Citizen CZ Smart Hybrid Watch Review: Is It For You? (2023)

If we’ve learned one thing over the years as tech lovers and luxury watch fans, time and technology are not kind to each other. Time constantly hammers down on any gadget, pulverizing them into a never-ending stream of outdated junk. Then smartwatches came around, bringing a taste of unification between these battling forces.

But it came at a cost. The style cues from the vast history of timepieces were left out to dry, replaced with a minimalist frame and constant distractions. Maybe it’s time for another clockwise move.

The Citizen CZ Smart Hybrid Watch is taking that stride. It brings back the sleek styling from a trusted brand (steeped in rich heritage) that creates some of our favorite men’s watches while adding the essential parts of smartwatch technology—finally, a watch for those who want to get the best of both worlds.

Rather than competing with the Apple Watch, the Citizen CZ focuses on the most important smartwatch features. Monitor your fitness and health tracking, see who’s calling, get your calendar alerts and get necessary details on your wrist. Leave the longer reads for the phone that’s always within reach.

The recent price cut has turned the Citizen CZ into an excellent value hybrid smartwatch. Unlike most tech that finds itself outdated in the blink of an eye, this hybrid smartwatch is a long-lasting option that stands the test of time. Add it to your cart now, and keep it in your watch collection for years to come.

If that sounds like an appealing piece of wristwear, continue reading this Citizen CZ Smart Hybrid Watch review. We just spent some quality time with the secretly smart timepiece—and it is indeed a two-worlds-in-one sweet spot.

Citizen CZ Smart Hybrid Watch review

The verdict: You don’t have to choose between classic wristwatch looks and modern, wearable tech anymore. The Citizen CZ Smart Hybrid Watch is the best of both worlds—a traditionally-styled face with smartwatch smarts, ready to live life’s special moments by the minute. And we wouldn’t expect less of Citizen—one of the most popular watch manufacturers in the world with a long history of horological innovations.

The pros:

  • Looks and feels like a classic timepiece
  • Battery life of two weeks or more, based on usage
  • Excellent value due to recent price reduction

The cons:

  • The interface takes some getting used to
  • Might not suit advanced techies looking for full smartwatch features or screen size

Hands-on experience and benefits: Sporty in style, smart in function

Watch lovers can all relate to that special feeling of holding a new box in your hand. Memories of special occasions and past holidays start flooding in, filling your mind with the most treasured gifts you’ve received. This one was no different.

This is not simply a smartwatch with hands. As soon as you lift the box, the classic Citizen style is front and center. You might have to do a double-take to confirm that it is indeed a smartwatch. But after turning it around, the health and fitness sensor reminds you of the tech packed inside.

We tested the Citizen CZ Smart Hybrid Watch in dark blue (JX1008-01E), but it also comes in black (JX1007-04E ) and dark green (JX1005-00E). The silicone strap is soft in your hands and cinching it down around our wrists for the first time was dreamy. Trust us; you will want to wear the Citizen CZ Smart Hybrid Watch.

Constructed with a stainless-steel case and shatter-resistant mineral crystal, the Citizen CZ Watch face feels just like other Citizen traditional timepieces but functions like a smartwatch.

After connecting the Citizen CZ Smart—aptly nicknamed the Genius Incognito—with iPhone via Bluetooth, you’ll discover a small world of technology hidden on the face. The Citizen CZ Smart with Android also works seamlessly.

Designed to keep up with your busy lifestyle and make the most of your time, the Citizen CZ Smart Hybrid Watch lets you manage your notifications and see your fitness stats from the Citizen Connected app.

The Citizen CZ Smart Hybrid Watch is fully customizable with different backgrounds (you can even personalize it with your favorite photo), settings, and notification options to suit your personal and professional pursuits. We love that the hands move horizontally to allow for a clear display of the information you want to see at a glance – daily step counts, weather, heart rate, alternate time zones, and more.

It is on the bulkier side for smartwatches, though, so it might not be the best option for tracking sleep habits (though it is possible).

