St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri (2024)

TO FIND TENANTS FOR YOUR Count seven average words a line. No ad accepted for less than the price of two lines. line. ALL CLASSIFICATIONS Except the following: Situations Wanted, 3 lines or less.100 (Each additional line, 5c.) Rooms for Rent, City; Rooms With Board. City Household Servants (female) Wanted Loans on Personal Property Clairvoyants, Magnetic Healing.

Spiritualism, Personal, Personal Sundriea, Matrimonial, Employment Agencies 15c Business Ads in Personal or Matrimonial and Room and Board, Agencies 25 Obituaries. Carda of Thanks, Birth and Lodge Notices, Engagements, Marriages, Death Notices, each $1.00 YOUR DRUGGIST OUR WANT AD AGENT. (36) WANT AD RATES. COST PER LINE. Thos.

O'Neill. 52. 5075 Wells; tuberculosis. Emma Voigt, 44. 1610 Ann: cirrhosis.

Christopher Schultz, 81, 29044 St. Vincent; senility. Lillie Gerhang. 68, 3915 N. 25th: cirrhosis.

Francis O. Whitteker, 66. 2128 Biddle: paraly- MARRIAGE LICENSES. Samuel Kohn st Eva Silverberg ..2817 Gamble st George H. Osborn ..6215 Barton st Margaret Burns .5746 Mafflit av Richard Borner Tenn Mrs.

Katherine Curly 1910 Dodier st Nick Schroeder .1853 S. 10th st Mrs. Nellie Hebbeler ..1103 Palm st F. Henry Wolf 2816 N. 23d st Jennie M.

Beardsley .2247 St. Louis st Albert D. Baker .4026 Page bi Amelia Langenhagen .757 Aubert av John E. Merers Linde'l av Helen M. Chase ..3522 Lindell av William Middleton .1904 Franklin aV Mrs.

Sarah Wolfe ..2832 Locust st Albert Ellis .1904 Chestnut st Lizzie Johnson .2104 Chestnut st Henry F. Hahn ...2784 Tamm av Alice W. Muttson .2717 Cass av Richard Harrison .1913 Sidney st Margaret Doll ...3702 Missouri av Frank Gibson 4800 N. Broad way Mellissa Meyer 4800 Broadway Otto Schmock 1806 Pestalozzi Fred B. Meyer .604 Dorcas st John Bolton ..1200 S.

King's Highway Lena Spotts 1609 Wash st John McGee Thomson Harvel, Ill Flossie L. 111 William Faver .2823 Cherokee st Theresa Gutman 2736 S. Broadway Robert E. Politte 1430 N. 12th st Ida Belke ..1430 N.

12th st Fred Ernestine Gerling Wiese Jr. Spanish Black Lake, Jack, Mo Frederick H. Baute 1108 Carm'l st Corlena A. Johannes 1619 Texas Ar Stephen Chaubet Jr. Prairie du Rocher, 111 Flora A.

Donahue .1605 Knapp st Joseph Schaner Jr. ...4217 P'easant st Amalie Harsch ..1307 Howard st William T. Deare 1631 Wash st Bertha Weihe 3850 Cleveland av fitt Lewis ...1222 Pine st Mrs. N. A.

Gorman .1222 Pine st John Shannon .2103 Franklin av Perlie Taylor ..2103 Franklin aV Price Kirk .2223 Scott av Mrs. Addie ..506 S. 22d st Jacob Beishir .3437 La Sa'le st Dora Dering .6607 S. Broadway Francisco Cheathen .1023 Clark av Rose Strothra .2316 Clark av Albert Rueh .230 S. Vermont av Julia Moseley ...4924 Page bl William Malone 10th st Ada Jones ..806 N.

st Emil Weimact .8639 Kate Straub .8639 S. Broadway Frank R. Merz I'1 Emma Huebnar ..3848 Windsor pi William J. F. Flothmann .3847 Missouri av Minnie Boye .2241 Montgomery st Jesse Geter .1831 0'Fallon st Bertha Shore ..1624 N.

Broadway Edwin 0. Schuricht .2351 S. 13th st Alma Kalbfleisch Shenandoah st Clayton F. Williams Island, Ill Laura M. Ill James Lamb Warden, Ill Mrs.

Allie Lyles ..1404 N. 17th st Albert J. .1325 St. Ange AV Alma Schroeder .2519 Glasgow av Arthur J. Mittler.

.5900 Cote Brilliante av Nellie F. Polston. 1483 Stewart pl Thomas Russell .5131 Benedict av Mary Turner ..6223 Spencer pl Elmer Brown 111 Bertha Shockley Alton, Ill Keenes, Ill Florina P. Ill Wedding Rings, $3.00 to $20.00. Finest quality, solid 18k gold.


Louts; boy. Reiss, St. Louts: boy. Cohn. 1023 Carr; boy.

Smith. St. Louis: boy. Hassen. St.

Louis: boy. Heuer. 3443 Itaska: boy. Becker. 812 Geyer; boy.

Bell, 1925 Morgan: boy. Schneller. 3924 Vest: boy. Alton, 1720 Webster: hoy. Bernard.

1200 Soulard: boy. Hof. 1455 S. 2d: bor. Kleinman, 1519 Carr; bor.

Ewing. 4275 Labadie: boy. Boettger. 2840 Missouri; boy. Gannon.

353 Chouteau: boy. Wa'kenhorst. St. Louis; boy. Johnson.

209 S. 2d: boy. Schwartz. 1312 N. 9th: bor.

Maeder, 3728 Florissant: boy. 4112 N. 11th: boy. Commerfruit, 926 Brooklyn: boy. Rowbottom, 117 Lafayette: boy.

Hahn, 2128 S. 3d: twins, boys. Geib. 822 Ann: girl. Orth.

8223 Iowa: girl. Baker. 1338 Bell: girl. Hull. 4225 Maffitt: girl.

Fisher, 2404 Bacon: girl, Taylor, St. Louts: girl. Thomas. 807 Allen: girl, Kane. 3642 Easton: girl.

Hause. 1226 Sidney: girl. Peters. 3217 Laclede: girl. Klein.

3031 N. 9th: girl. ording. 1706 S. 3d: girl.

Berdel, 4121 Donovan; girl. Brooker. 4431 Cottage: girl. Kernebeck. St.

Louis: girl. Smith, 1015 S. 12th: girl. Schweigler, 217 Spruce; girl. Sessmann.

3819 Labadie: girl. Vollmer. 4041 N. 9th: girl. Farri'1.

2963 Manchester: girl. Harrison. 1811 Glasgow: Ullrich. 1064 N. Newstead: girl.

Hartmann, 2725 S. 7th: girl. Lost and Found J. and F. and and A.

R. and F. C. 0. and E.

and C. and L. and E. and D. and L.

St. and A. M. and M. A.

and A. and W. and T. and M. W.

and R. and A. W. and E. and A.

and E. W. and S. J. and H.

4 and and and and M. L. A. and M. and E.

HURL and and and and and M. M. M. M. and M.

and and E. and E. and S. and V. and L.

and and M. and K. A. and B. LOST.

BROOCH -Lost, brooch, small diamond, surrounded with pearls, Choutean or Grand cars, Taylor or Magnolia avs. Please return 44564 Rutger and receive reward. CANARIES- Lost, 4 canaries, from 1020 HamIlton. Liberal reward for their return. DOG- Lost, Airdale terrier dog, aged months; owner's name 011 collar.

Return to Clarkson Potter, 5814 Cabanne. PAPERS Lost, package of railroad papers. Finder will please leave with bill lading clerk Chicago Alton Railroad, Carleton or telephone Bridge 1440. PASSBOOK- Lost. Missouri- Lincoln Trust Co.

book No. 26.126. Return to 4345 Delmar, PIN- Lost, gold pin, set with diamond. Finder can get reward. 4328 Washington.

PIN- -Lost. star shaped pin. diamond center. surrounded 10 pearls; reward. Return to 2141 Lafayette av.

POCKETBOOKS -Lost. two gold chain pocketbooks, between Newstead and 6th, oIl Washington or Locust. Return Mi McLeod. 5267 Washington, receive reward. PURSE Lost.

purse and hat, on steps of 1825 Wash Sunday morning: no questions asked: liberal reward. 1825 Wash. (5) PURSE -Lost, at Oakes' candy store, Tuesday morning, brown leather purse wrapped 10 paper. Reward if returned to 4553 WashIngton bi. Phone Forest 3452.

