Best Beginner Locations in Star Citizen - MMOPIXEL (2023)

When you first get into Star Citizen, there is a vast Universe with various Planets, Species, Ships, and many other things. It is like the game throws everything at you together and you are just looking at it, wondering where to start. Well, don’t worry, we have here a fantastic Guide on the Best Beginner Locations in Star Citizen.

How do Planets and Locations work in Star Citizen?

Star Citizen has some of the most extraordinary developments in any game out there. There are planets that you can explore and through there you can find various locations to explore onwards. The whole thing takes place in the Stanton System of Star Citizen.

But, like every game out there, you need to start from a single location and then proceed to other locations once you get used to the stuff. There are four Beginner Options in Star Citizen as of now.

Each of these Beginner Locations has its own benefits and drawbacks. Well, for the most part, it depends on the player what He or She likes and where to start building your Home.

There are Corporations that own the Planets in Star Citizen referred to as the Hurston Dynamics, MicroTech, ArcCorp, and Crusader. Therefore, the Stanton System is basically the center of industry and business.

Each planet is unique in its own way, but to help you out, we are going to the Best Beginner Locations in Star Citizen. The choice is yours where you need to start.

Hurston - Lorville

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In the Star System, you will find a planet in the innermost area, referred to as Hurston. From here you can pretty much go to the other locations you like and make an exit to the atmosphere without any issues. It is a really convenient location and Star Citizen is all about getting out of the Atmosphere and escaping to other Planets.

Lorville is a kind of Industrial Hub, with a dirty atmosphere and sandy environment. It looks as if you are in a Machine Majority city, which has a total focus on Industrialization and no focus on Development for People.

While it might feel like a worthless place, in reality, the location is totally unique and the things you find here are not present in other Locations of Star Citizen. There is a moon that orbits Hurston and it is one of the Moons of Aberdeen. Because of this, you can effortlessly get back from the prison trip.

Yes, there are drawbacks as well when talking about Hurson in Best Beginner Locations in Star Citizen. The shopping option here is quite bad, but you will find the basic needs fulfilled. Some people refer to Lorville as an Anti Conflict area because of its low sale of Armor and Weapons or other Combat Equipment.

But, when you made up your mind to get started with the PvE or PvP path in Star Citizen, there is no place for you in Lorville - Hurston because of all the factors we mentioned.

New Deal is present in Lorville and when you are looking to Buy Expensive Ships, this is the place to get started from. Many players want to make Lorville a Spawn Location and their home because this is a type of Ideal Spawn Location.

ArcCorp - Area 18

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It is clear from our Best Starter Locations in Star Citizen that Lorville isn’t a place for Equipment like Weapons, Clothes, and Armor. But, when it comes to ArcCorp - Area 18, these things are present in quantity here. If you are thinking about going for a battle as a Beginner, then prepare yourself here. It is heaven for Combat Lovers!

Looking for a Trading Location? Well, it is also present within walking distance at Area 18 in ArcCorp. You don’t have to worry about traveling long distances to do some Trading in Star Citizen.

When it comes to Ships, the area is decent but not as great in contrast to Lorville. You can even buy some Modules here without having to travel. You can upgrade ships because there is a Hotspot here in ArcCorp. In case you are interested in things like these, then there is no going bad for a Beginner in ArcCord - Area 18. You can make it your home and enjoy all the luxuries of Trading, Combat Equipment, Modules, and Decent Ships.

You can make gold in Star Citizen using Mining Gameplay Loop. Here in ArcCorp, you can find Wala and Lyria, which are the best locations for Mining as Beginner in Star Citizen. They are nearabout the ArcCorp planet, making it quite accessible if you are earning as a Miner in Star Citizen.

Yet, there are flaws with the location as well. ArcCorp is like a Maze and it is quite confusing, especially when you are a Beginner in Star Citizen and got started with this Location. Various people don’t like to get started with ArcCorp because of this exact reason.

