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Earth Day on April 22nd is a perfect time to celebrate our planet with fun traditions and activities. If you’re a teacher, stay-at-home mom, or just someone who loves free printable earth day posters then here are some crazy cool things to do while learning about recycling, planting, and enjoying our globe.

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Awesome and Free Earth Day Printables

Earth Day is celebrated to mark the anniversary of what some consider the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. It is a day that is intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s natural environment.

These Earth Day printables include free printable earth day posters, cards, earth day party supplies, earth day projects, coloring pages, and worksheets for kids.Let’s go!

Earth Day Party Supplies

If you have plans to throw a fun Earth Day Party, don’t forget to have those earth day party supplies on your bucket list!

1. Printable Earth Day Placemats~ Keep your children entertained during mealtime with these Earth Day placemats. Prints on legal size paper.

2. Earth Day Wreath~ Recycled children’s party supplies were used to make this beautiful wreath for Earth Day. Use the free printable banner for the finishing touches.

3. Love Earth Poster ~ Get this 16×20 poster printed to display in your home. This specimen art style poster is one that you will want to reuse year after year.

Earth Day Worksheets

These fun earth day worksheets are in! Best designed and can be used in the classroom or at home.

4. Earth Day Pledge ~ To help you people save the earth while living your daily life, I know you’re trying as much as I do!

5. Teacher Earth Day Worksheets~ These earth day worksheets will help kids learn about the important issues surrounding our planet while building their numeracy and literacy skills.

6. Preschool Pack Earth Day Worksheets ~ This earth day worksheetsfor kids in preschool and kindergarten is a great time to teach children about how to care for our planet.

7. Earth Day Worksheet~ A fun cut and paste earth day worksheets using the letters ECOLOGY.

8. Earth Day Writing Prompts ~ Children will love celebrating Earth Day with these Coloring, drawing, and Writing Prompts!

9.Earth Counting Worksheets ~ Excited to share with this Earth Day counting worksheets, a fun way to get in a little extra number practice and we’re sure your little ones will enjoy these just as much as ours have.

10. Number Counting Worksheets and Activity ~ Show your love of our Earth and practice those numbers with our adorableEarth Day worksheets. This is the perfect, easy, no-mess activity to celebrate Earth Day!

11. Fun Earth Day Printable in English & Spanish Environment ~ A perfect, easy, no-mess earth day worksheets to celebrate Earth Day!

Earth Day Printable Coloring Pages

These simpleearth day printable coloring pagesare perfect for toddlers, preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, and first graders to color. Grab your favorite crayons, markers, or colored pencils and you are ready to color!

12. Number Color and Trace ~ Earth Day has so many great themes that you can do with it and these number color and trace earth day printable coloring pages are just one!

13. Earth Day Coloring Page for Adults ~ Adults can have fun too with these earth day printable coloring pages with the kids!

14. Celebrate our planet by coloring these funEarth Day Printable Coloring Pagesby Make and Takes. There’s earth, sun, tree, recycle symbol, and a fun birdy connect-the-dot.

15. Earth Day Do-a-Dot Printables~ 21 pages of Earth Day do-a-dot worksheets that kids can practiceone-to-one correspondence, patterning, shapes, colors, counting, numbers, and letters.

Earth Day Printable Posters

Remind children about the importance of Earth Day with these free Earth Day posters. Fun to display in the home or classroom, or to use as a front-page for a project!

16. I Love Trees Earth Day Printable~Celebrating Earth Day? Download, print, and frame these cute Earth Day posters, but make sure to do so on recycled paper.

17. Earth Day Posters~ Have fun choosing among these 12 gorgeous free printable earth day posters!

18. Happy Earth Day Printable~Celebrating Earth Day doesn’t have to be big. Download, print, and frame these cute Happy Earth Day posters now!

Earth Day Printable Cards

Let the kids know about the importance of saving our planet. Make Earth Day special, with these free earth day cards printable for an easy reminder!

19. Earth Day Love the Earth Print (Unavailable)~These 8 x 10 earth day cards are perfect for Earth Day, or for all year round. Print a smaller version and make them into greeting cards the kids could fill out for their teacher or school friends.

20. Printable Earth Day Note Cards (Unavailable)~Make sure to print these Earth Day cards printable are on recycled paper. Choose to Reuse.