RING- Lost. set and band ring. Miss Emma Gasz, 2403 De Kalb; reward. RINGS Lost, diamond rings, Tuesday. between 12 and 1.

01 Lawton av. Return to Judge Cronin, 2818 Lawton av. RING- Lost. 8 lady's 2-stone diamond ring. near corner of 8th and Chestnut a very substantial reward will be paid for return of same to Albert G.

Blanke, 803 Chestnut. SCARFPIN- Lost. old-fashioned scarfpin, set with pearl. probably on Meramec Highlands car; is heirloom: reward. Ad.

180, WATCH FOR- Lost. Sept. 8, silk watch fob ou 10th between Pine and Olive. Return 3100 Lawton and receive liberal reward. FOUND.

MERCHANDISE -Found. case of merchandise. Main and Cass av. Call at 2019 Palm. August Zulbauer.

and 8 at Windsor pi. PONY- -Found, pony broncho. Call between St. Louis has more Post-Dispatch readers every day than It has homes. POST-DISPATCH, ST.

LOUIS' BEST HOUSE AND HOME SITUATIONS WANTED -FEMALE. LAUNDRESS -Colored laundress wants small bundles to take home, Cottage. OZ will KO out by the day. 4220A Scott. LAUNDRESS Work by experienced white laundress the first of week: can 165.

Post-Dispatch. give references. Ad. LAUNDRESS -Laundress wants work first, second or third day; first-class references: call after 6, 3128 Pine. (5) LAUNDRESS -Wants laundry work first four days.

cooking in family. Call OT write 4239 Cottage LAUNDRESS -Sit. wanted by experienced laundress. bundles to bring home 4 days in week. 4012 Papin.

rear. LAUNDRESS -Sit. wanted by good colored laundress for Monday and Tnesday. 2836 Easton rear. LAUNDRESS -Experienced laundress wants work for Monday and Tuesday.

Call or write 2613 Lucas, 3d floor. LAUNDRESS -First-class laundress wants family washing to bring home; rough dry work. Nettie Stricklin. 617 N. Beaumont.

Phone Bomont 2582. (7) MANICURIST barber Wishes shop. position at once, in Dispatch. Ad. 188, Post(4) NURSE smull Sit.

wanted as nurse by young woman baby. 3934 Forest Park bl. OFFICE GIRL- -Young woman with good education would like a position do clerical work. Ad. 91.

Post-Dispatch. SEAMSTRESS Sit. by first-class dressmaker in families or at home; best Walton av. references; reasonable. 1241A STENOGRAPHER- Experienced stenozrapher and 85.

bill clerk wishes permanent position. Ad. Post-Dispatch. wanted by young lady stenographer. good beginner, willing to work.

Ad. 191, (6) STENOGRAPHER--Young woman destres sit. bookkeeper and stenographer. Ad. 167.

Post-Dispatch. Thoroughly experienced ary. $10 per week. (4) stenographer desires Karmanent, position; salSTENOGRAPHER experienced lady stenographer and office assistant desires permanent position with reliable firm: can furnished best of references. Lindell 4019 STENOGRAPHER- Young lady stenographer, operator, desires permanent position; best references: 3 years' experience.

Ad. 190. Post-Dispatch. (6) WOMAN- Neat co'ored woman with child desires place in small family. 34 S.

Leonard. WOMAN- cleaning. -Good woman would like Saturdays, 2304 Biddle rear. 15) WOMAN- widow. with 3-year-old boy, will work for home in private family.

Ad. 155, Post-Dispatch. WOMAN- by re'lable woman. housecleaning or scrubbing by the day: references. Call or nd.

1229 N. 9th rear. Help Wanted MALE. AXLE TURNERS 2800 De Kalb at. (8) BAKER -Light third hand baker.

Apply 3801 Marine av. BAKER Wtd. -One third hand baker: good DOsition. 3227 Maznolia. BAKER Wed.

-First-class French baker and two second hands. N. G. Antonopoulos, 19 S. 9th st.

44) BARBER Wtd. Young barber. Apply 4115 N. Broadway. BARBER night and Sunday morning: $3 guaranteed.

1927 Penrose. BARBER Young barber. P. Furliman. S.

High Belleville. Ill. (5) BARBER -At once. L. Wyman.

DrOprietor. 1830 State Granite City, Ill. BARBER Wtd. -Good barber, Saturday and Sunday; $5 and 60 per cent over $7.50. 3107 Newstead.

BARBER Wtd. Good barber to rent shop; good location: nearest shop four blocks: good chance for first-class man. 2901 Eads. (7) BARTENDER Wtd. -Must have experience and be able to manage workingmen's hotel.

Ad. 199. Post-Dispatch. (5) BELLBOYS Wtd. -Moser Hotel.

809 Pine st. BELLBOY Wod. -Bellboy at Hotel Barnum, and Washington av. BELLBOY Edison Hotel. 107 N.

18th st. BELLBOYS, Wtd. -Bellboys and elevator boys. Grand Avenue Hotel. Grand and Olive.

BELLBOY WE -Apply Westmoreland Hotel, Taylor and Maryland. BELLBOY Wtd. -An experienced bellboy at Westmoreland Hotel, Taylor and Maryland. (4) BENCH HANDS. bands and framemakers.

Frank Schmidt Planing Mill Iowa and Victor. BENCH HANDS Good bench men for sash and door and fixture factory: good wages. A. Rosenbery. 1501 Marcy Omaha, Neb BOOKKEEPER Real estate office; good penman; state age, experience, salary.

Ad. A 102. Post-Dispatch. (S) BOOKKEEPER Wtd. -Installment business; $100 month salary; $250 cash required.

Ad. 112, Post-Dispatch. (3) BOY 310 Chestnut st. BOYS Wtd. -A.

Moll Grocery Co. BOY once. Apply 412-414 S. 7th st. BOY Wtd.

-Checkroom boy. Laclede Hotel. BOY grocery. 2800 Lucas. BOY -Bright boy to start on small salary; to solicit in the city.

Ad. 181, BOYS Wtd. -Factory work: 15 to 17 years. 112 S. 9th st.

BOYS boys; brass workers. Apply 2507 N. Broadway. BOY Wtd. -To run errands and deliver bundles.

Room 507 Mermod Jaccard Bldg. BOY work in drug store. Apply Grand and Arsenal. BOYS Wtd. -Between 14 and 18.

W. A. Sissol. 314 Pine st. BOY Strong boy to do general work: wood wages.

Union Cap 722 N. 4th. BOYS Wtd. --15 to 16 years. Apply St Louis Cigar Box 1110 N.

Broadway. BOY -Strong boy. Mullanphy Bedding 929 N. 8th rear. BOY Wtd.

-Bright errand boy. Call room 1. 415 Lucas av. BOY boy to work in store. 1111 Frazkliu.

BOY Wtd. To help in restaurant. Apply at 2406 S. Broadway. BOY Wtd.

-Good boy to work in drug store: good chance to learn business. 1600 Franklin. BOY -To learn interior decorating: steady work. 1623 Lafayette. BOY Wtd.

-Boy to errands. National Printing 107-11 Olive st. BOYS To learn trade. Apply Stromberg, Kraus s. e.

corner 13th and Chestnut. BOY Wtd. -To work in drug store. 1100 Hickory st. BOY -Boy at Ernst's drug store, 901 Manchester.

BOYS to 16 years old. to work in factory. Call 2212 De Kalb. (6) BOY position for industrious boy. E.

W. Rose Med. 3032 Olive st. BOY Wtd. -Strong boy.

Apply 4th floor, southwest corner Main and Cedar. BOY De 14 years old. Columbia Box 19th and North Market. (8) BOY -For errands. 204 Missouri Trust Bldg.

EL. A. Schmidt. BOY Wtd. -Strong boy.

18 vears old, as help in tinshop. 1948 Easton aF. BOYS -To learn trade. Apply St. Louis Marble and Tile 12th and Gratiot.

(5) BOY Wtd. -Neat boy for house nore. Japan or colored. 3912 Lindell bl. (4) BOYS Wtd.

-Must De 14 years of age or over. Apply Mo. District Telegraph 412 Pine st. (5) BOY of good appearance tor dinIng room work: must be experienced. Royal Restaurant.

2307 Washington. BOYS -50 pors. Apply bottling departwent." Anheuser Busch. 11th and Pestalozzl, (7) BOYS Wtd. -Two boys.

15 to 18 Fears old. to work in wood working factory. 1317 N. 15th st. (5) BOYS Wtd.