But, look at the bright side as well. There is everything you will need here to make money. Even if you are bad with Locations, you can use the in-game Map to go around the town looking for specific stuff. It might even take you some time, but you will learn eventually.

Are you having trouble earning aUEC? Well, now you can Buy Cheap Star Citizen aUEC from your trusty We also have amazing deals on Star Citizen Starter Packages and Ships.

Crusader - Orison

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In the Stanton System, the biggest planet is known as Crusader and Orison is the central city here. It is also referred to as the Gas Giant in Star Citizen. Unlike the previous two locations we mentioned in our Best Beginner Location in Star Citizen, this one is a real heaven.

It has that beautiful suspended-in-air atmosphere. The problem here is that you can’t utilize your Ground Vehicles here because the whole place is in the air. It orbits the planet around and the locations that you can land on are stunning, with Water, Sunrise, Sunset, and Soothing Tone.

There is a showroom here in Crusader, that allows you to Buy New Ships as soon as you put your steps in this Location. Yes, it isn’t good, nor decent, because the only thing that people want to Buy from here is Crusader. Besides this, you can also buy some beginner ships from here as well.

Besides this, there are a ton of Shops here, making it easier for Beginners to just buy Kits, Ships, and Character Equipment from here. There will be no need to go to separate locations. The choice is yours from the Star Citizen Best Beginner Locations and Orison is exceptional when you love the beautiful area with shops for small consumables and equipment.

The issue here is that you can’t get out of the planet easily, nor come in because it is a huge gas giant and the distance is also exceptionally long. You can always get used to it after going in and out a few times or planning your trip when you actually need it.

As we already mentioned, there is no need to get out of this Planet as a beginner when you don’t love exploration and don’t want to get in trouble without learning the mechanics of the game. For those people, this is an excellent Beginner Location in Star Citizen.

One more thing to mention here. Orison as a Location to Spawn is kind of strange. It is close to Grimhex, which is a hotspot near Crusader. Therefore, the PvP activities are huge here and it is recommended for Beginners avoid them. In case you are used to PvP, then you will love the locations because of all the goofy stuff going on here. You may even find a Best Friend here in Crusader!

MicroTech - New Babbage

Best Beginner Locations in Star Citizen - MMOPIXEL (4)

Last but not least, we are here at our Last Best Beginner Location in Star Citizen. In the MicroTech, you will find New Babbage at the edge of Stanton System. It is the commercial zone where you will find all the Shopping facilities you will ever need for basic stuff. The common area provides you with Beginner Equipment and that’s why there will be no need of traveling around the town in your Ship.

You will find here Weapons, Mining equipment, Stores, Armor, Modules, and various things for your Ships, as well as Characters. It is a big thing for a Beginner because you won’t have to travel around and face Space Pirates, as everything is already here.

But the downside here is that there is a Transport System here. For you to travel around, you will need to use the Train. Even after landing on the Spaceport after your adventure, you will have to use the Train to get into Shops or Common areas.

After you made New Babbage your home as a Beginner, you can Spawn here after Dying, and same as always, you will have to use the Train to get into the Hotel or Hospital area because they are in different locations from the plaza.

Yet, some things are always near to you at all times. When you land, you will find shops that offer you New Equipment, saving you precious time. Lastly, there is no Shipyard in New Babbage, making Space Travel impossible to do without you owning a Ship.

If you started Star Citizen with a Package containing a Ship, then it is surely a decent place to start your journey from. But if you are low on cash and you got the game only, then this isn’t quite a good place for a Beginner. Traveling is the only issue here, but once you get used to it, there aren’t any problems with that. The choice is yours!

Final Verdict

There are four Planets in Star Citizen and each one has a specific location that makes it best for starters. Here in our Best Beginner Locations in Star Citizen, we tried breaking down the good and the bad in each location. It purely depends on you what the Best Location is because every player has his or her own choice. Don’t forget to Buy Star Citizen aUEC when you need them.


