Sbc Workspace (2024)

1. SBC Workspace | Baptist State Convention of North Carolina

  • SBC Workspace is a web application co-created by mission entities as a way to receive and store statistical and biographical data of North Carolina churches ...


2. Annual Church Profile - California Southern Baptist Convention

  • Online. Login to the SBC Workspace with the username and password provided to your church via email and submit your church profile online. If you need ...

  • The Annual Church Profile (ACP) tracks baptisms, attendance, and giving statistics in Southern Baptist life. As your state convention and SBC entities seek to minister to needs of California churches, having accurate, up-to-date information is vital. The ACP information helps us evaluate needs, effectively plan events, prepare resources and allocate ministry funds. How to Participate […]

3. [PDF] Instructions for Churches - Squarespace

  • To log on to SBC WORKSPACE, go to this website: (Note: https indicating a secure web site). Login with the Username and Password ...

4. - Login · SBC Workspace -

5. Annual Church Profile (ACP)

  • This information helps us effectively plan events, prepare resources, allocate ministry funds and evaluate needs. Per the SBC bylaws, the SBC Credentials ...

  • ACP 2024 information will be announced late summer/early fall.

6. Annual Church Profile - ACP - Utah Idaho SBC

  • The Annual Church Profile (ACP) is an annual statistical report churches voluntarily submit to the Southern Baptist Convention.

7. Annual Church Profile | Instructions - Florida Baptist Convention | FBC

  • Oct 2, 2023 · Go to the website: · Enter your username and password as follows: · Click on Login · The first box you see enter the contact ...

  • Annual Church Profile Instructions | The 2018 Annual Church Profile (ACP) is an important tool for your church, association, the state and national conventions.

8. Annual Church Profile - Baptist Resource Network

  • OPTION 2: ONLINE – SBC WORKSPACE. Each congregation, whether church or mission, should complete an ACP Statistical Profile. Gather the information from the ...

  • The 2023 Annual Church Profile (ACP) is an important tool for your church, the state and national conventions. The data collected is used in many ways to measure the health of our congregations, and the effectiveness of the BRN and SBC ministries. Contact the BRN Help Desk if you have questions:  or 1-800-451-6599.

9. N.C. pastor to be nominated for SBC president in Indianapolis

  • Apr 2, 2024 · The church gave $40,000 to local associations in 2023, according to SBC Workspace. “The Lord has used Biltmore Church and Pastor Bruce to make a ...

  • North Carolina pastor Bruce Frank will be nominated for Southern Baptist Convention president at the 2024 SBC Annual Meeting. Frank will be nominated by Tennessee pastor John Mark Harrison. “I have known Bruce personally for many years. When I led student ministry at Biltmore Church, Bruce became the pastor, and our plateaued church began to […]

10. Clint Pressley says he is open to SBC presidential nomination

  • He says a broader public announcement would happen in the future. According to SBC Workspace, Hickory Grove reported $9,409,423 in total undesignated ...

  • GREENSBORO, N.C. (BP) – A North Carolina pastor says he is willing to be nominated as president of the SBC in Indianapolis next June. Clint Pressley was asked about the possibility during a pastors’ gathering at the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina meeting on Nov. 6.

11. - Login · SBC Workspace -

  • Login · SBC Workspace ... most likely does not offer any malicious content. ... provides SSL-encrypted connection. ... Sbcworkspace.


Sbc Workspace (2024)
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