-Intelligent boys between 14 and 15 years, wholesale house. Ad. 156, PostDispatch. (3) BOY Young white boy to run errands: private family: good wages. 306 N.

Euclid, corner Maryland. BOY Wtd. -Strong. active boy to feed job press; 10 experience necessary. 811-813 N.

BOY boy. Black well- Wielandy Book and Stationery 8th and Washington AV. BOYS Wtd. -For wholesale house, several bright boys about 15 sears old; apply in own handwriting. Ad.

164, Post-Dispatch. (3) BOY -Bright office boy over 14 year: of age: must write 8 plain band; good chance advancement. Ad. A 159. Post-Disnatch.

BOYS Wtd. Mo. night District work: salary $20 per -For month. Apply Telegraph 412 Pine st. (5) BOY -To do upfiting in showcase tore: about 13 or 16 years old.

M. A. Helmann. Apply 1310 S. 13th st.

BOYS -Messenger boys; must be 14 years old or over: commission plan. Missouri District Telegraph 214 N. 8th st. (S) BOY about 15, to work La SLOcery: one with experience preferred. 3900 Park aF.

BOY Wtd. -To work in filler room. about 15 or 16 years old. Apply M. A.

Heimann Mfg. 1310 S. 13th st. BOYS Wtd. -Bright young boys for office: large wholesale house: opportunity advancement: state age, schooling, salary expected.

Ad. 188, Post-Dispatch. BOY Wtd. -Must be ambitious and not afraid of work: grammar school education absolutely necessary: must read all sorta Post-Dispatch. of manuscript at sight.


THERE ARE HOMES IN THE HOUSEMAN Hospital, 3415 Delmar bi. HOUSEMAN, and colored waiter. Park Hotel. 6000 Washington. HOUSEMAN rellable houseman.

3620 Washington bi. HOUSEMAN Wtd. -Rellable colored bouseman: one who is experienced in dining room work. Ad. 200.

Post-Dispatch. HOUSEMAN Wtd. white bouseand lodge himself outside: state references man: private family: wages $30: to must board fully. Ad. 46, Post-Dispatch.

(4) KITCHEN MAN Wtd. -An experienced kitchen man. 117 N. 6th at. LABORERS Wtd.

2800 De Kalb st. (8) LABORERS Wtd. Two laborers, immediately. 4948 Easton av. LABORERS AND TEAMS Wtd.

-Mississipni and Park. E. Whalen. (2) LABORER a week; steady job. 512 St.

Charles st. LABORDRS Wtd. --10 laborers, at quarry, 5100 Virginia ar. G. Eyerman Bros.

LA BORERS car department. American Car and Foundry Madison. Ill. (8) LABORERS Wtd. -Colored laborers to shovel dry clay.

American Press Brick 6300 Easton av. LABORERS. Wtd. -Laborers and shor. elers.

$2 per day: long job. Main and St. George. G. Everman Co.

LABORER. -Laborer and team driver. Apply rear 4576 Pine, or 4528 Manchester. LA BORERS Wtd. Colored concrete la borers, on 20th.

between Salisbury and Bremen. Ferguson Bros. 44) LABORERS Wtd. -Common laborers: $2.50 per day: 12th and Branch every Saturday. Buehler-Cooney Const pas.

LABORERS White. Apply Car Wheel Foundry, 2301 Kosciusko street. (8) LABORERS foot of Utah st. (8) LABORERS Union Press Brick Works, Natural Bridge and King's highway. (7) LABORERS Wtd.

-Colored. Apply Foundry American Car Foundry Madison, Ill. (8) LATHE, HAND Wtd. -Good latbe Patent hand on 60- ch 3500 lathe. Kalb.

Apply Medart Pulley De LITHOGRAPHER Wtd. -Practical lithographer with $5000 to take charge of well established and growing plant. in finest residence city in New York State; good 115, salary and splendid opportunity. Ad. Post-Dis.

(1) LUNCHMAN Wtd. -Night work: middle-aged man preferred. Ad. 200. Post-Dispatch.

MACHINE HANDS -class machine Huttig Sash and Door 1206 Old Manchester rd. (6) MACHINISTS Wtd. --Good machine hands. toolmakers. screwmakers and grinders; also blacksmiths and drop forge men; outside city: highest wages and transportation furnished.

Apply C. P. Smith. Merchants' Hotel. 12th and Olive.

MAN in setting up stoves: none other need apply. 710 Franklin. MAN Wtd. Active voung man. deliver milk and care for horses.

4146 Olive. MAN hustler for stock company, to sell shares. 212 Fullerton Bldg. MAN Wtd. -Young man to take and solicit orders in grocery store.

6222 Easton av. MAN truck and fruit farm. 0. W. Killaugh, Wynne, Ark.

(5) MAN sober man 10 work in lunchroom. Voney's, 313 Locust st. MAN To do stable work. R. A.

Heist, 4811 Delmar. (4) MAN -Old man to do repairing in second-hand furniture store. 1722 S. 11th. MAN Wtd.

-Good store man, blacking and set up stoves. 4214 Easton. MAN Wtd. -One man to run shear in scrapiron yard. 1911 S.

Broadway. MAN -Experienced man for ice cream wagon. Larmore. Bowman Carpenter 4047 Cote Brilliante av. MAN Wtd.

-Strong young man for shipping and freight. Missouri Glass 801 Washington av. MAN Wtd. -Experienced colored man for house and dining room work: apply at store. 519 N.

Channing. MAN Young man to help in trunk factory: experience not necessary. Ad. A 95. Post-Dispatch.

reliable man for outside work on new suburban weekly. Barnum, 505 Market st. MAN man to take care of horse and do general work around house. 5948 Garfield. or call 1326 Market.

MAN Intelligent young man. between 18 and 20 years of age; stock dept. wholesale house: apply own handwriting. 82, Post-Dispatch. (6) MAN Wtd.

Young man about 18 vears of age to assist in general office work: must good writer: call. with references and written application, at 413 N. 4th st. MAN Wtd. reliable.

experienced colored man for general work private residence; references required. Apply 3640 West Pine after 7 p. m. MAN AND WIFE Wtd. -Good.

sober. industri0119 man and wife. 10 children. for general farm work: 30 miles from St. Louis: answer once.

99. Post-Dispatch. Wtd. -A good opening for young man well acquainted with physicians and surgeons, dentists and druggists of city and vicinity. Ad.

2. Post-Dispatch. (4) MAN Competent man for general office work and collecting: eplendid opportunity for a clean-cut young man of good address: state age. experience and salary expected. Ad.

A 59. PostMATTRESS MAKER at Obas. Krepel's. Alton. 111.

MEATCUTTER Wtd. --513 S. Ewing. MEATCUTTER Wtd. -Good meateutter.

5004 Page M. Telephone Delmar 677. MECHANIC --A mechanic to operate steam roller for four or five days; must have experience. Ad. 194.

Post Dispatch. (4) MEN Wtd. Apply Mo. District Telegraph Co. 412 Pine st.

(5) MEN Wid. -50 men with hatchets. 2d ani Franklin. Missouri Wrecking Co. (1) MEN wages.

National Lead 10th and Clark. (8) -Good wages. Southern White Lead Works. Main and Lombard. (S) MEN AND TEAMS Vassington.

rear. E. Chriss. MEN -To work in Inmber yard. Mengal Box Folsom and Lawrence.

(8) MEN AND BOY -Mengel Box Folsom and Lawrence. MEN to line freight cars. Apply 2800 De Kalb. (8) MEN -Three men to take orders, coffee, tea. groceries: $15 week.

406 Market, room 10 canvassing. 219 National Adv. Bureau. Chicano. MEN Wtd -To load ice and work on farm at Crete Coeur Lake: good wages: board.

$4 per week: steady employment. Apply Polar Wave ice and Fuel 1326 Guest nut st. (8) MEN Two men for general work in private dairy: one for inside and one for ontside work: also woman for general housework. L. F.

Abbot. 6300 Natural Bridge rd. (4) MEN To handle lumber; steady employment. Apply O'Neil Lumber King's highway and Missouri Pacifie Railroad. (6) 220.


adr. matter. tack signs. MILKER Wtd. -Good milker and to drive team.

2313 Bircher st. MOLDERS Gray fron door men: good wages, steady jobs to reliable men. Call Merchants Hotel. 12th and Olive, room 107. (4) MOLDERS Wtd.

-Nonunion molders for bench. store plate and light door wo. k. Carondelet Foundry King's highway and Accomae st. (61x) OFFICE MAN Wtd.