What is the best starter combat ship in Star Citizen? ›

The Avenger Titan is the best all-around Star Citizen starter ship, but it is not the lowest-cost option. Pros: Two entrances - ramp and cockpit ladder - make it easy to get in and get flying fast. One of the lowest insurance claim times if you crash it or respawn.

What should I be doing in Star Citizen? ›

In Star Citizen, you can be whoever you want and explore the stars on your own terms. You can mine ore, haul cargo, salvage space wrecks, hunt bounties, become a mercenary, or even take up a life of crime. Fly and drive a vast variety of vehicles and play how you want to play - the possibilities are endless.

What is the most profitable activity in Star Citizen? ›

Cargo hauling, although not a main mission through the contract manager, is one of the best ways to make money in Star Citizen. However, this does require some serious preparation to make the most out of the gameplay loop.

What's the best primary residence in Star Citizen? ›

We also strongly suggest new players start out at New Babbage, as the planet of microTech is big enough to give new players plenty to do, biomes to explore, and opportunities to try out basic game mechanics without getting into too much trouble with pirates– microTech is further out in the Stanton system than any other ...

What is the most powerful ship in Star Citizen? ›

In multi-crew combat, there is a single ship that simply stands out from the rest. The Aegis Hammerhead is an iconic gunship with 6 turrets featuring 4 size 4 weapons each (great for eliminating multiple fighter ships). This easily makes the Hammerhead the most deadly ship to engage with or against.

What is the cheapest multi-crew ship in Star Citizen? ›

Best Multi-Crew Affordable Ship - Drake Cutlass Black

Last but not least, it is time to mention something that beginners can purchase because they are low on aUEC. Cutlass Black is one of the best Budget Ships in Star Citizen, naturally making it into our List of Best Multi-Crew Ships in Star Citizen as well.

What is the basic ship in Star Citizen? ›

Starter ships are inexpensive and versatile vessels used by fledgling Citizens to begin their journey exploring the universe. Most commonly equipped with a single-seat and a having small cross-section, these ships are seen ubiquitously throughout the universe.

What is the prettiest planet in Star Citizen? ›

It's impossible not to be impressed with Hurston. Once you leave behind the horrors of Lorville and Teasa Spaceport this planet has some of the most beautiful spots to explore.

What to do in Star Citizen first? ›

The first option is missions and this is what I recommend for new players. Pull up your mobiGlas and look at your list of available missions. There are bounty missions, delivery missions, special investigation missions and so on. You will also get more missions as you build your reputation.

How many planets can you land on in Star Citizen? ›

In total, there are 95 known star systems, consisting of 324 planets, 74 moons, 50 space stations and 76 asteroid formations, plus some even stranger sights.

Do you need to sleep in Star Citizen? ›

you'll probably need to sleep eventually, after too long you might perform worse 'cause you're tired, or you need to eat occasionally, or if you don't shower for a while some NPCs won't want to talk to you 'cause you smell, etc etc.

How much does Star Citizen earn? ›

According to the latest data from the official website, Star Citizen hit the $500 million mark on September 20. The game has been backed by over 4 million people so far. CIG surpassed $400 million in crowdfunding in November 2021.

How much money do you need to play Star Citizen? ›

The most important thing to note is that the cheapest packages ($45 USD) will ONLY include either the multiplayer Star Citizen or the single-player Squadron 42. In order to get both, you can choose a package that includes Squadron 42 for an additional $20 (bringing the total price to $65).

Where is the best place to get gear in Star Citizen? ›

Bunkers and outposts are great locations that have lootable boxes containing many items from sustenance to weapons and armor. Players can travel to these locations freely and loot the items inside.

Can you change your primary residence in Star Citizen? ›

You can select a few different options for your primary residence in Star Citizen. Any location that has a space port allows you to switch it to your primary residence. This includes planets and spaceports.

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