find if the Carrick was there, you know the peasant or that, but I think I got it to a different Shard.

So it wasn't there and I think uh.

Someone else would have had a good payday if they came across it uh and he's the last place.

Uh on Microtech, Buzz growery find this one, and it is the last one out of these uh Farms um has the same sort of layout and weapons uh, you could say: I got the Scorpions the same paint, regular paint as the the Carrick.

So it's essentially the same shape, not exactly the same amount of cargo space, but actually the Scorpius has to look surprisingly good cargo.

It's total storage um here it's on each side and this really good gun rack that comes out in the center recommend it foreign tips for the best way to farm Loot and for the best start in 318 or if any, wipe really like running to all these places to clear out those red boxes are gonna, get kill, Arsenal just filled to the brim with gear.

So once again my name's dead leader I'll, see you at in the verse [Music] your ass just filled to the brim, Bass it's cold and it's lonely, but you don't need to be with dead leader, merchandise, merchandising with deadly to merch.

You can represent Star Citizen without looking like a dog merchandising.

Everyone will think it's for some sick band and if they ask what dead leader is, you can just say you probably wouldn't know him and they'll think you're, sick, merchandising, so grab your dead leader merge today and support your favorite content.

Creator me dead leader, merchandising foreign [Music].


What is the best backpack for looting Star Citizen? ›

Stop lugging all your loot by hand. The Sinkhole backpack gives you plenty of space to store everything you need, while leaving your hands free for whatever mischief you have in mind.

Where is the best place to loot armor in Star Citizen? ›

Bunkers and outposts are great locations that have lootable boxes containing many items from sustenance to weapons and armor. Players can travel to these locations freely and loot the items inside.

What is the biggest backpack in Star Citizen? ›

The Pembroke Backpack is a heavy backpack manufactured by Caldera.

Where is the best place to hand mine in Star Citizen? ›

The best place for mining with a Spaceship is the huge Aaron Halo asteroid belt. You will find short ways with Clio from microTech. Routes for average distances are Cellin, Daymar (from Port Olisar), Aberdeen, Arial (from Lorville, Hurston) and Lyria & Wala (from Area18, ArcCorp).

Where to buy the best ships in Star Citizen? ›

Head over to the RSI pledge store found on the Star Citizen website and browse the almost endless list of ships available. It's likely players are already familiar with this site as this is where they will have purchased a starter bundle to begin playing Star Citizen.

What is the best cold armor in Star Citizen? ›

The Novikov Armor is a heavy armor manufactured by Caldera, it allows survival in extreme cold conditions up to -225°C in combination with the Novikov Helmet.

What is the most profitable activity in Star Citizen? ›

Cargo hauling, although not a main mission through the contract manager, is one of the best ways to make money in Star Citizen.

What happens when you spend $1000 on Star Citizen? ›

The Concierge (also known as the Chairman's Club) status is assigned to backers with purchases equal to or exceeds $1,000 USD. The primary benefit of this status is to be assigned a personal concierge within the RSI staff to answer your questions, requests, and answer to your needs.

What is the most spent in Star Citizen? ›

In an interview with Bored Gamer, a player revealed that they have spent a whopping $100,000 on Star Citizen's development. JP started supporting the project four years ago, with a donation of $5,100.

What is the most luxury ship in Star Citizen? ›

The 890 Jump is easily one of the most recognizable ships in the Star Citizen franchise. This beautiful space-faring super yacht is the most expensive ship in the game at 32,294,500 aUEC.

What is the smallest ship in Star Citizen? ›

What's the smallest ship the Fury can fit in easily? The smallest ship we intended for the Fury to fit inside is the Drake Cutlass Black, though the Consolidated Outland Nomad can also fit one in its rear cargo bay.

What is the biggest gunship in Star Citizen? ›

The Redeemer FROM

Designed by Star Citizen's backers, the Aegis Redeemer is a powerful fighting ship capable of holding its own in combat with a powerful weapons payload.