-Young man for office work. A. Moll Grocer? Co. OFFICE MAN Wtd. -Experienced office man 83 correspondent accounting department wholesale house; own handwriting: state age and experience.

Ad. 158. Post-Dis. 15) PACKERS Experienced queensware packers. Apply 201 Commercial st.

and feed packers. Ad. President Mills. Mount Carmel. (8) PAOKER Wtd.

Experienced grocery and general merchandise packer: mall-order bustness. 1530 Pine st. PAPER HANGER Call 228 N. Taylor. PAPER HANGER- AL experienced paper hanger for day or two.

Call Grand av. 1825 PATTERN MAKER WrO b. er Apnir 2800 De Kalb 13) PATTERN MAKER. Wtd. One firstclass pattern maker and one first-class lathe hand.

Materne Mfg. 18th and Gratiot (4) PHOTOGRAPITER Good operator: work. Call after 6 p. 2247 PONY BOY Wid. Apply Channing and Lo cust st.

PORTER -White Dian to do porter work and cook. 3801 Easton. PORTER porter. L. E.

Green Son. 408 N. Broadway. PORTER Wtd. white man porter in dry goods store.

1216 S. Broadway. CITY. SEPTEMBER THERSDAY. 13.

1900. HELP WANTED--MALE. PORTER porter. Grandville Hotel. 914 Grand.

PORTER Wtd. -First-class colored porter: references required. Apply May. Stern 12th and Olive. PORTER wholesale 5 house: must have good references.

Missouri Glass 801 Washington av. PORTER Wtd. -Colored porter: must have good references. Apply at Wagoner Electric 2017 Locust between 7:15 and 7:45 a. m.

Friday, PORTERS -Must have A1 references. Apply L. Steyermark, GLOBE, 7th and Franklin. ing Springs, Ill. (S) RIVETERS Wtd.

-Apply Car Department, American Car Foundry Madison, Ill. (8) 004 PRESSERS Wtd. -Two good men. one ou coats. one to top pants; steady work: good pay.

Schuck Pressing Club, Boyle and Olive. PRESSERS. Wtd. -Pressers and operators on costs: steady work: good pay. Milla A verill Tailoring Broadway and Pine.

(4) PRESSFEEDER Job pressfeeder. Buxton Skinner Stationery Co. (8) PRESSFEEDERS Wtd. -Job presstedders. 11 8.

Second. (5) PRESSFEEDERS -Lithograph pressfeeders to work in an open shop. Greeley Printery, 15th and Pine. (5) PRESS FEEDER Job press feeder: steady position. Apply J.

A. Carroll, Simmons Hardware 9th and Spruce sts. (6) QUARRYMEN AND LABORERS 22d and Angelica. Bambrick Con. Co.

QUARRYMEN, Wtd. Quarrymen and laborers; steady work. Stolle's quarry, Fall- SANDER Wtd. -Man run an arm sander. Greenwood Planing "Aria.

3516 Greenwood Maplewood. SEAMER On lard pails; one who is famillar with using hatchet copper. Brecht's 1210 Mullanpby st. 4) SECTION MEN -40 section men; $1.50 day: boarding house furnished: no fees. 2100 Broadway.

14) SHOECUTTERS their WiG. -All meeting members Thursday. of Local Sept. 13; election of officers; polls from 8 to 10 (4) SHOVELERS. -25 C.

good Jarratt. shovelers and teams. 5943 Ridge. SHOVELERS Wtd. -20 shovelers 00 Seventh and Spruce streets.

S. Kennah Son. (4) SHOVELERS Wed. per day; steady work: King's highway, Chouteau and Arco and Taylor. Stout.

(4) SODA DISPENSER Must be experienced. Busy Bee Candy 615 N. Brondway. STABLEMAN White or colored. 1829 Hickory st.

STONE CUTTERS On Bavard between Page and Fountain avs. STOVEPIPE MAKER Wtd. Experienced man at making stovepipe. Apply 200 S. 8th st.

TAILOR Wtd. -At once: steady work. 3349 Park av. TAILORS -To work on custom coats. 109 9th 3d floor, room 3.

TAILOR. Tallor and presser. Busch. cleaner and dyer. 514 Pine.

TANNERS Two tanners for setting lace leather. E. Hartmann Hyde and Leather 1903 Shenandoah. (5) TEAMSTERS Wtd. -At stable, Spring and McRee.

E. Whalen. (6) TEAMS Wtd. haul coal. Robinson Coal Tower Grove and M.

P. R. R. 15) TEAMS Chippewa and Marine av. Wm.

R. Bush Construction Co. TEAMS -Fifteen teams. 50-foot beds. $1 per load: 10 men.

at 20th and Eugenia. Jacob Schaefer Wrecking Co. TEAMSTER Wtd. Good sober and steady Apply after m. this evening, Ross, man.

4554 Maffitt av. TEAMS Wtd. -Ten brick teams at Gavin's Lumber Yard. 6400 Easton: also 10 teams. Dorcas st.

and Wigins Railroad. Hoffner Drier. Phone Delmar 9731, or Delmar 13001. TEAMS Wtd. -To baul are clay: steady work.

Apply American Press Brick 6500 Enston (8) TEAMS with 15 or 20 teams to do hauling; good prices and favorable contract; state number of teams and where interview may be had. Ad. A 60. Post (7) TEAMS Wtd. To haul brick.

Apply Hydraulic Press Brick King's highway and Frisco R. R. (4) TEAMS! TEAMS! WANTED 100 teams to haul lumber: steady work. CHICAGO HOUSE WRECKING World's Fair Grounds. (4) TINNER.

Tinner and helper. 1120 Emmett. TINNERS. -Tinners and cornice men. Apply Torbett Germond Waco, Tex.

(8) TRUCKERS About 20 freight truckers can find Inside employment at Cupples Station. 8th and Spruce city: pay 16c per hour. average $10.50 per week: apply at once. TRUNKMAKER Wtd. Bor young man to assist.

Ad. A 93. Post- Dispatch. UPHOLSTERER Wid. -J.

J. Parks, 4210 Olive, UPHOLSTERER 2733 Washington. Wtd. -At once. Apply at UPHOLSTERER Alton.

111. UPHOLSTERERS couch work: come prepared to gO to work. or write: will transportation after working 3 weeks. Butfalo Lounge 567 Exchange Buffalo. N.

Y. (2) WAITER -In restaurant. 2344 Olive. WAITER -Colored. Call 228 N.

Taylor AV. Parkhurst Apartments. WAITER Wtd. -No booze fighter. Gene's Lunchroom.

819 N. Jefferson aF. WAITER. At Hotel Berlin, firstclass colored walter. dishwasher and girl for napkins.

Tarior and Berlin. WATCHMAN For Weintroub Dancing Academy. southwest cor. 7th and Franklin. (5) ROLLERS -Apply 2800 De Kalb WHEEL (H) WIREWORKERS Wtd.

-No strike. St. Louis Wire and Irop 516 Choutean av. (6) WRECKERS 90 wreckers on 17th and Washington AV. Kennah.

(4) YARDMAN Wtd. -Hotel vardman who understands furnace. Burlington Hotel. 1624 Market st. YOUNG MAN Wtd.

Young man In meat tar. ket: call at ouce. 1312 8. Vanderester, YOUNG MAN -To do bil Ing: one who can operate A typewriter. Apply Peckham Factory.

(5) YOUNG MEN -Able-bodied younz men. about 20 years, stock department wholesale house: apply own handwriting. Ad. 154. Post-Dispatch.

(3) LABORERS Wtd. -Colored. Apply Car Wheel Foundry, 2301 Kosciusko street. (8) LABORERS -White. Apply Foundry American Car Foundry Madison, Ill.

(8) AGENCIES, SCHOOLS, ETC. HELP -Housebold servants furnished: giris given situations without charge. Mrs. Flott. 4000 Olive Both pbones.

(5) WANTED Young men and women to learn hookkeeping by malt; anyone can 1-aro It easily in few weeks: great deman I book keepers. Write today for F. M. Wilson. accountant.

box 12A. ette, Ind. PARTNERS WANTED. PARTNER Wid. To bar one-half interest in high-claNs business for 000: salary to active manager, $2400; rigid spection invited.

Ad. 37. Post-Dis. PARTNER Wtd. man for KO saloou: must be German.

Broadway. CANVASSERS AND SOLICITORS. CANVASSERS good, bustling. pert canvassers ten and coffee proposition; big enlary: mast be above the average in ability: reference required. Ad.

