JustaMinx Wiki: Boyfriend, Real Name, Height, No Makeup, Twitch, Family (2024)

JustaMinx Wiki: Boyfriend, Real Name, Height, No Makeup, Twitch, Family (1)

The popular live-streaming platform Twitch, frequently updating its policies has upset many fans, as their favorite streamers were being banned for “unjustified reasons.” This time, falling victim to the “new terms of service” was the streaming star and “E-Girl Rejects” member, JustaMinx.

On Dec 2020, Minx was banned from Twitch for a week for using words like “simp”,”’virgin” and “incel” that fell under the “hate speech” category. According to JustaMinx, it wasn’t that she was unaware of the policy rather she thought that it went into effect from January 2021.

Stupefied with Twitch’s decision, fans and other streamers were fighting for her unban. But by the looks of it, Twitch didn’t seem like it would back down from their “official decision.” So, this might be a perfect time to dig into JustaMinx’s life outside the screen. Learn everything about her over this wiki.

Biography — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

JustAMinx was born on November 3, 1996. That made her 24 years of age in 2020 and of Scorpio zodiac.

Also, for her 24th birthday, Minx was visited by two of her closest friends with tons of drinks and presents.

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JustaMinx Wiki — Real Name, Family, Nationality

JustAMinx’s real name is Becca. She was born and raised in Ireland in a “chaotic neutral” family or at least this is what her fans said.

And it’s no wonder that the fans believed so. Minx’s parents often appeared over her stream — chilling, conversing with the Twitch chats, and arguing in the background. Provigil Also, it seemed like Minx’s mother was a boss lady. A fan wrote,

“I feel bad for her dad, he got yelled at by the mom.”

Overall, they were just as, if not more, funny than Minx. It must also be the Irish nationality that Minx and her family carried.

JustaMinx Height, No Makeup, Distinct Features

JustAMinx is a beautiful girl who stands tall at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (177.8 cm) and weighed around 58 kg (127.86 lbs).

Like many other streamers, Minx preferred to cover herself in makeup as well and rarely appeared over the stream without it. Remember the time when the star streamer, Pokimane, decided to go live with no makeup? It influenced a lot of other fellow steamers to touch on the topic of women, their struggle to makeup, and unrealistic expectations. (https://artandhistory.org/) However, it wasn’t clear if Minx ever to part in the “no makeup” campaign.

Mentioning her distinct features, Minx has blue eyes and thick eyebrows.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Twitter, Twitch

As of Dec 2020, JustAMinx flaunted 341K followers over Instagram and 591.6K followers over Twitter.

Her Twitch account had over 223K followers then.

Also, find her Youtube channel “Justa Minx” with 298K subscribers.

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JustaMinx Net Worth, Merch, YouTube Earnings

JustaMinx’s net worth was over $800 thousand in 2020.

According to “soicalblade.com”, her monthly Youtube earning was estimated to be around $699 – $11.2K then. However, her main source of income was Twitch. With multiple sponsors and enough fan donations, Minx earned well over an average streamer.

From falling asleep on the live stream to cosplay avatars with full enthusiasm, Minx has done it all. And given her hilarious personality and talent for entertainment, we believe that Minx’s net worth was well deserved.

Apart from this Minx sold her merch at “dreamsruleme.com”. Her merch features hoodies and joggers ranging from $58 to $77.

Also, Minx wrote that she was “1/3rd of EGIRL REJECTS.”

JustaMinx Boyfriend, Dating, Husband

JustaMinx was dating the Youtuber and ex-streamer, Jschlatt in 2020. If you don’t know who Minx’s boyfriend, Jschlatt owned a Youtube channel where he mostly played games like Minecraft and OpenTTD, and also made memes.

According to Minx, she first met Jschlatt when she went to see the wrestler, Fitz. She recalled that there was this one dude (Jschlatt) who threatened to give her a seizure with some random lights in the background. She added,

“It shook me to my core to the point where Fitz was a mere insect in my eyes, you know.”

So, after the flashlight incident, the two started dating and were happily in a relationship in 2020. Also, the duo often appeared together over live streams, singing random songs and laughing at each other’s jokes.

Look at their chemistry, many fans believed that Jschlatt might as well be her future husband. During June 2020 stream, Minx received a message from one of her fans claiming that he saw her “future husband.” But as she kept on reading, all the descriptions matched her then-boyfriend Jschlatt, and guess who couldn’t contain her smile!

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JustaMinx Wiki: Boyfriend, Real Name, Height, No Makeup, Twitch, Family (2024)
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