Is Looting 1 worth it? ›

Looting is an excellent enchantment that can only be applied to swords. Essentially, it causes mobs to drop more items and increase the chances of dropping rarer items. For example, if players kill wither skeletons with the enchanted sword, they will have a higher chance of dropping a wither skull, which is quite rare.

Is Looting 3 worth it? ›

Looting III is a great Minecraft enchantment to have on any sword as it allows players to collect so much more from the mobs that they are killing. Not only does this enchantment improve the possibility of a player getting loot from a mob, but it also increases the amount of loot that the player can collect.

Does looting 3 give more loot? ›

Does Looting 3 give more loot? The increase in loot drops varies by the enchantment level you have used. For each level, the drops are increased by one percentage point. For example, level III looting enchantment in Minecraft will give a 3% boost to your drop rate.

What is the hottest place in Star Citizen? ›

Venus (Sol II) is the hottest planet in the Sol System, with an atmosphere is almost entirely composed of carbon dioxide.

Where is the most quantanium in Star Citizen? ›

You can find Quantanium on ArcCorp's nearest moon, Lyria. The rock clusters on this moon are filled with Quantanium. By the way, the best way to mine Quantanium is with Aaron's Halo. You can also find Quantanium on two MicroTech moons, including: Clio and Euterpe, but you can also find it elsewhere.

What is the best first mining ship in Star Citizen? ›

The Prospector has long been the preferred ship for solo miners and surveyors throughout the universe.

What is the best all round solo ship in Star Citizen? ›

You have to do it when creating your account for the first time.
  1. Aegis Avenger Titan (Best Overall) ...
  2. RSI Aurora (Best Budget) ...
  3. Anvil C8X Pisces Expedition (Best Runabout) ...
  4. Drake Cutter (Best Utility and Best Value for Money) ...
  5. Mustang Alpha. ...
  6. Origin 300i. ...
  7. Origin 100i. ...
  8. Consolidated Outland Nomad.

Can you permanently buy ships in Star Citizen? ›

Ships in Star Citizen may be purchased either with real cash, or in-game currency (aUEC). Ships purchased with cash are called "Pledges" and are permanently attached to your Star Citizen account.

What is the best manufacturer in Star Citizen? ›

Perhaps the best spaceship manufacturer in Star Citizen is Aegis Dynamics. They build everything from civilian to military craft. From little Avenger Stalkers to the biggest ship in the game the Javelin they do it all. This company is also known for sleek bombers like the Sabre Comet and the haunting Eclipse.

Do coolers do anything in Star Citizen? ›

Coolers. Coolers are a necessary piece of equipment used on all Ships in the Star Citizen Universe. Their purpose is to keep the Quantum Drives from overheating during intermediate and long distance use.

How much money has Star Citizen cost so far? ›

Star Citizen has now surpassed the $550 million mark, and its development is still far from over. Star Citizen now has more than 4.4 million registered users, or “citizens”. At the moment of writing, CIG reached $551,648,369 in crowdfunding (via the game's official website).

What are the best drugs to sell in Star Citizen? ›

Drug Trade Routes on Star Citizen

Among these drugs, Altruciatoxin, SLAM, Neon and Widow are the most interesting with which certain trade routes can be chosen to guarantee even more profitability. However, to save time as well as money, short routes should be chosen.

What does 30k mean in Star Citizen? ›

Code 30000 is our general timeout message. This appears when the player loses connection to the game server (server crash) or times out connecting but remains connected to the hub server.

Does Star Citizen wipe your money? ›

Ships, vehicles, equipment (armor, personal weapons, etc.) will be lost, with the exception of the items in your personal hangar. Those items will be placed in local inventory at your primary residence. If you paid real money for it, it will not be lost in a wipe!

Is Star Citizen the most expensive game ever made? ›

1 Star Citizen - $415m+

Following several hugely successful crowdfunding campaigns, developer Cloud Imperium Games was able to raise more than $300m for the production of Star Citizen.