62, Post-Dispatch, (6) BRAUNINGER- Entered int rest on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 1906, at 10:45 p. Frederick L. Brauninger, 32 years old, beloved husband of Nannie Brauninger (nee Neal), and father of Mrs. Pearl Carter.

Funeral from family residence, 4423 Hunt avenue, Friday, Sept. 14, at 2 p. m. Friends are invited to attend. Deceased was a member of Keystone Lodge, A.

F. A. and Barbee Chapter, No. 31, O. E.

S. DEATHS. COLLINS- -Entered into rest, Sept. 10, 1906, at 6:30 p. Cornelius J.

Collins, beloved husband of Fannie Collins (nee McGroarty), son of Mary and Jeremiah A. Collins, brother of Mrs. S. Graham (nee Collins), Robert E. and Joseph Collins.

Funeral from residence of his sister, 5029 Minerva avenue, Saturday, Sept. 15, at 2 p. St. Mark's Church, thence to Calvary Cemetery. Friends invited to attend.

(5) FELLIS -Entered into rest suddenly, William A. Fellis, beloved the late Robert and Isabella Fellis, and dear brother of Robert Edward J. Fellis and Mrs. John T. Nichols (nee Fellis), and our dear age of 42 die months.

uncle and on at the Funeral services will be held from the residence of his sister, Mrs. John T. Nichols, 8106A South Seventh street. Friday at 10 a. m.

to New Picker's Cemetery. Relatives and kindly invited to attend. Springfield Belleville and Hillsboro (Ill.) papers please copy. FICKE-Suddenly, on Sept. 13, at 9:15 a.

11., Lulu Ficke (nee Scheer), beloved wife of of Frank Ficke, dear daughter of of Louis Scheer, dear sistor of Mrs. N. Von Bergen (nes Scheer), Louis Scheer Mrs. P. C.

Steffan (nee Scheer) and Jack Scheer. Due notice of funeral later. FISCHER-Entered Into rest on Wednesday, Sept. 12, at 4:26 a. Karl Louis William Fischer, relict of Henriette S.

Fischer (nee Mahne), beloved father of Mrs. Minnie M. Runge, Mrs. Ida Tripp and Albert Fischer and our dear father-in-law and grandfather, after a lingering illness. the age of 61 years.

The funeral will take place on Sunday, Sept. 16, at 1:30 from family residence, 1420A North Newstead avenue, to New Pickers Cemetery. Friends are respectfully invited. Deceased was a member of St. Louis Central Sharpshooters' elation.

Schiller H. Kapital No. V. A. 0.

Socialer Saengerchor, Teautonia Hein No. 2, V. A. 0. D.

FITZGERALD- -After a lingering 111- ness. and fortified by the last sacraments of the church of which he was for all his life a practical member, John E. Fitzgerald entered into eternal rest on Tuesday evening, Sept. 11, 1906. at 9 o'clock.

funeral will be from the family residence, 3666 Finney avenue, to St. Alphonsus' Church, Friday, Sept. 14. at 9. a.

m. (4) KLANKE On a. Wednesday, Louise Sept. Helen 12, Klanke, beloved daughter of Louis and Emilie Klanke (nee Beckmann) and dear sister of Dora, Lulu, Harry, John and Barnard Klanke and Fred, Gust, Charles, Nettie and Mamie Heimburger, after a short illness, aged 9 years 1 month and 11 days. Funeral will take place on Friday, Sept.

14, at 2:30 p. from family residence, 2557A University street. Relatives and friends are invited to attend. LIMBERG- -In Paris, France, Wednesday. Sept.

12, Rudolph Limberg. M-GUIRE- Entered Into rest, Thursday, Sept. 13, at 2:30 a. Lizzie McGuire, beloved daughter of Patrick and Amanda McGuire (nee Thias), sister of Bell, Eari, Reva and Russell McGuire. Funeral will take place Friday, Sept.

11, at 2 p. from the family residence. 5749 Kennerly avenue, to St. Edward's Church, thence to Calvary Cemetery. Friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend.

MUND- -At 2:30 o'clock a. Wednesday. Sept. 12, 1906, Elizabeth Dora Mund, daughter of William and Henrietta Mund Bickmeyer) and our dear sister, aged 18 years and 2 days. Funeral Saturday, Sept.

15, at 2 p. from family residence, 1206 Hebert street. Relatives and friends invited. -Entered into rest on Tuesday, Sept. at 11:40 o'clock p.

Thomas O'Neill, beloved husband of Annie O'Neill (nee Tierney), and father of John, Frank, Charles, Marla, Margie, Noni and Anna O'Neill. Funeral will take place from the family residence, 5075 Wells avenue, 01t Friday, 8:30 o'clock to Calvary Cemetery. Friends are to St. Biark', Church, thence spectfully invited. Deceased was a member of Union Lodge, No.

1391, K. and L. of H. PIPER -Entered into rest. Wednesday morning at 9:15.

G. W. Piper, beloved husband of Bertha Piper. Funeral from residence, 1347 South Thirteenth street. Friday at 2 p.

m. Friends invited to attend. PLUMER- Entered into rest on Tuesday. Sept. 11, at 1:30 p.

Henry W. Plumer dearly beloved husband of Charlotte Plumer (nee Poppenburg), and dear son of Henry W. and Louise Plumer (formerly Mrs. Temme), and dear brother and brother-in-law. after a lingering illness, at the age of 34 years 9 months and 11 days.

Funeral from family residence, 1531 Bremen avenue, Friday, Sept. 14. 1906, at 1:30 p. m. Relatives and friends invited to attend, WHITTEKER-Entered Entered into rest on Frances Wednesday morning, Sept.

12, 1906, Olivia Whitteker (nee Duenkelberg), beloved wife of L. P. Whitteker, dear mother of Mrs. Anna Pendick, sister of Charles and Joseph Jordon, and Mrs. Mattie Dixon, after a long Illness, aged 64 years.

Funeral Friday, Sept. 14, from family residence, 2128 Biddle street. at 1:30 p. to Church of God. Slattery and Montgomery streets, thence to Bellefontaine Cemetery.

Relatives and friends are invited to attend. WILLIAMS-Mrs. Anna Williams, beloved wife of Smith Williams. and mother of Aclevia and Willie Williams, entered into rest on Tuesday, Sept. 11, at 11:50 p.

m. Funeral will take place Friday, Sept. 11. A at Mount Zion Baptist Church. at 11 a.

thence to Greenwood Cemetery. GEORGE H. SALZGEBER. Sec'y. MONUMENTS NORMAN MONUMENT 1407 N.

GRAND AV. 5601-3-5 GRAVOIS AV. Notice. Members of Compton Hill Council. Royal Arcanum, wishing to attend the funeral of our late brother.

John J. Tatum, will meet at residence, 3417 Eads avenue, Friday morning at 8:30 o'clock. Carriages will be in waiting. OTAVIUS A. UDE, Acting Regent.

BURIAL PERMITS. Ida Ethel Orth, Scott. 25. 3223 lowa: 3424 Pine: typhold, Edward Dels. 1310 Park: Morris Seldman.

enrulsions, acct Mice m. Lawrence. Down. City Hospital, senility. Wm.

Gret, 80, Franklin: shock. Julla A. Johnson. 4214 Chouteau: bemorrhace. N.

Mooney. 21, Minnesota: de deb Helen 4005 typhoid. West Bel le; Elizabeth W. B. Rayburn.

Quigler, 43, 2822 47. Lawton: burns. Manchester; typhoid. John E. Fitzgerald, 82.

Ta, 1850 8608 S. 9th: ulcer. Vaciar Finney: enterocolitte. E. Boehmer.

18, 1908 15th: nocident. Herchenroeder, 28. Benton: septicemla. Hulda Stuskoff, 23, 200 Victor: septicemta Employment Wanted MALE. office.

Ad. 163, Post-Dispatch. SITUATIONS WANTED -FEMALE ARTIST-Sit. wanted by young man, as artist in pen, crayon, water-color, and who has recently graduated at Art Institute. Ad.

122, Post-Dispatch. BARBER Sit. by first-class colored barber. John Gordon, 1420 Poplar. on their vacation or hunting, fishing.

Ad. BARBER--Barber will help out parties going 172, Post-Dispatch. (5) BARKEEPER--Sit. wanted 88 barkeeper by first-class man: in or out of city: references. Ad.

Charles. 105A N. 9th st. (4) years' experience in bartending, not afraid of -Young married man with two porter work. Ad.