The two-week-long battery life alleviates any charging anxiety. While the 3 ATM (30 meters) water resistance means that it can accompany you when you dip in the pool, soak in the tub, or even go for your next scuba session.

Case size: 44 mmFunctions: Heart rate tracking, activity tracker, music controller, notifications (calls, emails, and texts)Compatibility: Android/iOSBattery life: 2+ weeks based on usageWater Resistance: 3 ATM

A reasonably priced, reliable watch

There is some excellent news on the price front. Citizen just slashed the price from $350 down to $276. If you were on the fence about buying one of the best hybrid smartwatches, now is the time to jump in the game.

If you’re looking for a classic sports watch with some secretly smart powers, then the Citizen CZ Smart Hybrid Watch is the ticket to staying connected while looking as stylish as ever. The only downside is the Citizen Watch adjustment interface takes a moment to understand. But it’s the perfect way to push those watch purists into the next generation timepiece.

Where to buy the Citizen CZ Smart Hybrid Watch

In the vast world of watches where counterfeits are tough to identify, buying directly from Citrizen’s website is the best option. You know you’re getting the real deal. And with free 2-day shipping (or $25 overnight), you can have this stylish watch before your next Amazon order arrives.

Citizen CZ Smart Hybrid Watch user guide and manual

Download the user guide for your Citizen CZ Smart Hybrid Watch from Citizen directly. The popular watch manufacturer also has released a quick-start guide to take care of the essential setup steps so that you can leave reading the full user manual for a later time.

Citizen CZ Smart Hybrid Watch warranty

All Citizen watches come with a limited warranty covering manufacturer defects. The coverage lasts for two years for the CZ Smartwatches, giving you peace of mind that you can use your timepiece as designed without worry for those years and likely many after, thanks to Citizen’s well-known build quality.

Frequently asked questions about the Citizen CZ Smart Hybrid Watch

Are hybrid smartwatches worth it?

For some people, hybrid smartwatches are the ideal solution. They allow you to wear a classic-looking timepiece and add a twist of technology to your wrist. Focus on what’s important in life while tracking your fitness and receiving only the most important notifications.

What is the difference between a hybrid watch and a smartwatch?

Many smartwatches, such as the Apple Watch, look nothing like a regular timepiece. Their screen more closely resembles an LCD screen. Hybrid watches bridge the gap by using classic watch styling with smartwatch tech.

Which hybrid watch is best?

Our top choice for a hybrid watch is the Citizen CZ Smart Hybrid. Not only does it come from a trusted brand that puts out incredible watches, but it’s also an ideal way of leveraging new technology without distracting from real life. Scroll back up to read all about it in our Citizen CZ Smart Hybrid Watch review.

What is the meaning of a hybrid smartwatch?

Hybrid smartwatches blend the traditional watch look with innovative smart features. Just as hybrid vehicles bridge the gap between gasoline and electric, hybrid watches are joining the wristwatch world into one cohesive unit. You no longer have to decide between classic style or modern tech features.


Citizen CZ Smart Hybrid Watch Review: Is It For You? ›

Yes, your watch has a front light for darker environments. To activate, double tap your watch face.

Does citizen cz hybrid have a light? ›

Yes, your watch has a front light for darker environments. To activate, double tap your watch face.

What is the battery life of the citizen CZ hybrid? ›

This "hybrid" combination packs a lot of activity information that can be displayed in a number of different face formats. The always-on low power monochrome display is what gives the battery 2 week+ longevity. The CZ watch is tied via Bluetooth to your cell phone.

Are hybrid watches worth it? ›

Hybrid smartwatches suit people who don't want a device that looks obviously smart, like the best Apple Watches, but instead want a subtle or traditional look. Because the best hybrid smartwatches don't need to power big, bright screens they also boast long battery life compared to other smartwatches.

Does citizen cz hybrid have gps? ›

Connects to GPS satellites to measure distance you moved during various exercises without having a smartphone present. Allows music stored on the watch to be played via headphones without requiring a smartphone.

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