JustaMinx's Height, Weight, Age, Bio, Measurements & More (2024)

Justaminx’s laughable sense of humor and her out-of-the-box thinking are what make the Irish Twitch streamer so much fun to watch. Her content never fails to entertain her audience.


  • Justaminx is incredibly tall, with a height of 5’9” or 175 cm.
  • Minx weighs approximately 54 kg or 120 pounds.
  • Born on November 3, 1996, JustaMinx is 25 years old.
  • Minx’s real name is Rebecca. She has an estimated net worth of around $800 thousand. Read along to know more about her career, family, education, etc.

JustaMinx’s Age and Birthday

Twitch streamer JustaMinx was born on 3rd November 1996, which means she recently turned 26 after her birthday in November.

She partied at Chuck E. Cheese for her last birthday with fellow streamers like Kaceytron and ConnorEatsPants.

What Is JustaMinx’s Real Name?

Famously known as JustaMinx or Minx on the internet, her real name is Rebecca. Some even call her just Becca.

JustaMinx’s Education

Minx attended an all-girls school as a kid. She then enrolled in a college where she was educated in childcare and special needs assistance.

JustaMinx’s Family

Minx’s parents have been on her streams several times. Her dad is a prison officer, and her mother is a housewife who worked as a nurse for 20 years.

She has a younger sister named Eva, who has also appeared on her streams.

JustaMinx’s Career Overview

The Twitch streamer JustaMinx began streaming in 2016. Her content comprises gaming, Just Chatting, IRL videos, and more.

On her YouTube channel, Minx usually reuploads her best streaming clips and posts compilation videos and clips that show her trying out unique challenges, such as bathing with milk.

Additionally, she was a contestant on the online dating show named Love or Host by AustinShow.

  • Full Born Name: Rebecca
  • Nickname: Justaminx or Becca
  • Occupation: Social Media Influencer, Cosplayer, YouTuber
  • Religion: Christian
  • Date of Birth:3 November 1996
  • Birthplace: Ireland
  • Education:Childcare And Special Needs Assisting
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Siblings’ Names: Eva
  • Spouse:None
  • Children:None

JustaMinx’s Height and Weight

A self-proclaimed tall woman, JustaMinx’s height is5 feet and 9 inchesor175 cm(1.75 m), and she weighs approximately54 kgor120 pounds.

JustaMinx’s Measurements and Physical Traits

Minx has a perfectly healthy and toned figure which she flaunts on her social media. Her estimated body measurements are 33-26-35 in or 84-66-89 cm, and she possibly wears a bra size of 32C with a cup size of C.

Of course, Minx’s stunning physique steals the limelight for her, but her overall features are another reason she got millions of fans stuck to her streaming. To start with, her dreamy blue eyes are one of her most unique features.

And Minx has an adorable round face that allows her to rock different hairstyles with her light brown hair. In short, she got the looks and style it takes to be famous!

How does JustaMinx stay in shape?

Over the last few years, JustaMinx has attempted to lose weight on different occasions and shared her process with her fans. In 2018, she went on a 950-calorie-diet for three weeks and lost only three pounds. She gained it all back immediately.

The next year, she chose to shed some pounds healthily and consumed a diet consisting of healthy foods.

Besides, considering her food challenge videos on YouTube in which she tries different snacks and foods, we can assume that Minx balances it all with her balanced diet.

To add to these diets, JustaMinx exercises five days a week in a gym and does an hour of jumping ropes. She also enjoys boxing.

Height5 feet 9 inches or 175 cm (1.75 m)
Weight54 kg or 120 pounds
Face ShapeRound
Bra Size32C
Cup SizeC
Body Measurements33-26-35 in or 84-66-89 cm
Shoe Size9.5 (US) or 40 (EU) or 7 (UK)
Dress Size4 (US) or 36 (EU) or 8 (UK)
Eyes ColorBlue
Hair ColorDark Brown

JustaMinx’s Social Media Reach

Minx is one of the top internet celebrities of today. She has gained maximum popularity with her live streaming and gaming and currently enjoys a huge fan following.

She has multiple social media accounts where she interacts with millions of fans.

JustaMinx’s Net Worth

The Irish social media icon has more than a million followers on all her social media platforms. Such fame has allowed her to make good money through donations, advertisem*nts, and ambassadorships.

As such, JustaMinx has an estimated net worth as of 2022 is $800 thousand.

JustaMinx’s Most Loved Things

  • Favorite Game:Core Multiverse’s Attack on Titan
  • Favorite Vegetable:Avocado
  • Favorite Fiction:Harry Potter
  • Favorite Animal:Cats
  • Favorite Sport:Boxing
  • Favorite Attire:Coachella Fit

Fun Facts About JustaMinx

Justaminx once did a stream that lasted for 69 hours.

Minx worked as a babysitter for a while.

What face shape does JustaMinx have?

Justaminx has a round face making her look beautiful with long hair.

What is JustaMinx’s hair color?

Minx’s natural hair color is light brown, but she usually opts for bright hair colors like purple and blue.

What color eyes does JustaMinx have?

She has attractive blue eyes, which pop out with her alluring eye makeup.

What is JustaMinx’s real name?

Minx’s real name is Rebecca. She also goes by the name Becca.

Does JustaMinx have a discord server?

No, Minx does not have a discord server. Though she asked discord for one, she doesn’t have one yet.

Does JustaMinx have epilepsy?

Yes, JustaMinx has epilepsy and has talked about it in her videos.

Is JustaMinx in OTK?

No, JustaMinx is not in OTK. She shared that the company does not pay its members sufficiently.

Did JustaMinx go to college?

Yes, Minx went to college. She studied childcare and assisting people with special needs.

Where does JustaMinx live?

Minx lives in Los Angeles. She relocated in December 2021.

Justaminx is a social media personality who frequently delivers creative, engaging, and fun content. Just like another internet celebrity who goes by the name Alinity. Learn more about the Canada-based Twitch streamer Alinity with us!

JustaMinx's Height, Weight, Age, Bio, Measurements & More (2024)
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