100, Post-Dispatch. BILL CLERK, wanted by young man AS bill clerk and invoice extender or office assistant: Al refs. Ad. 44, (4) BI wanted by brat-class zeneral blacksmith and horsesho*r. 815 North Market.

(4) BOOKKEEPER -Sit. as bookkeeper: years' experience; city references. Ad. 146, KEEPER- as bookkeeper: 2 years' experience; sma set of books to work at nights. Ad.

153. Post BOY-Young boy of 16 desires a position in an oftice. Ad. 123. Post-Dispatch.

BOY-Sit. by boy 18 years old to finish learning painting trade; 2 years' experience. R. 4401 Lucky st. BOYS -Sit.

by two colored bors before and school and Saturdays; call OL write. 2313 Chestnut. BRICKLAYER-Sit. wanted as bricklayer; have trade nearly learned; will work for low wages. Felinsky, 1016 N.

12th st. 15) CARPENTER -Wants work. 2037 Olive st. CARPENTER--Young man wants 179, job as Post-Dis. assistant; good at repairs.

Ad. CARPENTER- Sit. wanted by young man. as rough carpenter or genera! repair helper; have tools. Ad.

173, Post-Dispatch. CARPENTER-S1t. wanted by carpenter: repair or new work; phone Lindell 4643L. J. B.

Young, 3631 Fiuney. (S) CARPENTER -Wants repairer or 1 builder, factory or wholesale house good with machinery: steady. Ad. 105, (5) OARP Good allround carpenter wants work in store, factory or wholesale house. Ad.

126. 1 Post-Dispatch. can do all kinds repairing, reasonable. CarSit. by carpenter, nonunion; penter, 6332 Catalpa.

CHAUFFEUR Young man wants position 89 chauffeur on White steamer or motor car; 2 yeurs' experience: references. M. 3816 bl. (4) COACHMAN A first-class colored coachman would like job in private family: best of city references. Ad.

199. Post-Dis. (5) COOK -Japanese wishes position 38 cook. waiter. houseman.

butler or valet. Ad. 142. Post-Dispatch. (4) ENGINEER wanted as engineer experlenced or maSmechanic: middle-aged: in construction and handling of steam engines.

electrical and refrigerating machinery; would take position in city and begin with moderate salary. Ad. 134. Post-Dis. 15) FIREMAN--Position As stationary freman or oiler in engine room; have had 15 years' experience in both.

Ad. 79. Post-Dis. (6) FOREMAN- Sit. by first-class cake foreman: experienced.

Ad. 170, Post-Dispatch. (6) HOUSEWORK-Sit. by man and wife to do housework; first-class; colored. 3310 Lucas.

JANITOR--Sit. by colored man as janitor or houseman. St. Charles. JANITOR- by German, middle-aged.

a8 janitor, porter or any kind of work; tend to boilers also: good and steady. Ad. 55, Post-Dispatch. who can make a steady hand in any department. wants steady work at fair wages.

Ad. 115, PostDispatch. (6) MAN- Sit. by old man to care for horse, cow, garden, furnace. Ad.

105, Post -Dispatch. MAN-Reliable grocery man wants employment! evenings. Ad. 147. Post-Dispatch.

(5) MAN-Young married man wants position on stock or fruit farm. Ad. 192, Post-Dis. (6) MAN- maD. aged 18.

wants position in office; experienced. Ad. C. Duck worth, 1325 N. Taylo: av.

MAN- -Clerical position wanted by young man. 19 years old: High School graduate; good references. Ad. 75, Post-Dispatch. (5) MAN- -Nent-appearing young man wishes of any kind; best of city references: not afraid of work.

Ad. 148, Post-Dis. 16) JIAN- Young man, willing to work hard, wants position with reasonable salary. Ad. 97, (6) MAN- by strictly temperance man in cigar store or news stand: best reference furnished.

Ad. 102. Post-Dispatch. (7) MAN- Sit. wanted by sober, experienced man.

on fancy ice creams or catering work, city or country; best reference. Ad. 160, MAN- married man wants position of some kind: can figure and not afraid 01 work. Ad. 95, Post-Dispatch.

44) man from country desires in office: 4 years' experience in general merchandise: Post give best of references. Ad. 87. Post-Dispatch. (4) MAN--Intelligent young man desires position; good penman and figurer: Remington and Fisher operator: reasonable salary.

Ad. 103. Post-Dispatch. MAN--Young man, 26. wishes work of any kind; factory, wholesale or retail house; strictly honest, steady and sober.

Rudieri, 923 N. 20th st. MEAT UTTER -Sit. wanted by first-class meatcutter; can give first-class references; call or address. 2249A North Market.

(5) MEAT CUTTER -Sit. by -class meat cutter; good wages expected; no objection to leaving city. Ad. 111, Post-Dispatch. (6) OILER Sit.

wanted by oiler. age 21; large factory or shop preferred; employed at present time: moderate salary to start: also lacing belt, bide, adjust same on pulleys; tools of small denomination with me; no boozer. Ad. 71, Post-Dispatch. (5) SALESMAN--Sit.

wanted by young man as salesman. Any line: years' experience in atty. W. E. 2727 Miami.

(4) SALESMAN- Road postion wanted by An perienced specialty salesman. Ad. 174. Post-Dispatch. SALESMAN--Who has just terminated a Calcago traveling connection.

desires high-class selling position as house or city salesman in St. Louis; gilt-edged references. Ad. 85, Post-Dispatch. 441 STENOGRAPHER -Sit.

wanted aS stenographer and typewriter: young married man Christian: speedy. neat and accurate: highest credentials: $75 per month. Ad. Post-Dispatch. (4) YOUNG MAN of 17 would like position in BOOKKEEPER -Young lady wants position as bookkeeper or assistant: thoroughly experienced; best city refs.

Ad. 189. (5) ASHIER- Lady wishes situation as cashier: can keep books. S. K.

3619 Vista, 47) CASHIER. lady wishes position grocery; experienced cashier and bookkeeper; will put up orders and wait on counter trade. Ad. 107, Post-Dispatch. CHAPERON--A Vienna lady wants position In only first-class house to accompany young girls, and understands piano, languages, fancy works, dressmaking, and is willing to teach in tine cooking and cakes.

Ad. 25. Post-Dispatch. (4) COMPANION- young lady, Austrian, wants engagement as companion. and is willing to take management of a tine family household.

Ad. 61, Post-Dispatch. (4) COOK- -Sit. as cook and housegirl. 2747 Clara.

Sit. by colored cook in private fam000K- ily. 825 N. 23d st. COOK-Sit.

by zood German cook in small family. Inquire 1927 Olive. (1) COOK -Sit. wanted as cook by experienced German girl: best city references. Apply 4110 Pine st.

Will CO out by the day or take work home: first-class ref. Miss Frein, 4137 Olive st. (4) DRESSMAKER High-class family dressmaker, taste and skill, wants few. engagements; ref. erences.

Ad. 120, Post-Dispatch. HOUSEGIRL-Sit. by girl, light housework: sleep at home: Do washing. 3896 Morgan.

Sit. by competent woman for HOUSEWOMANgeneral housework. 1448 N. Garrison av. Sit.

by colored girl for houseHOUSEGIRL- work. Call 1014 N. Leffingwell. Grass widow. quiet and moral.

would like housework in the HOUSEWOMANcountry. Ad. 171, Post-Dispatch. HOUSEWOMAN- woman wants general housework. Annie Williams, 3041 Lambdin av.

HOUSEGIRL family Sit. of by two. girl Call for or write light K. house- work in 817 Hickory st. HOUSEKEEPER- -Young woman with baby wants position with elderly peonle or famfly: reliable: good worker.

Ad. 55. PostDispatch. (4) HOUSEKEEPER- -Sit. by respectable elderly girl 98 gentleman.

workhousekeeper for In city: experienced. Call at 818 Clarendon av. (6) HOUSEGIRL-Sit. to assist in light housework in private family; do plain sewing. Ad.

N. 1Sth st. (6) 1615 HOUSEMAID -Experienced girl wishes situahouse and dining room maid in small Call or ad. Friday. 2819 Howard.

Sit. by respectable elderly German widow as housekeeper for Christan family of adults; can give best of references. 8413 Henrietta st. (4) HOUSEKEEPER Unineumbered lady, economical. agreeable, wishes sit.

as housekeeper for sober. widower: neat, fully competent. take interest and full charge OWD home: good home; references exchanged. Drug store, 1948 Gravois av. (5) -Sit.

by first-clans laundress for Wednesday. 503 S. Ewing AF. LAUNDRESS -Sit. by colored woman for two days; laundry work.

