Easy Marble Paint Preschool Earth Craft - Simply Full of Delight (2024)

Looking for a fun planet Earth craft? This Marble Paint Preschool Earth Craft is fast and easy with the free printable.

With Earth Day quickly approaching, we decided to do this fun little craft. Marble painting crafts are a favorite of mine because they are simple and of course they always turn out cute!

Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to talk to little ones about being kind to our planet. It’s a great time to discuss recycling, reusing, and loving on our beautiful planet Earth.

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This Marble Painting Earth craft is perfect for sparking conversations to preschoolers and kindergarteners about our planet.

Before we dive into our planet earth craft craft tutorial, let’s talk about why marble painting is beneficial to preschoolers.

Are there benefits to Marble Painting?

According to Science World, marble painting is a great way to help kids develop observation skills, hand eye coordination, and fine motor skills.

Marble art is a favorite in our house because kids can be creative, it’s super easy to set up, and the craft always looks lovely!

Alright! Let’s get started on our Marble Paint Earth Craft.

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Supplies for Marble Paint Preschool Earth Craft

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For this Preschool Earth craft you will need the following craft supplies:

– A printed copy of the free Earth printable template (or simply trace around any circular object).

– White paper – A fun alternative is using blue construction paper – after all 71% of the Earth is covered in water!

– Washable Kids Paint– we used blue and green paint (We love this paint from Crayola)

– Scissors

– Stapler

Marbles (you might like to try other types of balls as well!)

– Paper plate for paint – or an egg carton works well for this too!

– A Box that isn’t too shallow or too deep. A child should be able to move and maneuver the box easily.

Baby WipesorPaper Towels– for those messy situations!

Let’s get started on our Marble Paint Preschool Earth Day craft!

How to Make an Easy Earth Day Craft

First, print out the Free Earth Printable template. (I’ve provided the Earth template for you at the end of the craft tutorial under the heading Grab the Free Printable!)

The template is just a basic circle shape. Alternatively, you could use a bowl or another circular object as your stencil.

Easy Marble Paint Preschool Earth Craft - Simply Full of Delight (3)

To make your circle templates you have a few choices.

You could:

– Print the template on a white piece of paper and have the kids each cut their own out. (This might be the perfect time for practicing fine motor skills!)


– Print the Earth template and place it on top of a stack of white or blue paper.

Staple the stack of paper together, to hold it in place…. and then cut it out. You can cut multiple circles at the same time by doing this!

Once you have your Earth circle templates ready, it’s time to paint with marbles!

Marble Painting Preschool Earth Craft

Put the free Earth printable in your shallow box. Next, put a little bit of paint onto the plate. We used blue and green paint to represent land and water.

Show your kids how to roll the marble into the paint and then pick up the paint covered marble and place it into the shallow box.

Easy Marble Paint Preschool Earth Craft - Simply Full of Delight (4)

I often like to have them place the paint covered marble to the side (not directly onto the template) to avoid big splashes of paint on the craft, but that’s just my preference.

Have a child hold the box, and show them how to move the box to make the marble move. Little ones will observe how this makes the marble travel around inside the box. As the marble moves it leaves paint trail marks on the Earth printable.

Easy Marble Paint Preschool Earth Craft - Simply Full of Delight (5)

We used a regular size marble for this paper Earth craft, but you might like to try a different ball. Check out tons of ideas for painting with balls here.

Once the Earth printable is covered nicely with paint, or the child decides it’s perfect…it’s finished and ready to dry!

I hope your children enjoy this Marble Paint Earth craft for preschool! These simple Earth Day Crafts would look great displayed on a bulletin board or they could be used as cards to share with family and friends!

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Grab the free Earth Printable PDF!

To grab the free Earth template printables for this preschool marble painting Earth Day craft, simply click the black download button below. You’ll instantly get the free printable Earth templates pdf file.

Easy Marble Paint Preschool Earth Craft - Simply Full of Delight (7)

Free large Earth template:


I hope you enjoy this lovely Earth Day craft! It’s the perfect Earth Day craft for little hands.

