Our Community Concerns - Stop Selling Ships! May 23 2023 (2023)


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Every once in a while I choose not to do a community concerns video for the week, because there isn't anything that the community is concerned about.

I did muddle through this one I will be honest with you.

It's a little bit weak, but I hope you enjoy it.

Anyways hello, YouTubers.

This isn't buffar I started this playlist in series called Community concerts because I have more time to research.

If you missed past week's installments or put into a playlist that could be started much like a podcast when you're evaluating, if you should actually spend forty six hundred dollars on a new Canon lens and spoiler alert money well wasted, consider bookmarking it and checking in every once in a while to get caught up to date with what the community is talking about and if you find it fun and funny.

Please do me a favor and share with a friend or org mate I do find Value in combing through Spectrum, with my [ __ ] deflectors set to maximum and I.

Do it so that you don't have to today is the 23rd of May 2023 I.

Try to do these on Tuesdays choosing topics that are well presented and have a good banter back and forth.

We begin with the threats the E paldrin is asking for some clarity from cig.

If you did not know, is Squadron 42 had been removed from the store when everything swapped over for Invictus.

The op said that this made many backers nervous.

That's not quantifiable! You can't just say that they, the op, said that some think that this means that Squadron 42 has been canceled, which I find impossible.

That's not likely, and the op then said that there might be a price hike and the op wants to know what it all means.

I'll tell you exactly what I think it means either it was a tiny [, __ ] up in the store swap over and it'll, be back soon or, as the op said.

Perhaps it's going to come back later at a slightly higher price? Does this mean it's coming out now? No, does it mean it's not coming out? No, but you can believe whatever you like.


Don't think that this is any indication that Squadron 42 is coming out.

Now, but there is this thing that Chris likes to do called shaking the tree.

You shake the tree to see how many monkeys you can get to fall out of it.

My grandmother's from South Africa don't be offended by this.

This was just something that she said when I was growing up, okay, so the issue with shaking monkeys out of a tree is timing.

Personally, I think the first time I would like to hear about the launch of Squadron 42 is when the little tab on the launcher changes to say Squadron 42, and this is because the delays and [ __ ] for squadron isn't just laughable or a simple meme.

It is a constant reminder of how people in the past, at cig really had no clue about timelines.

Backers can sit there watching all of, what's being said, the body language, the progress, the teasers and the vertical slices.

None of that has ever indicated anything to date.

It's all been smoke and mirrors.

So the best way to miss another deadline is to announce a deadline.

That's what's been done for the past four years and as critical as I am about it often I actually do agree that this is the best way to deal with the super sensitive release.

Whatever happens, they can't miss another release date right.

That's just crazy! So there's no need to Hype it.

If it launches and launches well, like we hope and know it will nobody's going to need to advertise anything.

Star Citizen to an outsider is a scam.

So if people start telling each other that it isn't a scam and that it wasn't, people are gonna, buy it and they're gonna play it.

Especially if it's good give me your comments in the comments for what it's worth.

Do you think that this was just lost in the shuffle or do you think that this is pre-hype? Do you agree that there's no reason to Hype the release as the risk that, once again the project could miss a deadline might become the biggest joke in gaming history? Next Frost X Wolf X announced that these Surfers are going to [ __ ] I'm, like yeah thanks tips.

They want cig to fix, but I'm going to say to the op that it's obvious, that cig had no idea that the servers were busted right, okay, but we carry on there's one thing that you can count on and that is when cig releases a free fly, the game will suffer if you find that to be a problem, could simply not play it and be sure not to invite anyone during the free fly.

If it bothers you, if you're having fun and you like, it, then invite your friends and play it and hope for the best, and that's it that post was nothing more than announcement from Frost X Wolf X.

So we move on next Alpena 7 said.

Despite having to spend time server hopping 28 times, they were able to play with stability when 319 launched and then after Friday they weren't able to do anything beyond looking at the menu.

And despite this they don't understand why people are complaining on spectrum.

They asked us to remember that this is part of the process and they said to the developers to just ignore all the negativity, that's being posted on Spectrum.

The op is proud to be a backer and they're grateful for Chris Roberts.

On the surface.

This was a very nice post.

It was a little bit white nighty for my tastes, and some people accused the op of actually being Chris Roberts Incognito posting, which was kind of funny, but I do understand that they are trying to offset the negatives in Spectrum with a positive comment, the thread degraded as the op then took an active role fighting with anyone or anything that wasn't a hundred percent positive gray, six posted that if the Opie thinks this is great, they should been around for the 2.6 and its sub patches.

Overall I can't really tell if the op was being sincere trolling, but I found the conversation back and forth to at least be very entertaining what say you do.

You agree with the op next Michael 11.

said that they want the backlog of ships to be addressed before more ships come out and I won't even tell you what the discussion was after that, because I agree that that is the correct way of thinking about it.

But they said, let's balance, what we have.

They said, let's finish the mechanics, that we need a hundred percent on board with that as an overall concept, the op joined in 2020, so I'm just going to say that it should be fairly obvious that backers tend to pay for new ships more than buying old ones, and you could say that if, for example, they were to launch the santokai and then put it on sale that some people would buy it.

But then we need to consider that when cig releases a new ship that has a war bond option that actually pays the bills and that's what we need to keep the fires burning.

So I'm split on this.

No new ships equals no game development.

It's really quite as simple as that.

Yes, it's obvious.

We've been waiting for the Polaris for like eight years seven years, it'd be nice to see it in engine, but it would also be nice for the company to not go bankrupt.

So I, don't know what to tell you.

That's it.

It's a super week show I'm done for the week.

This is what spectrum's worried about right now comment on this or anything thanks for your support.

I would love you to post this wherever it makes sense, so others can share, fly safe and I'll see in the verse foreign.

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