1530 Lucas av. BOY -Bright. nest boy, 14 years old, to run errande: excellent chance for advancement: call with parent. Inland Type Foundry. 12th and Locust sta.

BOYS -To learn good trade, 14 years and over: fair wages to start. Apply room. welt Roberts, Johnson Rand, Mississippi ani Hickory. (5) BOYS Wtd. -Between 14 and 16 years old, for grease department, Waters-Pierce 011 13th and Gratiot sts.

Ask for Mr. Brinkmeyer. (5) BOYS Colored boys, 16 to 18 to truck brick. Apply Union years, Press Brick Works, Natural Bridge and King's highway. (7) 75 cents per hour; steady work.

(5) BRICKLAYERS Sixth and O'Falion BRICKYARD HELP -Experienced brickyard heip. Apply Hydraulic Press Brick (4) King's highway and Frisco R. BROOMMAKER, Wtd. -One Arst-class broommaker; also one that can run a Lipe sewer to go to Mobile; good wages. Apply for information Western Broom Spruce and Levee.

BUSBOY Wtd. -Hotel Garni Cafe. 2605 Olive. BUSHELMAN 8 military school; Boonsteady employment. Ad.

Box 162, ville, Mo. (7) BUSHELMAN experienced bushelman that can do pressing. Apply Weimstein Kahn Tailoring 2241 S. Grand. BUTCHERS hog butchers.

Neil Packing 1100 Missouri av. BUTCHER Wtd. -Good butcher; call. 4303 Arcoe av. BUTCHER single German butcher to help in shop and attend one horse.

918 N. 14th st. BUTCHERS. Wta. -Two aliround Illinois butchers Pack- and one casing, cleaner, at once.

ing Alton. Ill. (8) CANDY MAKER, Wtd. Candy maker, also good boy. Gahn Herzog.

159 St. George st. CANDY MAKERS Wtd. stick candy makers at once. Cairo Candy Manufacturing Cairo, Ill.

(4) CARPET LAYER and Maryland. -Apply Westmoreland Taylor CAR REPAIRERS Wtd. -Experienced car repairers. Springfeld and Monett. Mo.

ply room 1133 Frisco Bldg. (8) CARPENTERS carpenters. Call at Wilmington and Compton. CARPENTERS Wtd. -Bridge carpenters.

at Taylor and Clayton avs. Myers Const. Co. (6) CARPENTERS AND CAR BUILDERS Wtd.Apply AC foot of Utah st. (8) CARPENTERS.

Wtd. -Carpenters and car builders. Apply American Car and Foundry Madison. Ill. (8) CARPENTERS Wtd.

-Nonunion carpenters, 30c per hour: Main and St. George. G. Eyerman Co. CASING CLEANER One good casing cleaner: steady time: union wages.

Illinois Packing Alton, 111. (8) CARTS Wtd. -To haul dry clay. American Press Brick 6500 Easton. CHAUFFEUR late night runs: very light work: must understand car: no fancy price.

Ad. 108. P'ost-Dispatch. CLERK grocery clerk. Residence.

4585A Lucky st. CLERK grocery clerk. Southeast corner 19th and Sullivan. CLERK Wtd. -Experienced grocery clerk: apply with references.

6939 Scanion or Gratiot Station. J. H. Bendick. (5) COACHMAN Wtd.

-Good coachman. 4826 Cote Brilliante av. COATMAKER coatmaker: good Mages: steady job. Frank Douiak. Fort Smith.

Ark. (89) COLLECTOR young man. at once. Room 214 Ozark 10th and Pine. COLLECTOR -Weekly Installments: $60 month salary; 850 cash bond.

Ad. 113. Post-Dispatch. (3) COMPOSITORS-Pav no attention to adver. tisem*nts for printers: strike on.

TYPOGRAPHICAL UNION NO. 8. (S) CONCRETERS Wtd. -Men concreters. Friday morning: long job: good wages.

Taylor and Clayton rd. CONCRETE MEN Wtd. -Colored concrete men: $2.25 per day: long job. Main and St. George.

G. Eyerman Co. CONCRETE MEN Wtd. -Colored concrete men, at Nebraska and Miami money advanced daily. Wm.

R. Bush Construction Co. (4) COOPERS Wtd. barrel coopers. Address Nebraska City Cooperage Nebraska City.

Neb. (5) COOPER country: long job: good wages. Apply at 5317 Cote Brilliante between 7 a. m. and 3 D.

m. (4) COPYHOLDER Wtd. -Bright. ambitious boy with at least grammar school education: must be able to read manuscript accurately and rapidly. Ad.

49. Post-Dispatch. (8) CUTTER Wtd. -Experienced cutter at once. Benstein Mfg.

Broadway and 13th, East St. Louts. (4) DELIVERY CLERK Installment wagon: $60 month salary; $50 Ad. 114. -Dispatch.

(5) DENTIST be allround man. 612 Olive. DISHWASHER restaurant. 3833 Finney. DISHWASHER -Man to wash dishes and help in saloon.

1501 N. Broadwar. DISHWASHER Wtd. -White dishwasher to work in coffee house. 2112 O'ive st.

DISHWASHER Wtd. -Colored man. handy allround: $5 week and board. 4104 Olive. DISHWASHER dishwasher.

310 Clark v. DOCTORS Wtd. appearing, very, gray physicians, registered Missouri 1111- nois: $200 to $300 per month: also younger registered physicians who are typewriters. Ad. Dr.

201 N. 12th st. (8) DRAFTSMAN A good draftsman, thoroughly acquainted with furnace construetion. A permanent position is offered: state salary and experience. Ad.

187, (5) DRIVER Wt4. -Middleton Express. -Call 4903 Delmar bl. DRIVER Middle man to drive team: $1.50 day; work. 1215 Choutean.

DRIVER Wtd. -For laundry wagon: $50 bond required. Century Laundry 4666 Easton ar. DRUG CLERK Wtd. junior drug clerk.

1801 Olive st. (3) DRUG CLERK Junior drug clerk: 3 years' experience. H. Eckert. 800 Ohio Ar Fast St.

Lous. DRUGGIST experienced druggist: good bours: good wages. Ad. Post -Dispatch. (4) ELECTRICIAN Combination and man.

industrious: outside. inside work: sober steady time: $2.50 per day. Vincennes LI and Power Vincennes, Ind. 4.. ENGINEER Wtd.

-At once. Manhattan Laundry. 429SB Easton rear. ENGINEERS Wtd. Fire stationary cagineers elty; good pay.

Ad. 121, P. -D. to leave ENGINEER Wid. -For night work: wages $70 a month and board: young man preferred.

Apply engineer. Laclede Hotel. ENGINEER Wtd. -Experienced engineer. candoing geueral machine repair work.

able of Basket and Box foot of Apply St. Louis Penrose st. ENGINEER engineer charge for of ice brewery, mAwho is capable of taking chine, ice plant, also pumps, boilers, electric lights, engines, dynamos his ow ti repairing of all kinds: and motors: must do his own firing at times: do wages also with. Ad. A 64.

Post-Dispateh. (7) to start in Wtd. -Must be handy with tools; FARMHAND F. w. Morrison, 10 S.

good wa East St. Louis, 111. (5) Address Main Man that can finish furniFINISHER afraid of work. 710 Franklin. ture: not FINISHERS Wtd.

First-elass both carblacksmith finishers on riage and beavy work. Good wages light and steady work. Apply At once to P. KIMBALL Michigan Chicago. (62) 315 MAN -Must have FLOOR experience and be of good adexcellent salary.

Ad. dress; 6 160, Post -Dispatch. (5) A FOREMAN or working to foreman, sume either charge lithograph department transferer operating three Hoe presses; wages $30 or more week of 54 bours; must be Donunion: per contract to competent man; applications contidential. Address, stating 130. residence and references, A (6) FRAME CUTTER Wtd.

-At once. Louse Patent Door King's Highway and Missouri Pacific Railway. (4) PURCUTTER Good furrier: 6 months' work: highest wages. F. A.

Kennedy, reg. istered furrier 506 Olive (6) HARNESS MAKERS Wtd. -Harness makers, makers. machine operators. saddle collar hands and cutter all departments to from St.

Louls; strike on. WILLstay Vollmar, Secretary No. away 30. fam L. -Blacksmith helpers, on wagon work.