What is the most profitable mineral in Star Citizen? ›

A tutorial series for mining in Star Citizen presented by RedMonsterSC. Episode 8 provides a detailed guide to Mining Quantainium Ore, the most profitable and most difficult ore in the verse.

How did Star Citizen get so much money? ›

Crowdfunding. The developers of Star Citizen began crowdfunding in 2012, on their own website and Kickstarter. Funding quickly surpassed initial target goals and subsequently additional stretch goals have been added to the funding campaign, most promising more or expanded content at release.

Which pack is best for Star Citizen? ›

The Avenger Titan is an exceptionally versatile ship, and wins my vote for the best starter ship in Star Citizen. The ship + game package itself is just $70 USD, but it is extremely useful if you're willing to spend the money. It's solid for early ship combat. It can handle light cargo work and has plenty of storage.

Can looting bag only be used in wilderness? ›

The looting bag can hold up to 28 items (or stacks for items like bolts). The items can only be put in while in the Wilderness; if players try to put items in outside of the Wilderness, they will get the message: "You can't put items in the bag unless you're in the Wilderness".

How many looting bags can you have? ›

A looting bag is a storage item that can hold up to 28 stacks of any item. Only one looting bag can be in a player's possession at a time.

What are the different types of loot bag? ›

20 active loot bag ideas
  • A hula hoop. Whether it's for spinning, using as a target, or for countless other games (in fact, here are 7 things you can do with a hula hoop), this is one super-versatile toy.
  • A ball. ...
  • A box of sidewalk chalk. ...
  • A frisbee. ...
  • A shovel and pail. ...
  • A yo-yo. ...
  • A skipping rope. ...
  • Bubble juice & wand.
Sep 3, 2021

What is the best solo mining ship in Star Citizen? ›

The Prospector has long been the preferred ship for solo miners and surveyors throughout the universe. Featuring MISC's sleek design sensibility, a bevy of high-tech mining tools, and dedicated storage pods for extracted resources, this utilitarian powerhouse perfectly balances form and functionality.

What is the most expensive DLC for Star Citizen? ›

Players can now purchase a Star Citizen DLC Pack that costs $27,000. Per MMOPulse, The Legatus Pack comes with a total of 117 ships, which is nearly every spacecraft in the game. Also included are 163 extra items, including various skins, in-game posters, service equipment, and fuel pods.

Can you loot a bag in safe zone? ›

Safe zones will actually prevent players from drawing weapons while inside its borders. Players are also prevented from looting bodies that aren't their own or taking others' items.

How many items in a loot bag? ›

HOW MANY THINGS SHOULD YOU PUT IN A LOOT BAG? There are no set rules on how many items to put in a kids' party loot bag. I tend to put three to five fillers into a party loot bag, with one 'star' filler plus supplementary fillers, like sweets/candy, a sticker sheet or a temporary tattoo.

Is looting 1 worth it? ›

Looting is an excellent enchantment that can only be applied to swords. Essentially, it causes mobs to drop more items and increase the chances of dropping rarer items. For example, if players kill wither skeletons with the enchanted sword, they will have a higher chance of dropping a wither skull, which is quite rare.

Is looting 3 worth it? ›

Looting III is a great Minecraft enchantment to have on any sword as it allows players to collect so much more from the mobs that they are killing. Not only does this enchantment improve the possibility of a player getting loot from a mob, but it also increases the amount of loot that the player can collect.

Is looting 3 possible? ›

The maximum level for the Looting enchantment is Level 3. This means that you can enchant a sword with up to Looting III. The higher the level, the more powerful the enchantment.

What age do you stop loot bags? ›

The answer may vary, but as a general rule of thumb, you should probably stop once your guests are in secondary school. Of course, there are always exceptions - if your child's birthday party is being attended by a large number of adults, for example, you may want to continue handing out goody bags.

Do loot bags disappear? ›

Loot bags despawn after 20 minutes. They can also take damage and get destroyed.

What is a war bag called? ›

variants or war sack. : a gunny sack, duffle bag, or other container in which a cowboy keeps his personal possessions.

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