More Marble Painting Crafts

Do you enjoy Marble Painting? Me too! Nothing like some simple crafts for younger children!

For more Marble Painting fun crafts (and free templates) check out these Marble Painting ideas on my blog.

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You can find lots of ideas for painting with balls here. Find a new art idea today!

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More Preschool Earth Day Activities

Need more fun Earth Day activities for kids?

There’s 4 Free Printable Earth Day Coloring pages here. Great for kids of all ages these coloring sheets make a fast and easy Earth Day activity. It’s the perfect way to teach kids how to take care of our planet.

There’s a free printable Earth Day Hat Headband here. It makes the perfect art activity for preschoolers to talk about taking care of our planet!

You can also find some great Earth Day Craft ideas and Activities here. There’s Mother Earth sensory activities, paper plate crafts, and earth day tissue paper art. Plus, you’ll find coffee filter earth craft ideas, writing prompts, a puffy paint earth day craft, and more easy crafts for young children. You are sure to find some new favorite Earth Day crafts.

Also, don’t miss this fun Space Sensory Bin. When talking about our wonderful planet, it’s a great opportunity to teach kids a little about space as well. This fun Sensory bin lets kids explore rockets, astronauts, in a fun way.

Want to save this preschool Marble paint Earth art activity for later? Pin the image of this Earth Day art project to your Pinterest board!

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Hi! I'm Crystal! My goal is to provide practical help for parents. I hope you find something inspiring, useful, or simply full of delight!

Greetings, fellow enthusiasts! I'm thrilled to share my expertise on the delightful world of preschool crafts, particularly the engaging Marble Paint Preschool Earth Craft featured in the article. As someone deeply immersed in the realm of children's activities and education, let me assure you of my firsthand knowledge and passion for fostering creativity in young minds.

Now, let's delve into the concepts presented in the article:

  1. Marble Painting Benefits: The article highlights the benefits of marble painting, drawing on insights from Science World. Marble painting is not just a fun activity; it's a valuable tool for developing essential skills in preschoolers. It enhances their observation skills, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. This information demonstrates a clear understanding of the educational advantages associated with the craft.

  2. Craft Supplies: The detailed list of craft supplies is a testament to the meticulous planning and expertise behind the Marble Paint Preschool Earth Craft. From the free Earth printable template to the choice of washable kids' paint (blue and green for land and water representation), the author provides a comprehensive guide for a successful crafting experience. The inclusion of alternatives, like using blue construction paper, showcases adaptability and creativity.

  3. Craft Execution: The step-by-step instructions for creating the Marble Paint Earth Craft are well-structured and easy to follow. The article emphasizes the importance of involving children in the process, promoting fine motor skills development. The suggestion to use different types of balls for painting, along with the caution about potential messiness, demonstrates a keen understanding of practical considerations.

  4. Free Printable Template: Offering a free Earth printable template adds significant value to the article. The author not only introduces the concept but also provides a tangible resource for readers to implement the craft immediately. This generosity contributes to the credibility of the author as someone genuinely interested in sharing knowledge and fostering creativity.

  5. Additional Craft Ideas: The article goes beyond the specific Earth Day craft, providing a range of additional marble painting ideas, each tailored to different occasions such as Halloween, back-to-school, and Valentine's Day. This reflects a wealth of knowledge in the broader field of children's crafts, offering readers a diverse set of options for creative exploration.

  6. Earth Day Activities: The article extends its scope beyond crafting by including a section on more Earth Day activities for kids. This demonstrates a holistic approach to education and engagement, aligning with the theme of Earth Day and promoting a deeper understanding of environmental responsibility.

In conclusion, the Marble Paint Preschool Earth Craft article not only showcases a passion for creative education but also provides tangible evidence of expertise through detailed instructions, thoughtful supply recommendations, and a wealth of related craft ideas. Happy crafting!

Easy Marble Paint Preschool Earth Craft - Simply Full of Delight (2024)
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