1627 Clark av. HELPERS HELPER Wtd. -Experienced carriage blackemith helper: $12 to good. steady man. 2334 Olive st.

19) HELPERS. -Architectural 421 wrought Iron helpers, laborers and finishers. S. 6th st. CLERK clerk: mast HOTEL speak German and English.

Washinrtoo Hotel 17th and HOUSEBOY 8145 Hawthorne. reliable colored boy as houseboy. SHOE WORKERS WANTED. BOYS Wtd. -In finishing room.

Goodbar Shoe Lackede and Vandeventer. BOYS -Boys is lasting room. Peters Nice 12th and North Market. BOYS Wtd. -To work in sole leather room.

Courtney Shoe 21st and Lucas. BOY Wtd. Te polish bottoms. The Brown Shoe Bite Ribbon Factory. Jefferson, and BOYS -To pull side tacks: bars 10 knock out tacka and boys in welt.

Roberta, Johnson Rand, Hickory at. factory. (5) COUNTER SKIVERS. Wtd. Counter skivers and sorters.

Standard Heel and Counter 11th and Carr. 15) COTTERS Wtd. -On men's and women's work, also trimming cutters. Apply to Mr. Barber.

Brown Shoe 18th and Wash. CUTTERS Insole and lift cuttern, Standard Heel and Counter 11th and Carr. (5) HAND PULLERS Wed--In welt room. Rot. erte, Johnson Rand.

Hickory st. factory. 15) LASTERS Wtd. -First and second lasters ladies' fine turns. Hamilton-Brown Shee American Lady Factory, 21st and cust st8.

LIFTOUTTER -Comtney Shoe 21st and Lucas. MAN Man to take charge of packing room in factory making 3000 pairs dAy of men's and boys' shoes: mast be able to teach green help and get results. Desnoyers Shoe Springfield, Ill. (4) MEN To touch UD after edge trimming. Annie Roberta.

Johnson Rand Shoe 13th and Mallanphy. (5) PULLERS OVER -Expertenced, on women's McKay work. B'ue Ribbon plant, Brown Shoe Jefferson and Mullanphy. (5) ROUGH ROUNDER Apply Roberta. Johnson Rand 13th and Mnliannhy.

SEAMERS. Wid. -Seamers and beel burnishers. Roberts. Johnson Rand, 234 and 'Fallon sts.

(S) SHOEMAKER Good, sober shoemaker. to work on repairing. 4003 8. Broadway. SHOEWORKERS Wtd.

Automatic Rand leveler Shoe and stocker. Apply Roberts, Johnson 13th and Mullanphy. (6) SHOEWORKERS -First-class channel also experienced bors in sole leather room. Peters Shoe 12th and North Market sts. SHOEMAKERS -Welt operators An Chase lasters.

also two pullers: also one nigg*rhead operator on McKay: work year around for F. Mayer Boot and Shoe Milwaukee. Wis. TACK SETTERS. -Tack setters.

bottom fillers and boys to learn trade. Friedman Bros. Shoe Pacife Factory, Jefferson and Madison. (5) TREERS Wtd. On men's work.

Peters Shr 12th and North Market. SALESMEN WANTED. SALESMAN Wtd. -High-class salesman, Victoria bldg. reference or bond required, Ad.

SALESMEN Wtd. -For the road: position wi $100 per month: bond or Al reference required. 323 Laclede Bidg. (5 SALESMAN -Experienced furniture carpet aud range salesman: state experiene. in business.

Ad. 110, Post-Dispatch. (6) SALESMAN Wid. Experienced salesman for general trade. filinois.

Druggist preferred. Carsow, 612 8. 6th. (5, SALESMEN -Two salesmen of good apsalary pearance, and commission to right party. Conwho are not afraid of hard work: roy Piano 1100 Olive st.

(8) SALESMEN Wtd. Able to handle line of axriculture implements; six openings for experienced men with three different houses; salary $75 to $150. Hapgoods, 916 Chemical Bldg. SALESMEN Wtd. For 8 large number of special and staple lines: over 64 sales Dositions to be filled.

among them a good Opheavy portunity electrical for motor salesman. printing carriage and buggy salesman. salesman with St. Louts experience Let us meet you if von will consider a proposition. Hapgoods, 916 Chemical Bidg.

SALES MANAGER -To entire of the sales in collects! tment of charge a large farm implement tnery company; salary bath. 910 Chemical Bldg. SALESMAN Wid. -Experienced man on shoes: commission; welts, women's turns and McKaye: 804. children's Southern Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma would have no objections to carrying same with line of men's goods; reference must company application.

P. 0. 13 box 625, Buffalo N. Y. SALESMAN Carpet and rug salesman; must be experienced.

Ap- ply to superintendent. THE MAY CO. SALESMEN -Experienced salesmen for rug department; apply to J. J. Barry, third floor.


SALESMAN -Experienced salesman for upholstery and lace curtains; apply to J. J. Barry, third floor. B. NUGENT BRO.

D. G. CO. young man, strong MAN, personality, for business proposition, salary and commission. Apply 1001 Chemical Bldg.

(8) AGENTS WANTED. AGENTS Wtd. -For new industrial contract: salary, $12. 503 Chemical Bldg. (4) AGENTS -Photo ticket agents, take notice: get our little joker.

1344 Choutean. AGENTS Either sex. can make $10 per dav: new ticket. Olire Studio. 720 Olive.

(14x) AGENTS -Six good picture agents; new tickets. Call at once. Murillo. 1314 Olive. (8; AGENTS are making lots of money: investiFate this proposition.

2343 Olive root 7 AGENT Experienced elty agent; salary and commission. Menter Rosenbioon 417 Washington aF. AGENTS Experienced men and women to sell photo tickets: something entirely new. Genelll. b06 Olive st.

(0) CANVASSERS WEd. -Experienced canvassers. leads furnisbed; best book proposit on ev offered: Be one will be employed who cannot show A clear record. American Newspaper Association. 217 N.

6th St. Louis, Mo. (8) SOMETHING ENTIRELY NEW. and needed br everybody: our $2.000 Combination Policies. covering alt accidents.

diseases. and occupationa: Costing only $6. per annum each payable quarterir: issued by this Soctety only: Over $300.000 already paid in benefita. AGENTS WANTED- larze commissions and exclusive territory given. Address NATIONAL ACCE DENT SOCIETY.

320 Brondway. New York. A 21 YEARS (16) WANTED If you will distribute anti-cignrette. $3 and expenses day. Write us Star Service Dallas.


4393 Westmineter. COOK -White girl to cook for family of three. 4404 West Pine. COOK Wtd. woman cook: referencen required: call at 43 Vandeventer pl.

COOK AND HOUSEGIRL -No. 2 Park land DE. Maple, near Hamilton. COOK. ETC.

400d 000k and dining room sirl. colored. 3225 Vernon AY. COOK Wtd. Experienced cook; family of four, 3038 Lindell bi.

COOK Southern at once: ready for work. 717 Garrison COOK Colored woman to cook, wash and fron: family of 3. 1808 Cora take Kaston car. COOK Either white or colored woman; having chlid would be 10 objection: good waxes, Appl3 5148 Wells COOK, WEd. -One cook, one housegirl: one kitchen girl.

Missouri School for the Blind. 8515 Magnolia. COOK Wid. -Experienced cook, for general housework good wages: TO washing: three adulta. 5424 Page bl.

46) COOK Wed. -Girl for plain conking. warbine and Ironing. In family of two: no house work: Wages $20; reference required. 1:10 Mississippi COOK Good.

plain cook for WageR $20 3 to no washing: taid4le aged white woman preferred. Ad. 180. PoRtDispatch. DINING ROOM GIRL -Neat cujond chi for dining room and work.

Apply at once. Page bi. GIRL wed. -For upstairs work: good wages. 4598 Mel tierson av.

GIRL WEd. To do work: DO Washing or Ironing. 3500 Lindell. Gut. Girl do zenical botise.

work: Immediately, GIRLS Two do and the other for work Washington. 13) GIRL -Xeal abont 16. for light work around 810 N. Carlid. GIRL Girl about 18 to help with children and housework.

2715 Sprtue GIRL. kind, honest, dirt for 4 general helper: fatally French or Italian Dres ferred. 4554 Mary and. GIRL Girl to cook and assist with buse. 10 washing: Inquire Pharuney, Eue 4d and Easton.

HOUSEGIRL Wed. 4217 Pine bL. HOUSEGIRL Girl foe general boust work: Do outside work. Florissant..

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