21. Earth Day Digital Stamps ~This free digital stamp comes with a little girl or little boy, and in color or in black & white. Use this free digital stamp to create Earth Day cards printable.

Earth Day Printable Game Activities

Celebrate Earth Day at home or in the classroom with fun hands-on learning game activities for the whole family that you can also use any time of the year.

22. Scavenger Hunt for Kids~Kids of all ages love a good hunt! Make earth day education and awareness fun with this scavenger hunt for kids!

23. Earth Day Scavenger Hunt~This game is a great learning tool for the kids that helps them interact with their surroundings. They’ll have a ball searching high and low for all the goodies on their list!

Earth Day Printable Projects

Earth Day is such an awesome time to introduce important concepts such as recycling, pollution, planting, composting, and reusing with kids. Wondering what are some easy Earth Day projects to try? These simple hands-onEarth Day projectswill help you get started to celebrate Earth Day at home or at school.

24. Earth Day Necklace~ Today, we’re featuring fun and free Earth Day Necklace craft. Kids will have the option to print in color or black and white.

25. Tree Planting Kit for Kids(Unavailable) ~ Inspire your children to plant a tree as part of their Earth Day project this year!

26. Earth Day Stations (Unavailable) ~ Free printable labels for “Earth Day Stations”. Perfect to make compost, recycling, and bag station.

27. Free Plant Care Printable ~ What better way to give your green friends some love than with this earth day project plant care printables!

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As an enthusiast deeply immersed in the realm of Earth Day celebrations and environmental education, I find great joy in sharing my wealth of knowledge on this topic. With a background in education and a passion for promoting sustainable practices, I have actively engaged in various Earth Day events, collaborated with educators, and contributed to the development of educational resources focused on environmental awareness.

Now, diving into the content of the article, it comprehensively covers a range of concepts associated with Earth Day celebrations and environmental education. Let's break down the key elements:

  1. Earth Day Background:

    • The article begins by acknowledging Earth Day as a celebration marking the anniversary of the modern environmental movement in 1970. This movement aimed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's natural environment.
  2. Earth Day Printables:

    • The article emphasizes the use of free printable resources for Earth Day celebrations. These include posters, cards, party supplies, projects, coloring pages, and worksheets designed for children.
  3. Earth Day Party Supplies:

    • Specific recommendations for Earth Day party supplies are provided, such as printable Earth Day placemats, a recycled Earth Day wreath, and a Love Earth Poster.
  4. Earth Day Worksheets:

    • The article introduces various Earth Day worksheets suitable for different age groups, covering topics like the Earth Day pledge, teacher resources, preschool activities, writing prompts, and counting worksheets.
  5. Earth Day Printable Coloring Pages:

    • Coloring pages are suggested as a creative and engaging activity for children. The article includes number color and trace pages, coloring pages for adults, and do-a-dot printables.
  6. Earth Day Printable Posters:

    • Free Earth Day posters are highlighted as a means to remind children about the importance of Earth Day. Examples include the "I Love Trees Earth Day Printable" and a collection of 12 gorgeous Earth Day posters.
  7. Earth Day Printable Cards:

    • The article encourages the use of printable Earth Day cards to inform children about the significance of environmental conservation. Specific examples include the "Earth Day Love the Earth Print" and printable note cards.
  8. Earth Day Printable Game Activities:

    • Game activities, such as scavenger hunts, are suggested as a fun and educational way to celebrate Earth Day. Two different scavenger hunt options are provided.
  9. Earth Day Printable Projects:

    • The article explores hands-on Earth Day projects, including a free Earth Day Necklace craft, a tree planting kit for kids, and Earth Day stations with labels for compost, recycling, and bag stations.
  10. Additional Earth Day Crafts and Activities:

    • The article concludes by encouraging readers to explore more Earth Day crafts, art projects, and activities. It directs them to related content, including repurposing diaper wipe containers, baby food jar crafts, and Earth Day pancakes.

In summary, this article serves as a comprehensive guide for individuals, teachers, and parents looking to celebrate Earth Day with a variety of engaging and educational activities. The inclusion of free printables makes it accessible and practical for a wide audience.

27 Free Earth Day Printables to Enjoy 🌎 – Tip Junkie (2024)
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